Lest We Forget:

Some of us our lucky, when it comes to the war it's just something on the TV and in the newspapers. It's something we hate but it's not something that effects us. When it comes to Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day that's the only day a lot of us really stop to think about the wars, past and present. We buy a Poppy and wear it on our shirts to remember the people who have died for our freedom. Then when the 11th November has passed our poppies get disregarded and we forget for another year. Of course we can't forget the war being fought right now, but at the same time we aren't really remembering.

Does this sound right to you? Is the memory of everyone who's died for their country, for their people's freedom, only supposed to be remembered once, or twice a year? No. They should be remembered daily. The first World War was a long time ago, there are barely any survivors, the Second World War was also a long time ago, but there's still many people alive today who remember it like it was yesterday. War isn't the sort of thing they can forget. Iraq and Afghanistan are being fought right now.

Daily people are still dying for their Queen and Country, for freedom, to try and make the world safer. Daily people sit at home, missing their brothers and sisters, their sons and daughters, fathers and mothers because they are fighting. Daily people sit at home dreading a phone call or a knock on the door, never knowing if they are going to see their loved ones again. Everyday people are terrified because they just don't know.

We can all be selfish. We all moan about things being not-quite-right without actually realising how much we actually have. How lucky we really are. Deep down, we all know, but we're all good at forgetting it sometimes. But try to stop and think before you moan and be thankfully. Thankful that you have what you do. Thankful that you're home with your family. Be thankful that you know where your family is. And think about the people who don't.

Try to find time in every day to stop and think, just for a moment. To think about the people who are dying for us. Most of them don't know half of us, but they want their country safe. Each and every one of us has a debt to our shoulders. Pray for them. Pray to God, please keep them safe. And never forget