I headed straight for the parking lot. Aeryn was close behind. We knew there was no way Edgar could run with us, so we just left him where he was. He said he was getting hungry and was going to get some food.

It is amazing what age does to a person. Edgar and I were great runners in high school. We dominated in Track and Field. He injured his knee in a car accident the summer before senior year. He still showed up and supported me. I won almost every race that year and I could not have done it without him there supporting me. I won those races for him. There would be no Falcon today, if it wasn't for him. It still pains me to see him with that walking stick. It's technically a cane, but that sounded like he was an old person, so we had to call it a walking stick. If we didn't, he had no problem hitting us with it. Edgar is one of those people that you only meet once in a lifetime and I am proud to call him my friend.

Edgar was faster than me on the tracks and I wish I had his speed with me right now. There are a lot of perks with being a vampire; too bad speed isn't one of them. By the time I arrived at the parking lot, there was no sign of Rachel, but I was not willing to give up just yet. I searched just about every car it seemed. I turned to Aeryn, who had this hopeless look across her face. What am I suppose to say here? We just stood in awkward silence, luckily, she was first to break the silence.

"Now what?"

I looked down at the ground then into her eyes, "I don't know."

"You don't know? Aren't you an expert on this sort of thing?"

"An expert? Far from it. I am usually the one hiding, not the one doing the hunting. My guess is that she is long gone by now."

"Well, where do you suppose we start to look for her?"

"Umm," I said as I looked around.

"You did say you were good at hiding, didn't you? Where would she be hiding?"

"I'm not sure I would say good, but then again, I haven't been caught. She would be smart to blend in, but since she more than likely knows that were looking for her, she probably bolted. She could be anywhere."

"Then where would a vampire go?"

"Okay, we are getting no where with this," I said irritated.

"Well, now whose fault is that? You are a vampire; you are supposed to know a lot about your own kind, aren't you? I at least would imagine so."

"Yes, I am a vampire and—"

"Well, not much of one it seems," she said angrily.

And that did it; I knew it was only a matter of time before someone pissed me off. Who would have imagined that it would be a sixteen year old girl? Maybe it is time for her to see the true side of me; the vampire side. Maybe just to scare her a little, who knows, it might just be good for her. I remember the first time seeing a vampire in his true form. It scared the hell out of me and I have no doubts that it will scare the hell out of her too. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? A heart attack? Highly unlikely, seeing that she is sixteen years old. Fainting? Good chance of it Puking? Not sure, we'll have to see. I decided that she should see me in my true form and she would have, if not for a distant scream that interrupted the process.

"The church," we both said unanimously.

We were off running again. I don't remember if I even opened those church doors or ran right through them. There laid the minister upon the alter, like an image of sacrifice for his sins. Rachel was standing above him, with blood running down her chin onto her neck. There was no reason to even check the minister; I knew instantly that he was dead. Aeryn had a horrified look upon her face.

When a vampire becomes his true form, his fangs grow to about two inches in length, their facial complexion gets pale, and their hair even grows a little longer. They become fueled by emotion and have the look of death in their eyes.

"Is that what a vampire looks like in true form?"

"Afraid so," I exclaimed.

Rachel began to laugh, "Looks like the main course has just walked in."

I smiled, "I'm afraid not! Seeing that she has the necklace and me, well, I am basically your worst nightmare." I transformed and became my vampire self. What a wonderful feeling it is I could feel the increased strength through my veins. My vision became much keener. The thirst for blood became much greater. I would be happy to fill that hunger but I had to take care of a vampire first.

Aeryn took a few steps back, "What should I do?"

I turned to Aeryn to answer and that was a mistake because Rachel lunged right at me. She connected; knocking me to the floor. She licked her lips, "You can't beat me, sweetheart."

Now here's the problem with vampire fighting other vampires: neither one can grab a wood stake long enough to kill the one. The burning becomes too intense to hold a stake longer than ten seconds.

Aeryn grabbed some holy water and threw it on Rachel.

"Why didn't anything happen? Aren't vampire weak against holy water" she asked confused.

Rachel lunged to grab me but I kicked her in the face. She stumbled backwards a few steps. She laughed at Aeryn, "Holy water, ha ha ha, looks like someone has been reading up on their vampire myths."

Rachel refocused her eyes on me, as I stood up. The oddest smell came across my nose, one that I have smelt before. Even just recently that is. Sweat! I turned around just in time to see a large man swing a bat at my head; he connected. That would have been a home run in any ball park.

I fell to the floor trying to maintain consciousness. The man began approaching Aeryn. She fell backwards and started to scoot towards the wall. She had tremendous fear in her eyes. The large man grabbed her.

I reached my hand out and shouted, "No!"

I suddenly felt a hand on the back of my head; a handful of hair. Rachel leaned over to whisper in my ear, "About time you came home."

I turned my head as much as I could, "Why?"

She just smiled then slammed my head on the church's tiled floor.

Everything went dark….I blacked out.