I watch Chris roll the

Roach until it please us

Both. He lights

Up the roach, burning and

Burning until ashes

Fall. He takes a

Hit, smiles and passes it

On. I take a drag,

Inhale, inhale.

Filling my lungs,

Taking it all in until I

Feel free. Inhale, inhale.

Breathe in the pain until

It has left me completely.

Beauty and foreign

Colors are everywhere I

Turn. Bliss. Peace. Numb.



The pain is gone and

Only the breeze of

Freedom is caressing my

skin. Inhale, inhale.

Take it in. Dread for it to

End. Inhale, Inhale.

Roll up another.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Inhale the beauty, happy.

Exhale the pain, If only

for a little while we can