"What do you think?" the muffled voice said from within the folds of the man's clothing as he trekked silently through the glades that made up his home.

"What I always think, extermination," the man said to the voice. His hook nosed face moved from side to side, searching the thick brush for movement from within the cowl of his green hood. "They are a blight on this land as much as any other Corrupt Ones, probably more so."

"You let your emotions guide you; typical for a human, shameful for a half breed," a second voice said from within the robes on the man.

"Would you rather join the others of your kind that I have disposed of?" the man asked the second voice. He hopped quickly over a small patch of ground with a fairy ring on it, the little monsters loved their innocent looking traps.

"Come, come, Cairn Warrior, you need us as much as we need you," the second voice countered.

"You give yourself too much importance, fool. The master could catch the spritelets with or without our help," the first voice assured the second. The man waded through the murky water without hardly a ripple or sound, pale stork-like legs exposed as he held his robes up.


The man silenced the voice quickly, grabbing a lump along his left sleeve. Will 'o the Wisps could be seen vaguely in the distance, fading in and out. The man reached into his robe and pulled out an extraordinarily long wooden haft with a iron ball on one end attached by a length of chain. With all the stealth of a lion, the man pulled himself up with one hand into a tree while the other held his odd weapon. He lept through the trees in his leather throng sandal hardly making a sound, the spotty light that managed to make it through the moss and leaves hardly showed his thin shadow.

The Cairn Warden finally made it to a tree near the Wil 'o the Wisps and stared down at the small, sandy pool below him. Soon, the light winked out and small, winged humanoids appeared. Five small shaped met in the middle and started to bicker among themselves and emitted pretty little sparks along their bodies.

"Now, Warden?" the first voice asked its master.

To answer his servant, the man threw his weapon down among them, the iron ball emitting a ringing causing the small shapes to fall into the swamp water. Their they floated around the haft of the strange weapon.

"Vahh!" the second voice howled in glee as it flew from the man's right sleeve to feed.

"Yesssssss," the second voice hissed as a serpent slipped from the man's sleeve to feed.