Blue Moon Volume 1

Moonlight Sonata



an express assurance on which expectation is to be based

"Nephew, there is something you must do for me."

"Yes, Aunt Mariah?"

" over him, but do not tell him what he is. What he will be. All I ever wanted for him...was for him to be normal. I never had that choice. Neither did you. I'm sorry for that. But he...still has a chance."


"Please, you must promise me! You'll get him out of the city...and you won't mention this to anyone. No one from the Academy...none of the members of the Mystique. Not even your father, or his. Can you do that? Can you keep this secret?"

"Why not just make me forget? Why trust me to keep a secret? I'm just a kid."

" much like my brother. I won't lie to you. I won't survive this and someone needs to know. You listen, you watch, but you do not divulge the things you've heard or seen. You can keep a secret...and this is a big secret that must be kept at all costs. Most of all, a secret that he is never find out."

The cries of the damn strung together like a discordant melody. The stench of destruction and death was constricting. The heat of burning buildings was cloying. The woman picked up the sleeping boy and walked towards the vortex where reality ceased and where magical entropy began. She chanted runes briefly lit the air around her...the air seemed to ripple with power. Both she and the boy disappeared inside of the vortex...devoured. Nothing happened for a full five minutes. The boy solemnly watched. The vortex slowly died down and with it the sounds of destruction. The cries of the damned still filled the air...

The boy walked towards the lone body that was left, where once there was a vortex. Blue runes and lines were infused into the skin of the sleeping boy. The solemn one picked up the glowing, sleeping boy and started to walk.

The glow faded within a few minutes.

Within a few hours they were found at the Starlight Bridge, the last known survivors of what would later be known as the catastrophic 'Tragedy of Lazuli'. There weren't many survivors, and those who did survive all seemed to suffer from memory loss; anything up to the destruction of Lazuli was forgotten. Psychologist talked with the survivors, talked to each other, and all decided that it was due to shock of the tragic loss they had suffered. The survivors were celebrated and used as symbols; a happy ending in the wake of a 'freak accident' involving a chemical plant. Nerve gas that made its victims do crazy things, see crazy things, experience crazy things...with the gift of amnesia at the end of it all. The situation led to stricter protocols on laboratories, legislation was passed so such a horrific accident would never be repeated...

Within a few years the names of the survivors faded from the minds of people and, even a few years later even the lost city Lazuli stopped coming up in conversation. It was honored once a year, on its anniversary of death however with each passing day people did what they did best and forgot.

Except for that solemn boy, who didn't forget. He kept his promise and didn't speak and only watched.

Decided to try and revamp this story. I'm posting this, though I only have two chapters done, plus I need to update my other story (Thin Floors) badly, but I just wanted to post this, if only to goad myself into actually writing more. Let's see if it works.

And if you're confused, you're supposed to be.