A/N: Was a beautiful fan fiction, before I revamped it to an original tale to see how it would fare among Fictionpress. This story has a few loose undertones of Harry Potter, the Covenant, and the X-Men, but they are subtle. This is for you, Kitty and Fin.


Snow fell straight downward in the darkness of the world beyond the window, like heavy rain. She could feel the cold of the ice against her window. A single woman faced the darkness bravely, with a longing for something that was far beyond her. A desk was behind her, her own desk, abandoned in the throes of deep thought, where only her window served as a comfort. The shelves of books that surrounded her were in disarray, a frantic research that had proved futile over and over again. The fireplace was the only sound, filling the silence with a soft crackling. As the only light, it highlighted the woman's bright clothing, making her shadow dance on the walls around her.

The woman turned her head toward the sound of the door opening. Heavy footsteps came next, a particular footfall she recognized.

"What news have you, Etrigan?" she asked, a burst of the suddenly aroused flames in the fireplace making her whiteout eyes glow in the reflection of the window, reminding her student of her pitiable blindness.

"Headmistress," the deep voice of the gruff, dark-haired individual came forth. "They sent me to tell you… We found them."

A gasp was heard as the centuries-old woman whirled around from her place at the large paned window, her long, white hair falling in her face from her abrupt movements.

"You are sure?"

"We're sure. One of our Salem associates just reported seeing a pair using their magic."

"Thank you, Etrigan. Inform the Council we are to retrieve them at once, then send the Syrens up to see me."

The man bowed and left the room. The old woman turned her head back to the window, a smile growing on the edges of her mouth. She then let out a sigh of relief.

At long last… they found them…

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