Behind Blue Eyes

The soft planes of his face. The smooth lines of his features. The cultivated curl of his lip when something I said was stupidly funny.

They whirled around me, these thoughts did. Taunting, teasing, reminding and oh so seductive memories fluttered as I teetered on the edge.

Too late. Of course it was too late. Nothing could save me now. No happy ending, no 'happily ever after' waited for me. No. the only thing that could save me was the very thing that was torn from me.

My love, my Leo.

Taken from me by the only other man I had loved in my life; Caleb, my best – and lifelong – friend. He had killed Leo. Stabbed him? Shot him? I don't want to know how…He was gone, that's all that matters. Caleb just stared at me as he poised infront of me, ready to kill. He somewhat angry and…disappointed? You could see it in his ice-blue eyes.

Blue eyes don't lie.

I loved those eyes so honest; it seemed he could tell you about his whole world with one look. They were so different from His eyes; Leo's eyes. Such a bright green colour, they were. So intense, they could pierce your very soul. But, they were amazingly good at keeping secrets, hiding things. That was partly why I loved him

Ahh, those eyes matched with the sweetness of his smile…Oh! And the tenderness of those kisses that seemed to melt me from the inside. He was perfect in every way.

Always he would be in my thoughts. Even when I was here, awaiting death, he swirled around my head. I spent every second drinking in every inch of Leo as my mind could remember.

In front of me, those once-friendly blue eyes quivered in jealousy. Could he read my thoughts so clearly? I wonder…Would he regret doing this?


He never did regret anything. Not even when we were little. Caleb took – and still takes – life into his stride, never looking back at what he'd done. Those blue eyes always burned in anticipation of what was to come.

Blue eyes don't lie.

And here he was, just standing infront of me. I took my eyes off of him, trying to distract myself.

Someone was standing, no leaning, against a tree behind Caleb!

It was obviously a guy - a teenager - from his posture and figure I could tell. But he was just...watching what was going on. Wasn't he going to help?

I opened my mouth, about to shout to him when he lifted up one hand and waved, as if to say goodbye...

Caleb lunges for me, arms outstretched, automatically making me jump backwards; straight off the edge of the cliff.

Something is disturbing about the way I fall (and it's not the fact of knowing I'll die soon after I stop). It's abnormally quiet. I should hear the wind swooshing past my ears as I rush downwards.

Soon a soft whisper replaces the eerie silence that surrounds me. A voice that has been haunting me forever runs through my head in a permanent cycle.

Leo's voice, of course…The voice that used to whisper sweet-nothings to me, the voice that kept me company day by day and, most importantly, the voice that made me feel special.

Naturally, it would be his voice that accompanied me on the fall into the water below.

I heard the deafening splash before I felt it.

Then it hit, forcing a scream out of me, getting rid of the air I'd saved in my mouth. As I bobbed up to the surface quickly, I gulped as much air as I could before the freezing water dragged me back down.

It flooded my senses, surrounding me. My eyes stung from the uncomfortable sensation of water, but everything else was turning numb slowly. It was so…cold! So mind-numbingly cold, it seemed to freeze the blood in my veins, chilling my very bones. My lungs suddenly contracted and squeezed inside my ribs; its own way of telling me – urging me – to breathe.

An oddly ecstatic thought popped up, shocking me, but somehow relaxing me totally.

Does this mean I could finally be with Leo again?

I was dying…If something, anything, was there after life, would I join him there?

I smiled against the muscle-numbing ice-water.

"Fight! Fight, baby, fight for me, please!" Leo's voice pleaded me. WHAT?! H-h-h-how could he ask me of this now? How could he tell me to fight as I was already halfway to the bottom of this god-damned lake?

I kick my legs anyway, if he wants me to live… I have to try, right? I will all my strength to my legs, but they only move infinitedesimally. The ice-water won't let them move. I keep sinking. I don't stop sinking! Water paralyzes my limbs, stopping my futile attempt to live.

Darkness tugged at the edge of my vision, threatening to take over. I try to blink it back – I'll do anything to stop it now – but my eyelids drooped, making me sleepier. It kept on circling in.

"Please fight for me! Try, love, you have to try!" Leo pleaded, a flash of his face emerged in my vision. His eyebrows were knotted together; tears were forming in his eyes. His feather-soft voice reverberated in my mind. His tone was so desolate, so heart-breaking; it trickled through me colder than the water surrounding me.

"Oh, I can't do it!" I cried, as my legs still wouldn't move. Tears sprang to my own eyes, oh how I wished he'd just be happy that I'd be with him soon.

"But…I love you!" He whispered. Even with my energy fading, my heart still sped up with the words.

"I love you too, always." I tried to say out loud – to make it seem more real – but waster just flooded my mouth and rushed down my throat, choking me.

Another flash of his face returned to me blessing me with the sight. The darkness was now encircling my vision, edging closer blocking off his face bit by bit. And that would be the last thing I ever see.

Bright green eyes

"How long has she been out?" A gorgeously recognizable but distorted voice asked, sounding amazingly worried. Who were they talking about? Was someone hurt? I couldn't see…

"I…I don't know. A minute or so." Another voice said, he sounded very calm, but I didn't recognize his voice.

"Oh. Move then, quick!" The voice cried and soft hands suddenly rested on my cheeks. What were they doing? Wasn't there someone hurt? On hand pinched my nose as soft and oddly familiar lips pressed against mine, forcing air into my mouth and down my throat. It hit the water in my lungs, causing my body to convulse – needing to get rid of the water.

It gargled and bubbled through my lips. I was yanked up into a seating position as strong hands slapped against my back, making me cough up the water. It just kept on coming, burning my throat in its hurry to escape.

"It's stopping! The water's nearly gone!" The voice was becoming less and less distorted by the minute. He was right; the water was stopping. But the coughs weren't stopping. They scorched my throat more than the water did.

"She's okay!" Leo? Leo! Ohmigod…How could I not recognize his voice, however distorted it may have been? Oh well, who cares? He's here!


He's here? But he's dead! Caleb killed him…and then he tried to kill me! Wait, tried? What if he succeeded? Was that why I couldn't see anything? Was that why everything was black? Am I dead? Is this heaven? If it is…why do I feel such pain?

Frantic theories raced around my brain, trying to distract me from my pained throat. It hurt like hell, and I'm sure it's gonna kill if I talk…but I have to ask.

"Am…I…dead?" I managed to choke out between the coughs, which were now few and far between (thank god!).

"No! Of course you're not dead!" Leo exclaimed, "How could you think that?"

"But…you…he…he killed you!" I stuttered, utterly confused. He was dead, right?

"Open your eyes honey." I had my eyes shut? Ohh…that's why it was dark. Softly peeling back my eyelids, I gasped. Oh how did I ever live without him? Those green eyes blazed into mine with such fervor, I nearly fainted. I could stay like this forever.

"Do I look dead to you?" He asked, never losing eye contact. Then he bent down to me, pressing his lips against mine temptingly. "Do I feel dead to you?" He asked, and then softly kissed me once more.

"N-n-n-no…" I stuttered, heart not working properly after the kisses. I looked around, breaking eye contact, to stop myself from blushing.

My eyes fixed on two dark figures not too far from me. I squinted to try and see who they were.

One I couldn't recognize and the other…


Caleb was here, with some other random dude. He was sitting not three feet away from me… after he tried to kill me?!

"What! Why is he here…he killed you!" I exclaimed to Leo. I was still so confused. I buried my head in my hands, hiding my face.

"Do you really think you could get rid of me that easily?" Leo chuckled, pulling my hands away from my face. I looked up at him and, as expected, that adorably cute little lip-curl was there as he grinned at me. It was just so cutely unique to him; it would warm up even the coldest of hearts.

"I still don't get it though…"

"Caleb loves you."

What?!" My voice rose to an extremely high octave.

"Your 'best friend' loves you. And has done for years, may I add."

"I…I…He does?"

"Yes, babe, he does." Leo sighed, eyes flicking over to Caleb in the corner.

"But then…what happened? You still haven't said what went on." I was still so confused. I don't get it.

"My dad, being the control-freak he is, ordered me to military camp. He yanked me away without letting me say goodbye to anyone. When I got to the airport, guess who was there… none other than Caleb here. I told him to tell you I loved you and that I had to go. He obviously realized I hadn't told anyone where I was going and stuff, so he concocted a plan where I died. He even set it all up extensively with his never-ending funds. You found out about the set-p bit and thought he actually killed me and…Voila, one confusing ploy just to get you to love him. The whole plan was just to be able to comfort you and somehow, try and see if you felt the same way about him."

"Oh…Kay… but, he tried to kill me!"

"No I didn't!" Caleb exclaimed, "I tried to tell you what I did. You were too close to the edge, I went forwards to steady you and…you jumped! You actually jumped!"

"I know….I thought…I…"

"Shh, don't worry honey." Leo cut in, "I'm not dead, and you're not dead…So yeah, everything's cool, okay?"

"Okay…Erm, Leo?"

"Yeah honey?" He laughed, grinning as the atmosphere seemed to lighten

"Who is he?" I whispered pointing over to the mystery guy who still stood by Caleb, hands in his pockets. Leo immediately sobered up. His voice was also a whisper.

"That's Deiaro."



"But who is he." I asked. Leo's eyes had blanked over, his mouth set into one of confusion, and disappointment.

"I can't answer that for you…I'm sorry." Leo whispered and stood up. He gently walked away, hands in his pockets, humming to himself.

"Leo! Come back!" I called. What was happening…everything was so… perfect.

"Just talk to him…Ếlodie." Come to think of it…that was the first time I'd heard him say my name since…

"Ếlodie. That's a nice name." A voice purred. It sent a shiver down my spine, but at the same time made me blush.

"T-t-thank you." I stuttered. Who was this guy?

"You're welcome. I gather it's time, yes?" He said, carefully articulating his words. For some reason, although I do not know what 'time' it was, I knew the answer.

"Yes, it is."

"Good. Now ask me that question that you wish to ask." I didn't even care that he knew about what I wanted to do.

"Who actually are you?" He sighed at my question, as if he'd been asked this many a time. He shook his head, soft black hair flicking around, forming a dark halo around his head.

"They always ask…" He murmured


"Don't worry. Anyway… Let me show you." Show me. What did he mean?

Deiaro walked backwards a bit, his gray eyes smoldering. He pulled his black top off, setting it on the ground. He smiled slightly, not really putting any feeling into it, and turned sideward on.

He flicked his head round away from me, hiding his face. He thrust his arms around him, as if he was hugging himself.

Then he doubled over, crying out in pain.

"What's going on?!" I screamed. He didn't answer, just stayed in his hunched position.

His back began to bulge at the shoulder blades as he whimpered. Something began to grow, breaking the skin. I couldn't get over how grotesque it was, but still, I couldn't tear my eyes away.

Deiaro straightened up, but I could see his fingers digging into the flesh of his arms. A gush of wind distracted me from his position and dragged my attention to his wings.



Yes, two pitch black wings fluttered at his shoulder blades, feathers quivering.

"Wings?" I uttered in amazement. They were beautiful, even smothered in blood as they were.

"Yes, wings." Deiaro gasped in pain, but his tone suggested he was rolling his eyes. He turned towards me.

"Then…What are you."

"What do you think? I'm an angel, duh."


"Yup… and you are my newest…hmm. You're the person I need to visit or whatever."


"I need to tell you something." He smiled, and knelt down next to me. His hand rose to my forehead, pushing me back to a laying position.


"Guess what, Ếlodie… None of this is real." He said, laughing once without humour. "You imagined most of this."

"What?!" I tried to exclaim, but only succeeded in murmuring. My eyes were beginning to close again, the darkness returning.

"Shh" Deiaro purred. My eyelids flickered closed and everything grew so quiet.

I felt so…tired


My eyes burst open to the stinging of water. I was still in the water? I was still in the water! The air was still being sucked out of my lungs and my limbs were still paralyzed from the chill.

That never happened.

There wasn't a happy ending.

Leo was still dead.

I'm still drowning.

Caleb is still a murderer.

And Deiaro…About that I do not know. Could he have been real, or just my imagination?

Ahh, I knew that would have been too good to be true. How could I have been so stupid? I was never rescued. It would be impossible to be rescued this far down in the water.

A soft voice flickered in my ear, comforting me.


Again he would talk to me. I really was going mad…He's been talking to me the whole time, and then I go and imagine a whole perfect scenario.

"I told you not to trust him, honey." He sighed. He wasn't angry, wasn't 'I told you so'. He just sounded so sad, so desolate my heart broke all over again.

"I'm so sorry…I love you!" I thought with all my strength.

"I know, baby…I love you too. It's not your fault; I should have made you see. I thought he wouldn't do anything…"

"It's not your fault either."

"It's more mine than yours, honey."

"I'm sorry…I do love you."

"I will always love you." He sighed; I could see him infront of me. I don't care if I'm crazy. It's worth it, just to see him…Anyway, I'm nearly dead…

"Don't think like that!" He exclaimed, but it was too late.

I could no longer breathe, water gathered in my lungs, sloshing in my body. Oh God, it was nearly time. The darkness was returning for the third and final time.

Surely it mustn't take this long to drown. It feels like hours, but it must have only been a few minutes max…I couldn't wait any longer. Nothing could save me now, not even my imagination.

"Goodbye." I said out loud, letting the onslaught of water enter my mouth, sending an icy-chill down my throat.

I watched the last bubbles of air float toward the surface then closed my eyes.

Dredging up one last picture of Leo, I relaxed.

His green eyes. His soft skin. His defined nose. His high forehead. His strong jaw. His high cheekbones. Oh, and those sculptured gorgeous lips.

I could feel my mind drifting away from my body, seeming to separate from eachother. With my final thought, I was granted the luxury of staring into Leo's gorgeous green eyes.

A sweet melody drifted into my mind. His singing, just his beautiful voice singing to me.

"Behind blue eyes…"

Darkness always wins.