If you happen to be reading this then one of two things happened: I am dead or you happened to steal this from me. I truly doubt that it is the first seeing that I am an immortal. Well, that was easy enough; you now know my biggest secret. Knowledge is power or is it power is knowledge? I always get that mixed up.

I can almost guarantee that your first question is to why I am writing all this down and the answer is quite simple. I wish to be remembered so look at this journal more as my legacy than anything else. When we are born, we have quite the opportunity to make something of ourselves, to make a legacy, to become something that we were meant to be and do things that other people would never even think about doing. Well, I don't believe in living a boring life, and seeing that I am immortal, a little danger might just be good for the soul. I am the guy that actually goes after danger. I would rather be the one chasing it than having it chase me.

It all started with a letter from an old childhood friend. I was actually quite enthused when I received the letter but that excitement quickly left. The invitation was for a funeral, not something you are ever prepared to read about and to make it worse, it was for his own daughter. No details, just a date and time. Edgar was just that way, if he wanted to give you information, it was in person. Rarely did I ever receive a letter from him; actually this would only be the second. This first one was also a funeral notice but for his wife. Looks like I'm taking a trip back to the old stomping grounds of Woodley.

Woodley is a small town where nothing really much happens. The town only exists because of the power plant for jobs and the city thrives off its love of the local high school. Nearly the whole town comes out for the local high school football games. The town has to get excited about something and it's not always apple season. I have not been back in at least twenty years but the city looks basically the same just a little older. Just standing here at city line brings back a lot of memories. Back to the scene of the crime if you can call it that; maybe more like back to the town that gave me a second chance at life. We will get into that at a later time.

It is absolutely amazing that you are able to remember certain things after so many years, like the exact spot you had your first kiss or the spot where you beat up the local bully. Now that was truly a proud child moment. Just experiencing becoming a hero for the very first time is incredible. Even after becoming immortal, that feeling just never gets old. The hospital, where you learn that you have cancer at the young age of twenty three, still looks busy. Now that is a memory you definitely do not forget. That sort of thing changes you, I can only imagine like the death of a daughter.

As I stand in front of Edgar's house, I am baffled by what I am supposed to say. How do I comfort a friend who has lost his wife and daughter within a year? I guess I have to comfort him like he did me when I told him about my cancer. You never truly know who is a real friend until you are at your darkest point in your life and they are there standing strong next to you willing to take on whatever obstacle comes at you. I just stood there gathering my thoughts and building the courage to go knock and comfort my friend, then to my surprise the door flung wide open. Looks like I won't be knocking after all.

An older, short gentleman walks out onto the porch, dressed in an old tux that he probably had for thirty years and a walking stick in his right hand. He pushed his eyeglasses up his nose, "Do my very eyes deceive me? I see my old friend has finally found his way back home."

I chuckled,"Yeah, looks like you got even shorter."

"Ha, I am still the same three foot six inches I always was, but I see you're still ugly as ever."

A smile came across my face. "How long has it been? Twenty years?"

"Twenty three and not even a phone call. Pretty rude of you, you know? "

"Last time I checked, the phone worked both ways."

"Well, some of us aren't immortal; we have a short amount of time to get things done. We're not all guaranteed tomorrow."

"Yeah, sorry to hear about Maggie."

"Come on in, we have a few things to discuss. Plus, I can't imagine that the sun is doing wonders for your skin."

"It's tough being a vampire."

"I'm sure. Immortality must be tough."

"It is," I say as I follow him inside.