Money won't hold you tight.

Or keep you warm at night.

Hard times, it won't get you through.

Or whisper in the darkness, I love you.

When you cry

It won't wipe your tears.

When you're scared

It won't rid you of fears.

Some things money can't buy

But its true relationships can make you cry

But still from that you stand to gain

For relationships may keep you sane

Keep you grounded

When you start to fly

Give you something to live for

When you feel you want to die

Don't be afraid to let her love you

Don't be afraid to love her to

Everyone needs someone

To help them find the sun

To pull you up after your falls

Take down those walls

Let the light shine in

She'll celebrate with you when you win

So to all the boys around the world

Remember to love your girl.

Don't let her go, don't let her move on

Because you'll regret it when she's gone.