If you own a TV, chances are, you've seen one of those tacky jewelry commercials. Snow falls as rich businessman hands model gorgeous girl a tiny box. Of course she has no idea what's in it…maybe she expects candy? She opens the box to reveal a heart necklace or a pair of diamond earrings. Who would have thought? She shocks, nobody expects their rich boyfriend to buy them expensive gifts. They kiss, and then they all live happily ever after, with three kids and a dog

Despite the cliché, they occasionally hit something in my heart- a heart that's surrounded by a glass wall- no, a concrete wall (can't see through). The idea finds a way to penetrate that wall, and I wonder…what it would be like to go out and buy a girl- my girl- a necklace and watch her face light up as I gave it to her. Her face, filled with imperfections that strengthen her beauty in my eyes. Who knows?

Of course, there's been girls here and there. Hook-ups at parties, dates ending in my bedroom, waking up to see a girl naked in the bed next to me with a hazy recollection of how we got there. But- and this is a big but- none of them meant anything. We went into it knowing it was just a hook-up and came out of it with no regrets. I never called most of those girls again. None of it meant anything, and once again I'm alone.

To you, I might just be another guy with a story to tell, another lost soul trying to make my way in this world, and honestly that's what I am. But in my own head, I'm so much more. Maybe you can relate to this; it might even strike a soft spot in your heart. Maybe it will knock your walls down and you won't feel quite so alone. Maybe not, but if only for myself, it needs to be told.

This isn't a love story. It isn't your everyday tragedy. What it is, is a story about how I found myself, where I looked, and why I was lost in the first place.