Betwixt and Between


Curtains are drawn as the night drags on. The cold air making the smell of sea salt less prominent then if it were summer. The stars and moon are covered by the clouds. A young girl stands at the edge of the dock, her dark blue eyes staring down at the black water, while the wind rustles her short brown hair.

She bows her head slightly, one hand on her stomach, feeling the slight bump. She's a little glad that the stars and moon won't be watching, something so pure and beautiful shouldn't watch such a horrible deed. Of course she didn't care that they watched her that one night, the night everything changed.

Looking back it made her sick, but of course this changed nothing about how she felt. She still loved Daniel, and she would always love him. Never mind that he is the reason she that she dropped out of High school in her last year in order to support the both of them. She even disregarded his drug dealings and substance abuse, not to mention the fact that he seemed to put off marrying her, or even that he had gotten her pregnant. Because in her mind, he loved her and she loved him. He simply had his priorities in a different order than her.

Tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, she took one last drag of her cigarette before letting it slip from her fingers and fall into the water.

She could have lived with all of his little flaws if he hadn't left her to go bang some sixteen year old blonde floozy. Leaving her to sort out her baby troubles, and her only having a few months left of being able to legally stay at the orphanage. Hell, if he hadn't called her his "Shag-buddy", then she could live with herself, orphanage or no orphanage. She could just as easily say it was her fault for him leaving her, that he loved her but was simply teaching her a lesson. But he did, and she can't. So she stood there stranded, with no money for an abortion and no one to help her.

Looking into the dark water, she was about to committee two accounts of murder. Her first being her unborn baby, and the second being herself.

"Candace Lexington?" A clear voice cut through the fog in her head.

Craning her neck to the left she searched for the speaker.

"Who's there?" She asked, her voice shaking slightly.

"I apologize if we gave you a fright, but we would like to have a word with you." The speaker replied, stepping into the dim glow that was casted by a street lamp.

Candace starred at them, trying to verify if there was any danger. The speaker stood tall and dignified, with blond hair that was thinning slightly in the front, his blue eyes were dull against his pale skin and he wore a black suit that was barely visible under his white lab cloak.

"How do you know my name?" She asked.

"We know a lot more than your name Ducky." A female voice spoke this time.

Stepping into the light, the woman resembled the man greatly. She had blonde hair as well that was pulled into a tight bun, pale skin that seemed dull in comparison with her dangerous brown eyes, and wore a white lab coat that was buttoned up completely.

Candace starred at the two of them, not really sure what to do. Fear began bubbling up in her stomach. Something that didn't make sense to her, after all it really didn't matter what they did to her. She was going to die anyway. But then again maybe they wanted to ruin everything.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" she repeated growing frustrated.

"This is my wife Celine and I'm Charles Smith. We are doctors." Candace starred at them. "We mean you no harm. We would just like to have a word with you."

Candace didn't move, she starred at the both of them, her mind was trying to process everything.

"A word? I don't even know you lot." She spat.

"We have a proposition for you ducky. So I'd be nice to us if I where you." Celine replied pressing her lips together to keep from smiling, Charles moved closer to Celine.

Grasping her arm he gently squeezed it, her face dropped and her eyes dulled.

Stepping off the ledge that faced the water, Candace walked toward them.

"What do you mean proposition?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"We run a special facility that specializes in children. We have created a supplement that … makes them stronger before birth." Charles replied, his eyes faltering for a second.

He was trying his best not divulge to much information but was finding it very difficult. If they couldn't get Candace to participate then their entire plan would fail.

"We've done this experiment before to other unborn but this particular supplement is different than any of the others. You see, we need someone with a special type of background to be able to handle this." Celine finished, looking bored as Candace took everything in.

"My background?"

"Yes. We checked your files at Hull City Orphanage then the countries files-"

"What my college is trying to say is… you're the only person that holds the DNA that can handle what we have created. We are willing to make it worth your while." Charles nodded, holding his hand out to Candace. "How does 500,000 pounds sound?"

She couldn't breathe now. It all seemed too surreal. Wasn't it only five minutes ago she was going to kill herself, now she was being offered over half a million pounds just to participate in an experiment. Not even, she wasn't doing anything; it was her children that would be undergoing the experiments. All she had to do was give birth to them.

So then that's that, she thought quietly to herself.

"Splendid." Charles replied clasping his hands together.

Looking up at him with a curious glance, Candace pulled out a cigarette from her jean pocket.

"Apapapa! No smoking! You are holding precious cargo that we are paying good money for!" Celine snapped, darting forward to grab the cigarette, her eyes back to their dangerous sparkle.

"Bloody hell." Candace whispered as she rolled her eyes, and dropped the cigarette.

"Right well this way if you please Ms. Lexington." Charles said politely gesturing to the alley they had come from. "Our car is just through here."

Nodding she followed Celine who had decided to lead the way. But in the pit of her stomach all of this felt wrong. She felt like they had forgotten to mention a crucial piece of information to her. Holding her stomach she looked down, just beyond the darkness of the alley she could see a bright light coming from a street lamp just on the other side. A black Porsche was parked on the curb; this she thought was her ticket to freedom. Of course not everything is as it seems.

They may have looked like doctors but they way they acted, or the fact that they had followed her to a dark alley to the docks seemed all a bit sketchy.

Orginal work owned by me and only me. :] It feels so nice to be able to write that. Well this is a work in progress, it's my first orginal story that i am choosing to publish to please be nice. I want as much critique as possible thought, I do want to get better.

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