Chapter 4


The darkness of unconsciousness was a very familiar friend to Jamie. Incredibly familiar, in fact. The darkness was always there…would always be there.

Jamie breathed in the sweet heady scent of the blue roses and sat up, looking around at the clearing filled with roses.

"The blue roses grow without thorns," said a voice. It was an old voice, a young voice…no, an ageless voice. He realized that the speaker wasn't speaking in English, but the language it used was so old…yet somehow so familiar. Whatever language was of little consequence; Jamie could understand the speaker perfectly.

Jamie's breath hitched. This was a voice that…

"The lack of thorns would indicate an evolutionary failing…one would say. But, the fact is, the blue rose is the symbol of power in elegance. Of joy in sorrow. Of life in death…of all of the unexplained questions in life; it, essentially, represents mystery."

Jamie turned around and could see a large, smooth boulder that sat in the clearing. On top of it was a figure that he hadn't seen before. Its back was facing him, though its voice was clear.

"The blue rose…is so lovely. He made them for me, you know…"

"Who…who are you? Where am I?"

"Hmph. You've already figured out that this is your subconscious, yes? This is why you waste so much time; you ask questions you should know the answer to…this signifies a lack of confidence in yourself. It is a wonder that you survived this long."

At first Jamie was surprised (and a little hurt), but he slowly realized that he had come to the conclusion that this place was part of his subconscious. He just lacked the confidence in himself to believe the answer…and he was so busy denying the existence of this place…of his 'ailment' that he hadn't even realized it.

"What…what is my ailment, exactly?" he asked, looking back at the figure. He narrowed his eyes; it wore a cloak, so he couldn't really see it…he could tell that it was male, though.

"That is the wrong question to ask."

"Then…what should I be asking?"

"The most obvious questions, of course. Where is the moon? Where is the water?" Jamie looked up at the night sky. Usually it had a blue moon, but right now the sky was…naked. Stars twinkled in the night sky, but the blue moon that usually hung there was missing. That raised the question of how he was able to see at all but then he remembered; this was taking place in his subconscious. He supposed light didn't really need to exist here.

"Water? What water? I never noticed any water in my last visits here."

"Hn. Naturally. Climb on." It took Jamie a few seconds to realize that the figure had meant the boulder. So, he approached and climbed on. He realized that he was naked…but likewise didn't mind too much for some odd reason. Besides, there was little he could do to hide his nakedness. He sat right next to the cloaked male and looked over to examine him…but, it felt odd. His eyes slid off of the male. He tried looking again, only for the same effect.

"You are not ready to look upon me. Your mind would not understand…" and with that the rock soundlessly and seamlessly ascended into the air. Jamie gasped but didn't fall; in all honesty it hardly felt like they were flying. The rock seamlessly sailed over the trees…it was a wide forest of trees that stretched on for miles. He could see a tower peeking out of the forest and in the distance he could see a mountain range. To his 'right', the field of flowers continued until it reached a beach. Beyond the beach lay more sand…what appeared to be a veritable desert.

"Reminds me of the Gemini Forest…" he mused, and then the events came to him. The party, the creatures…vampires…Andrew. "Andrew…" he whispered, hugging his knees to his chest.

The cloaked figure said nothing.

The rock descended into the trees and soundlessly melded with the ground. The figure gestured forward and Jamie climbed off of the rock, wandering forward, unsure of what he was to look for until he spotted it. It was an empty riverbed.

"So…the moon and the water are gone. And that desert…if this place is any sort of analogue to the real world, I can assume that it is supposed to be an ocean. What does all of this mean?"

"Your creative force has dried out and you repress your sexual energy," replied the figure, a healthy amount of sarcasm in his voice.

"What?" asked Jamie, looking up from the river bed, confused.

"In other words, that is for you to find out."

"Where will I find them?" he asked, still confused and looking back into the empty river bed.

"That is for you to find out."

"…who are you?"

"I am the once-dead, the twice-born, and the thrice-blessed. Fourth child, fifth heir, and six winged. And seven…is a surprise." Jamie could hear the smirk in the figure's voice. "We are…broken. It is up to you to fix us." Jamie turned to face the figure but it was suddenly in front of him. He shoved Jamie into the riverbed. Instead of hitting the ground Jamie fell into darkness.

-Moonlight Sonata-

Remus Bishop watched the sleeping human…no, the mystic, with the same guarded silence that he kept since first bringing the unconscious boy home. As he was trying to figure out the sleeping being before him, he was likewise picking his own mind, trying to figure out what motivated him to bring the human—mystic—along with him. He was certain that the mystic was the cause of the explosion that managed to destroy a good twenty miles of forest…collaboration from Eliot only seemed to agree with his assessment.

The mystic was obviously dangerous. Naturally, a lot of garou distrusted humans who wielded magic. They called themselves mystics, the garou called them trouble. As a rule, humans were stupid and mystics had no business wielding the powers that they did. The current predicament was proof in itself; the current source of their…concern. The campaign against the Corruption was taking longer than what some of the elders had originally anticipated. Remus figured that he had kept the mystic because…

…because, perhaps he could help. Anything that could destroy twenty miles of forest in an instant would surely turn the tide of battle in their favor. While this was a logical fact, pride and tradition would blind the pack leaders to reason. To depend on a mystic would be seen as contemptible and weak.

Not that Remus could blame them; a large part of him felt the same way. A large part of him wanted to leave the mystic to the devices of the vampires but…another part of him felt compelled to bring the boy with him. That same portion of his psyche had compelled him to argue with his alpha in terms of keeping him there (versus allowing his alpha to rip the thing's throat out), the very same part of him that felt compelled to sit and watch the boy as he slept. No one save Eliot, Selene, and Remus himself had laid eyes on Jamie. Not even his alpha had seen the mystic that caused such an uproar.

The wolf in him felt restless and confused, yet at the same time calmed. His blood felt like it was on fire, yet at the same time he was content to simply sit and watch. Remus did not understand…in fact, could not even begin to comprehend his own feelings that, along with confusing him, agitated him and caused great concern. For one thing his challenge of the alpha did not pass without a sound beating (his injuries weren't too bad, if only because right now they needed every capable garou in fighting condition; injuring beyond usefulness in a fight would have been foolish). For another thing the human hadn't even awakened yet and two nights had passed since the incident. The alphas were calling for the mystic's blood; they were suspicious of the mystic and wary of his power.

Remus, on the other hand…looked upon the sleeping stranger and felt that he could trust him. Attributing personality to outward appearance was foolish; there was nothing about the boy to suggest that he was trustworthy at all, but still, the same portion of his mind that felt the urge to protect likewise felt the urge to trust. And that angered Remus.

The boy's eyes suddenly opened. He blinked a few times before gingerly sitting up. Remus sat up and the movement caught the boy's eye.

Before he could even speak there was a flash of blue light and he found himself being flung into the wall by an invisible source. The blow was strong enough to give Remus pause, but not daze him. He stood in time to see the boy beating a hasty retreat out of the room. He growled before giving chase.

-Moonlight Sonata-

Awakening was not a slow process; it was surprisingly easy, in fact. He wasn't groggy or confused. Jamie awoke with a sense of competence; he knew that he wouldn't wake up in a familiar situation, what he wasn't expecting, however, was something as strange as an average bedroom. Or rather, he wasn't expecting that waking up in what appeared to be an average bedroom to be so odd, yet it was.

When Jamie spotted the man, he instantly panicked. He didn't know who to trust, memories of the strangers (vampires, insisted his mind), still fresh as new paint. He reacted on pure instinct; his hand flung out, gaining an eldritch glow and the power built in his head before being released, flinging the green-eyed male into the wall. Jamie watched this with some measure of satisfaction (the satisfaction being from him doing something 'right', not necessarily being pleasure from causing pain) but didn't wait around to see how he would react; he swung his legs out of the bed and made a bee-line for the door.

By the time he hit the hallway he was surprised by how tired he felt. He wasn't winded, per se; his body just felt exhausted. Muscles ached and he realized that he was moving with all of the coordination of a drunken duck. Moving was its own special struggle; it felt like he was trying to move through syrup, or worse, like he was having a dream where, no matter how fast he tried to move, he was stuck in slow motion.

Jamie stumbled and fell forward, splaying out both hands to catch himself. He continued to crawl forward on hands and knees, gasping for breath, eyes wet with tears, trying hysterically (and failing) not to fall into a state of helpless panic.

The man with green eyes emerged, baring teeth and a less-than-pleased expression on his face.

-Moonlight Sonata-

In truth, a majority of Remus's anger stemmed from the fact that he was caught by surprise. Seeing the terrified human trying to crawl away from him despite his injuries inspired something akin to pity.

The mystic made it to the stairs and clumsily slid down them, coming to a halt at the bottom. The naked boy pushed himself into a corner and hugged his knees to his chest. He rocked back and forth, tears streaming from his face, muttering words to himself. Remus slowly stalked towards the mystic, wary of getting flung aside once more.

"Please…" muttered the boy, his voice broken. Remus felt that odd sense of not-pity well up in him intermingling with disgust and confusion; how could something this powerful be simultaneously weak?

"I'm not…going to hurt you."

Another sob wracked the human's form and the house gave a small tremor.

"Please…kill me…"

-Moonlight sonata-

Jamie was tired. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, he was tired. As his escape proved to be an exercise in futility, Jamie realized that he had nothing to escape to. He had not reason for pressing on. His home life…wasn't terrible, but he was neglected by his father and abhorred by his brother. The only good thing there was Andrew, and he was gone. So he was some freak with some freaky ability and no one to love him, to care about him…what was the point of living?

That crushing realization hit him again, like pouring acid into a fresh wound and he sobbed again, begging for the man to kill him. Maybe he was some kind hermit who found him and decided to take him in? Maybe he wasn't. Whatever he was, Jamie didn't want to end up hurting more people.

"Please…you have to…"

Jamie could feel his ailment rising and he could feel the house shaking violently now.

"I'm too dangerous to live!"

He could also feel two warm, strong hands cup his face and make him look up. He found himself staring into green eyes flecked with gold. He could feel a soothing presence easing from the man.


With one word, the turmoil in Jamie slowly dissipated; he could feel his ailment settling back and he could also feel his pulsing heart calm. The fear and anxiety had left, but that still left the overwhelming sadness. Jamie lunged forward and grabbed the man in a desperate, clinging hug and cried openly for the first time since his mother's funeral. Jamie cried since then, but usually they were silent tears. This time, as he hugged the stranger with the odd eyes, Jamie cried honestly, letting everything out right then, right there, without fear of losing control.

-Moonlight Sonata-

Remus froze when the mystic hugged him. He wasn't sure what to expect and when the mystic had lunged forward he was prepared to counter any sort of attack and go for the neck…but that wasn't necessary. It was only a hug.

Well, not only a hug. It was a hug. Remus felt a little uncomfortable as the mystic then began to cry and the warrior was unsure of what to do, feeling a sudden awkwardness that he was not used to. Still, that odd feeling that was like pity but wasn't welled up inside of him. Remus sighed and picked the human up with ease and returned upstairs to the bedroom that the boy had desperately fled.

When Remus tried setting the boy down, he clung to him harder. Remus could have easily broken his grip, however that odd feeling that the boy inspired instead elicited a different reaction; Remus climbed into bed with the boy. He held him and listened to the boy's sobs subside and his breathing slow. Remus closed his eyes and breathed in his scent, smelling the salt and sadness of the tears, the sweat of effort. Beneath that was his true scent…surprisingly sweet. Almost something akin to a flower…

Before long, he too fell asleep.

-Moonlight Sonata-

When Jamie came to he realized that he was somewhere warm. He sighed, content, and moved into the source of the warmth. It only took a few minutes for his memory to play catch-up, reminding him of the odd events. He opened his eyes and found gold-flecked green eyes staring back into his. Jamie didn't jump, or scream, or even avert his eyes. Instead, he took the time to examine the man who was lying in bed with him.

His skin was a light, somewhat bronzed shade. Like a natural tan, but not quite as dark. His hair was black and cut slightly short. His features were well sculpted; he was handsome. Not star-quality handsome, but…a more natural sort of handsome. Not rugged, since youth smoothed out any rough edges, but close. Jamie reasoned that they might have been the same age, perhaps the stranger being a little older. The most noticeable thing, of course, was those odd eyes that watched him so intensely, so unblinkingly. Jamie realized that he was staring back and found it very odd that he wasn't having a panic attack. He felt very calm…

"Hi," ventured Jamie, feeling stupid but not knowing what else to say or do in this situation. He was naked and in bed with a strange (and attractive) strange guy. He supposed that was no reason to be rude. The other male watched him silently. Something shifted in his expression before he replied.

"Do you know where you are?"

Jamie's eyes briefly glanced towards the only source of light; the window. The light was dimmer, showing a great passage of time. Maybe…was it, early evening? He spotted the trees outside and then looked back at those eyes…

"If I were to hazard a guess," he said, his voice sounding delicate even in his ears, "I'd have to say the Gemini Forest." There was neither an affirmative nor negative from the stranger, so Jamie continued. "But…I don't remember there ever being a town here. Just the twin cities."

"We aren't on any map." The reply was terse and matter-of-fact, causing Jamie to blink, his curiosity piqued. Well, that was a subtle affirmative to him still being in the forest. Jamie took some small measure of comfort in that; he didn't want to go back to the city.

"What's your name?" asked Jamie, surprised at his own forwardness and he could tell that he apparently surprised the other guy as well.

"Remus…" he replied, a bit chagrinned with himself for answering so easily.

"I'm Jamie. James Godwin, but everyone calls me Jamie."

"Hn." Aside from the slight grunt, Remus spoke no further, sitting up from the bed. He stretched and yawned widely and paused afterwards, surprised at himself for the sheer amount of ease that he acted with. He glanced at Jamie, who was still staring at him curiously. Remus grunted once more and walked over to the doorway.

"Do not leave." And with that he was out of the door and closing it with a small slam. Jamie allowed himself a small sigh. He looked around the room and could feel panic teasing at his mind again. Where was he?

'Ok, look…you can either panic again or…just go with the flow and try to figure out what's going on,' he thought to himself with a small frown. 'Come on Jamie…I know you can do it. You'll probably have to leave this room eventually, so…just…take everything in stride. And smile. People like smiles, right?'

After giving himself a small pep talk, Jamie felt a little more centered. He took the time to examine himself and realized that he was naked. He was sure that he was always aware of that fact but this was the first time he had confirmation. On top of that, his various injuries were bandaged. Of his dressings, the most extensive was a tight wrap of bandages around his chest and the sling that his right arm rested in. Jamie suddenly became aware of his restricted breathing. 'I guess that's what made running so difficult earlier…' he thought, remembering how he could hardly walk, let alone run. Must have broken a rib or two…or something.

These seemed like pretty decent people if they took him in and patched him up.

Surely they wouldn't want to kill him after going through all the trouble of treating his injuries, right? Jamie looked at the bandages that dressed his left hand and traced a finger delicately over the palm. The cut tingled and with the sensation came the memory of running and falling…he was being chased by the vampires. And then he made it to the beach and Andrew…

The door opened and Jamie jumped, surprised. He looked up, expecting to see Remus but instead he saw something else. At first glance it looked like a dog, but upon closer inspection he saw that it was a wolf. It had rusty red fur and was panting, giving him a 'doggy grin' of sorts. He almost looked…friendly.

Jamie gathered the covers about him and hugged his legs to his chest. "Hi…there?"

As if he had somehow gave him permission, the wolf yipped before he leaped onto the bed and attacked Jamie with a slew of sloppy, wet licks.

Jamie couldn't fight the wolf off and, as it was, could only weakly laugh, and even that hurt to do. It was surprising, but it made him feel so much better for the moment. Jamie tried to gather his voice, but he could only laugh weakly.

"Rusty, that'll be enough." There was an inexorable command in Remus' voice and the wolf, Rusty, obeyed, immediately leaping down from the bed and whimpering plaintively at the male's feet. Remus let out small growl and Rusty yipped before leaving the room. Jamie raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't need to do that." Jamie blanched a little when Remus focused his intense stare on him, suddenly reminding him of his social awkwardness. "I…uh…I mean it wasn't like…he wasn't bothering…me…" he said, his voice weakening into a mutter. Jamie looked up when Remus approached but didn't move when the other teen leaned forward to examine his bandages.

"He could have upset your injuries." Jamie gulped at the male's proximity, but just like that he was gone, walking over to his desk and picking up something before tossing it at Jamie; it was a bundle of clothes. Jamie looked down at the clothes blankly before he slowly looked back up at Remus, who was silently watching him.

"Why…did you save me?" asked Jamie. Remus considered Jamie silently before looking away and moving towards the door.

"Get dressed. Answers will come shortly."

And with that the door was closed again.

-Moonlight Sonata-

Dressing with one arm was harder than what Jamie thought it would be, and he already thought it would be difficult. He gingerly took his arm out of the sling and flexed it, wincing at the pain he felt. He supposed it was absurd to think that he would come out of a fight with vampires without a scratch…

'A day ago I would have felt it absurd to even think about being in a fight with a vampire…' he thought to himself. Finally dressed in the long-sleeve red shirt, black vest, and blue jeans, Jamie wrestled his feet into a pair of shoes and knocked on the door. Remus opened it and glanced over Jamie once before nodding.

"Follow me." Remus walked down the same hall that Jamie had escaped to earlier. Wooden floor, wooden walls, wooden doors…this place had a very…cabin-esque feel to it. Only…modern.

As they walked down the stairs, Jamie noticed that Remus seemed to watch him. Almost as if he was watching to see if he'd fall. Once downstairs, Jamie noticed the living room filled with a few people and suddenly felt his apprehension hit the roof.

He angled himself a little behind Remus, causing for one of the people present to raise an eyebrow. He looked to be in his early forties, had the same almond/bronze skin that Remus did, similar facial structure, but brown eyes instead of the green flecked with gold. Aside from that, Jamie could swear that he was looking at an older, longer-haired version of Remus…so, it must have been his father.

Next he noticed a tall male who looked probably around Remus' age. He had a similar skin tone to Remus, with a ruddy shade as opposed to bronze. Somewhat wild brown hair, with only a bit of it done in a braid, almond shaped brown eyes, thin and very tall; he was standing by the fire place.

Sitting in a chair near him was a young woman. Her skin was pale, her hair was silver-white hair, gray eyes, and sharp features. The final person that Jamie finally looked at was a man who was standing next to whom he assumed was Remus' father. He wasn't as tall as the other man, but no less intimidating. Bald, bronze-skinned, and blue eyed, the man stared silently at Jamie before he finally nodded, as if someone had asked him a question.

"I'm glad to see that you're finally awake," said the bald guy. Jamie shot Remus a startled glance as the male moved away to stand with the others. Jamie looked back at said others and flinched before looking at the ground.

"I…should t-thank you for…um…seeing to my injuries." He felt stupid, talking to the floor, but he honestly couldn't bring his eyes up to face everyone else.

"What is your name?"

"Ahh…James Godwin, but everyone just calls me…Jamie."

"Jamie…" replied the bald male with a feral smirk. Jamie shuddered a little. "And might you wish to inform me what a mystic was doing in the forest, in the company of vampires?"

"Um…" Jamie fiddled with the hem of his shirt with his left hand, "Well, first things first…I…um, didn't know that I was this mystic thing. I had just thought that I…had some kind of illness or something. I mean, where I'm from, no one has magic," Jamie noticed the bald man's expression changing slightly; it flickered from impassive to curiosity before flickering back. The other man, Remus' father, didn't bother to mask his disgust. Jamie continued speaking, "Nothing is odd…I didn't even know that vampires or…werewolves, existed until now." Jamie paused, waiting to see if anyone would correct him about calling them werewolves. No one reacted in any overt way, nor did anyone move to actually correct him, so his assumption was correct. "As for what I was doing in the forest, my friend Andrew was invited to a party and he brought me along. At first it seemed fun but…soon we were separated and they tried to kill me.

"I managed to escape, however when I found Andrew, he was…someone…one of the things, uh…vampires were…biting him," Jamie paused, finding himself choked up with emotion. His eyes felt wet but, to his credit, he didn't actually cry. Instead, he coughed, swallowed the emotion, and blinked away his tears.

"Did they…make him drink anything?" asked the bald man. Jamie thought about it for a second and found that his memory of the whole thing was a little fuzzy.

"I honestly can't say. After I saw that, everything went blurry."

"Would it fair to say that you lost control?" asked the man, blue eyes staring intensely at Jamie. Jamie closed his eyes, suddenly feeling a little dizzy and disoriented, as if he was only thinking with half a brain.

"I…I don't…know. I remember feeling like I usually do when my ailment gets out of hand. Confused, angry, scared. And…then…there was a bright light. And then darkness. That's all I remember, sorry."

There was silence for a few minutes. Jamie stood there, eyes glued to the ground, wondering how he ended up in this place. How was it that his otherwise unremarkable life took such an odd turn. How was it that he'd lost the only thing in his life that was precious to him? How was it that he was still alive?

"I say we kill him," said a gruff voice. Jamie looked up to see Remus' father glaring at him.

"You are out of line, Romulus."

"But Theo, he's obviously too much of a danger to us, let alone himself! The fact that he managed to escape the bloodsuckers was serendipity. Keeping him here is akin to keeping a nuclear weapon in our basement. I'd prefer that we simply get rid of it now. Humans, for the most part, are already foolish creatures. Humans with magic are trouble. Or is the Corruption not enough for you?" replied the long-haired man, voice lowering into a growl. "Killing him would both be pragmatic and an act of mercy."

Jamie gasped; the feeling of fear creeping up his spine was sickeningly comforting in its familiarity. He clenched his eyes shut.

"He could be useful. From what I recall, the mystics keep a close watch on their own…"

Jamie could feel his ailment rising and tried his best to repress it. It couldn't…he wouldn't let it…!

From where he stood, Remus shifted slightly as the human—mystic's—scent assaulted his senses. He growled and didn't even notice that his canines had lengthened until the taste of blood hit his tongue. Why was he suddenly losing control?

Apparently, Remus wasn't the only one to notice the change in Jamie. Romulus sniffed and wrinkled his nose before taking a step forward and gesturing at Jamie. "See, he doesn't even know how to control himself! He is too much of a danger!"

"Don't you find it curious, however, that someone who is obviously magical is so unversed in his birthright?"

"Perhaps," said Romulus, turning to shift his glare to Theo, "there is a reason for this! Perhaps he was considered TOO DANGEROUS! If that was the case, we should do what the mystics were too afraid to do and kill him now! The other alphas are—"

Theo shifted only just enough to look at Romulus out of the corner of his eye, but apparently that skewed look was all it took to silence the long-haired male. "I am quite aware of what the other alphas are thinking, just as you should be aware that, inside of these walls, what other alphas think is immaterial to me. You are my second in command and you are quite excellent at doing just that, but take that tone with me again, Romulus, and I will discipline you."

Romulus lowered his head and stepped back to his former position, but when he looked up at Jamie, his glare was just as poisonous, only this time his eyes flashed gold before fading to their original brown.

"As it were, my past association with the mystics has given me some insight to their practices. If he were considered too dangerous, like one of their Breakers, his abilities would have been sealed and he likely would have been contained in one of their catacombs, just for good measure. Someone of his power isn't just…ignored. So, either the mystics were ordered to ignore him or…" Theo paused and considered Jamie once more. "Or…they weren't aware of him."

And suddenly Theo was standing on front of Jamie, causing for the boy to blink; he hardly saw the man move. Theo leaned in and Jamie tilted his head back as Theo sniffed at his neck. Jamie backed away, stumbling over the landing of the stairs and not stopping until his back hit the wall. Theo leaned in again and sniffed deeply before letting out a sigh.

Even though he was still in college, Jamie was very interested in the field of psychology. It wasn't to understand other people so much as it was for him to understand himself better, understand why he was so messed up. While he had very few answers on that front, he did learn how to read people. Hostility and pain were easiest things for Jamie to pick up on, however he was, for the most part, insightful when it come to others (with notable few exceptions), and when Theo sighed, there was a lot said, even if the man didn't verbalize a single thought.

Memory. Longing. Regret. All packed tightly within a sigh.

'But I've…never met him before…' Jamie forgot to be scared or even nervous when Theo pulled away and stared at him silently with darkened blue eyes. Theo reached forward and brushed a thumb gently across his cheek. Jamie got the sense that Theo wasn't looking at him, but someone else.

And just like that, the odd moment was over. Theo was walking up the stairs, his footsteps surprisingly light for a man his build. "Remus, see to our guest getting something to eat and prepare to leave in about a half an hour. Now that he's awake, a meeting will be called." Romulus stormed passed Jamie and up the stairs, following the bald man.

Remus, now in control of his inner beast, looked squarely at Jamie, who slowly looked from the stairs over to him. Selene and Eliot moved to flank Remus and all three silently stared at Jamie, who silently stared back. The silence seemed like it was going to stretch for a while until Remus finally spoke.

"I hope you like spaghetti."

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