The Magic Touch

I was in the attic, looking through the old stuff of my Uncle Mike. He was a cool guy when he was alive- a magician. Mom used to tell us storied about the tricks he used to do. Me and my brother Pete lapped it all up.

When I was younger, that was what I wanted to be. Now my brother has taken up that mantle.

Speaking of brothers…

'You're not allowed to be here.' How Pete crept up on me I will never know.

'Than what are you doing here?,' I countered, but got a little nervous. Pete was right. I wasn't allowed to be here. I tried to think of something that would keep him busy so he wouldn't run off and tell on me.

'Here, help me get the lid off this box.'

Pete, excited with the prospect of finding something interesting, helped me shove the lid on a trunk. We both looked inside.

There was nothing in there but an old moth eaten cape, and I wand. I picked them up anyway and brandished them, trying to look menacing. Pete wasn't falling for it. Having not found anything exciting, he now recalled his mission in life.

'I'm telling mom!' he shrieked down the stairs my badness how I was trespassing on the oh holy attic. I tried to scare him.

'Hocus pocus! Skillery diggery.' I waved the wand in poor Pete's face. He looked terrified, and I was about to call him off as being a baby, when the room started to fill with fog. It became so thick, that I could hardly see anything.

I twirled around, in a sort of ballet step, half glad for the fog that no one had seen me do that.

'Pete!' I couldn't see him. 'Pete, this isn't the time for games! C'mon how'd you get this fog. Its cool!'

I spun around once more, and gulped loudly.


I stood frigid. I couldn't move. Behind me was a tall, thin man, whom I could estimate at about ten feet, and of titanic proportions! His eyes were red. And they were glowing. A monster. His face looked familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place it….


'What-?' is stumbled back in fright.

'James Henry!,' it was my mother, about to burst into the attic. I had to warn her! But it was too late.

'What have I told you about-' I couldn't see her through the fog, but I knew she must've stopped in fright. And then I heard her scream something in a language I didn't understand.

The monster before me started to spin, and spin, and spin. And then in a puff of smoke-I mean fog-he vanished.

'Mom, what did you DO?" I ran and gave her a hug. She was trembling.

'That there,' she said hesitantly. 'was your Uncle Mike.'

'What?!' Then I turned my head suddenly. 'Where's Pete?'

My mother sat me down gently. 'Let me tell you the beginning…'

About 20 years ago, there was a magician. His name was Mike.

'Uncle Mike?,' I cut in.

'Ssh. Don't interrupt.'

.You see, nobody liked to watch his shows, because he had the oldest tricks in the book. A bunny pulled from a trick hat and things like that.

At that time there was a famous hypnotist. His shows were seen by thousands, maybe millions at a time.

Now Mike was jealous of this hypnotist. They had been friends when they were younger, both wanting to rule the stage. So you can see why Mike felt resentment. Mike's shows were booed and he got humiliated by five year olds.

And then, after getting hit by more rotten tomatoes than usual, he had enough. 'I wish I could be a real magician,' he thought. So he went to the one person he hated.

The Hypnotist.

Mike knew that this Hypnotist wasn't just your old Tom, Dick, and Harry hypnotist. He was really a Warlock. 'He's the only one who could help,' Mike thought hopefully, and traveled all the way to the great city of London(he lived in France), and requested and audience through letter.

The date was confirmed, and they met in a diner.

'How can I help you, old friend?,' The Hypnotist said grandly, clapping his old friend on the back.

Mike was nervous, but he said boldly, 'I wish to be made into a real magician!'

The Hypnotist shushed him. 'Alright,' he said quietly. 'But I warn you, it will come at great expense to your sanity.'

But Mike was beyond reason to care. 'I'll do it.'

'Here's my address,' The Hypnotist still spoke in a low tone. 'come tonight at 11:55'

That night, they stood in a clearing at 11:59. Mike watched as The Hypnotist

Positioned a big piece of cloth and a stick in a circle of rocks.

Midnight came, and Mike jumped back in shock as the cloth and stick lit up, so brightly that he almost became blinded. And 12:01 it was over. He was handed the newly made cape and wand that were identically black.

'Use it wisely,' was The Hypnotist's only remark, and then Mike was alone. He tried the cape on, and flourished the wand.

'I want flowers!,' he bellowed. The sky opened up and started raining roses with the thorns still on. 'Ouch!' he waved the wand blindly, and it stopped. He concealedthe magical item, and trotted to his Motel.

Days passed, weeks, a month, and Mike felt prepared. He put on his first show.

He was an instant hit, supreme above all other acts. He cherishedthe cape and wand that made him famous. But, as his success grew, so his common sense dwindled mike decided to a trick no one had ever seen the likes of before.

The show was a full house. Mike called up a volunteer from the audience. And made the young boy go up in flames.

The boy was screaming in agony. Everyone started yelling.

From the back row, The Hypnotist saw all this and decided to put an end to it. He wasn't going to confront him. It was to late for that

He paused time, abductedand locked up Mike in his attic, with magic. The only way he could become free was if someone used his cape and wand. But that was too easy. So he made another condition. The person had to set someone on fire too.

After that it was easy to take care of everything else. The boy suffered minor burns, and no one ever knew where Mike had disappeared to.

'Wow.' I was shocked. ' So Uncle Mike was evil?'

My mother nodded. 'He lost his mind by adding magic to it. It was his thirst for fame that did it.'

'Wait-that still doesn't explain what happened to Pete!' I started to panic. What if I had made my brother disappear for good?!

'Don't worry,' my mother soothed. 'there's another thing I haven't told you. Do you know who The Hypnotist is?' she waited a beat before continuing. 'Your father.'

My mouth hung open. 'Daddy?,' I said incredulously.

My mother nodded. 'And he will be home in an hour, and fix everything!'

I rejoicedby giving my mother another fierce hug. Everything-as my mother said-was going to be fine!