the vessel inhales deeply, feeding the flames in her chest.

she greedily devours your essence and she breathes it in,

slowly extending a tortuous existence bound to your being.

she closes her eyes and feels the passion within:

a great wildfire captured within an enemy gulf,

a fast exterior furiously containing its demon.

it withstands the deafening roar of bitter aversion;

flames lick and hiss at the betraying bars,

restraint exacerbates the rage of desire.

reflections flicker in cesspools that were once eyes,

avid glints of ravenous rapture relive stolen glances.

the vessel summons the sensation of your exquisite embrace,

nerves send pounding impulses bolting from her bare skin against your own;

your desperate breath whispers against the standing hairs on her neck,

and her eardrums replay the sounds of your voice

as her pounding heart mimics them in desperation of its own;

and bound as she is by this new state of frenzy,

somewhere silenced is the sound of her mind

glimpsing her rebirth destroy serenity.