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Ryan's POV

I woke up from my amazing dream. Damn. I never thought a dream like that could feel so real, but the sad part is it wasn't.


She sure was something. I hate how I can't get her out of my head, and it's been like that for a year and a half already. When am I going to get over this boring girl. I mean it's not like she's important to me, she's just a girl that lives right next door to me. Nothing more.

'sureee' my inner thoughts says

'shut up' I say

'fine, but you know I'm right'

I sighed. Yes my inner thoughts were right, she wasn't just some girl, she was the girl. For two years that girl has invaded my everyday thoughts ever since the day I saw her.


It was a long day after football practice, and I was walking home to clear my mind. Once I reached my street I saw the most heartbreaking moment in my life. There, right next door to my house, was a girl with long black hair, on her lawn crying. She was holding her short legs to her chest, while her head was buried into her arm. I could here her sobbing, as her whole body trembled. Rain started to drizzle, and the image before me was making my heart hurt like it never has before. An automatic feeling to go over there and hug her was unbearable, but I didn't, I just stood there looking at her. She then lifted her head up, as if knowing I was watching her.

I gasped, her eyes pulled me in, and showed the pain she was going through. Before I could go and talk to her, she stood up quickly and left into the dark house next to mine.

Once I entered the house, and went into my room, I looked out my window, wondering if I would see her. I didn't see her, but the window across from mine I saw her walk through the door and sink right into the floor crying again.

Since that night I had the urge to watch her, and it was until the next day when I realized she went to the same school as I did, and was a Freshman as well.

Since that night I knew I would never be the same again.

*flashback ends*

To this day, I never got the chance to talk to her. Even for the fact that she lived next door to me. To me she would always be a mystery.

Finished thinking about her, I stood up from my bed and took a shower.

As I finished my shower, and entered my room with only a towel, I looked out my window, and saw Inelea playing a song on her guitar.

I smiled. I love when she plays her guitar, she always has this peaceful, free look on her face, that I absolutely adore. It's not only that, she honestly has the most sexiest voice in the world when she sings.

I finished watching her and went to grab some clothes and change in the bathroom.

when I finished I looked at myself and smirked.

'I look good' I thought

It was the truth. I definitely wasn't ugly. I was 6 ft 2, tan, hazel eyes, messy brown hair, killer two-dimpled, pearly white smile, and a great body from football, and years of working out.

I checked my clock to see what time it was

'7:25' I better get going or I was going to be late.

Half-way through first period I zoned out, and focused on my main thought for the period, Inelea.

She look so beautiful as she had her left has resting underneath her chin, looking absolutely bored.

Today she had her hair up in a ponytail, and I loved it when it was like that because her long hair draped down her back made he look extremely sexy.

Dammit. I felt myself getting hard just thinking about her hair draped down her back.

It wasn't just her hair that made her sexy, but the way she dressed, and did her makeup. She loves to put ribbons and clips in her hair, and her make up was simple, eyeliner and lipgloss.

Her simplicity made her look cute and sexy.

After staring at her for about 45 minutes of class, the bell rang signaling second period.

I slowly grabbed my stuff, and watched Inelea grab her books and backpack, then leave quickly.

Once lunch came I sat at my usual table with all football players and their girlfriends.

"Ryan, over here man." my best friend, Anthony, called from the end of the table.

I went over and did our usual handshake, "Whats up, man?" I asked as I ate my sandwich.

He looked around and pointed to a leggy red-head, "Thats' what's up." he said ogling the girl.

I scrunched my eyes in confusion, "What about her, she's hot, but not my type." I explained to him

He smacked my behind the head.

"Not for you, but for me," he said as if it were obvious "she's my next challenge."

"Oh, that's cool, tell me, what is her name" I said smirking at him, knowing he had no idea.

"Uh..aah...Lexis" he said stuttering.

"Sure..." I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes.

I heard him mutter something along the line 'Dumbass'

I chuckled, and took the last bite of my sandwich.

"See ya man, I'm gonna go to the library." I said doing our handshake.

"Alright, see you at practice then?" he asked.

"Yea for sure, at 4 o'clock right?"

"Yup, don't be late."

"I never am." I said grabbing my backpack and saying bye to everyone else.