Her Guardian Angel

Three men emerged from the trees. All were dressed in black. The only part of skin showing was the part in between their eyes.

The tallest one drew a gun from beneath his jacket and aimed the huge machine at them. I watched silently as his index finger curled over the trigger, waiting for instructions.

I heard a few gasps and muffled shrieks amongst me. I ignored them but instead focused on a redhead few meters away from me.

She was wearing a dark blue shirt with a jacket way too big draped on her shoulders. Black skinny jeans covered her long legs and she finished the look with her infamous drawn converses. Her fiery red hair was loose, dancing with the wind. She was leaning on a guy, the boyfriend I presume, her arms crossed, hazel eyes concentrated only on the man with the gun.

I followed her gaze and realized that the men had pulled a thin balance beam held together by a few torn ropes in front of us as a bridge to the other side. I narrowed my eyes in disbelief.

The man holding the gun spoke: If one of you can make it to the other end, we will let you go.

His voice was deep with a tinge of an accent. Italian, I think. He kept his tone nonchalant, although I could detect a hint of amusement.

His odd statement made the crowd murmur. Heads turned, as if expecting someone else to step forward. I scanned their faces, each were the same, filled with fear.

The muttering was stopped by a shriek made definitely by a girl. I turned towards the source of the sound and was greeted by the sight of a teenager with her hand over her mouth. She pointed a shaky finger at the water under the beam and stuttered: Croc-cr-crocodiles!

I raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

This piece of information made the crowd shrink back in terror.

I turned back and saw the redhead saying something to the boyfriend. He shook his head roughly and tried to grab her hand. She took no notice of him and pushed him away. She started walking towards the men and stopped directly in front of the armed one.

Will you keep your word?

She questioned. The man nodded once.

That was the only confirmation she needed. She gently shrugged off the boyfriend's jacket and with one swift motion, threw it under the 'bridge.' Snapping jaws filled the silence.

Oh. So the girl wasn't kidding about the crocodiles.

The redhead put her left foot on the beam, pressing down to test the sturdiness. She eyed the worn-out ropes tying the beam to land and took a deep breath. She put her other foot on and the beam wobbled dangerously. I saw a glimpse of the boyfriend's worried irises and a feeling of anxiousness swept over me.

The redhead continued on as if she hadn't felt the tremble under her feet.






Imagine how your boyfriend will feel if you didn't make it.

Someone shouts.

Mouths opened to shush the speaker but at that moment, the girl on the beam faltered and slipped.

I watched her fall.

I heard the jaws snapping.

There was a scream.

There was the unmistakable crunching.

I winced.

Then, silence.

I tuned out the mourning boyfriend and the sympathetic out lookers.

There was a dull ache in my heart that didn't fade.

I was her guardian angel.