It's so strange when you go away to think about what you left behind...

Who and what you miss the most.

It's not always who you think you'll miss. It's a time you begin to realize who and what is actually important to you. Who and what actually made a differance in your life.

The peope you miss the most aren't always (just) the people you saw everyday, sometiems it's people you hardly ever spent time with, the people who were only around on special occasions. Because those are the times we think off when we're done with the everyday stuff we miss. Those are the people, when we realize we miss them, rip deep into your heart; because they made a differance. They effected your life.

Some times you don't even miss someone till you reconnect with them; till you talk to them afer all the time that's past. That's when you remember why they were in your life in the first place, why you kept them around. When you remember, you crave for their company.

It's the moments when you start to miss random people that you really start to hurt. You havnt seen or spoken to someone for months, then you leave and all of a sudden you miss them. You pick up the phone to call them only to remember they are miles away. You never watned to call them before, because the option of seeing them was always there it was always something you could do tomorrow. and now its gone. Now you realize you should have taken that chance.

It's the ones youve fallen away from that shock you the most. People you never wanted to see or speak to again. The people you avoided and fought with when you did see. Oh, once your gone you'll miss them. Because you don't think back on the bad times. You think back on the good times, before the fights. Before the lies, rumors andmisunderstandings. And god do you miss them.

There are people who know how much I miss them, Those of you I saw and spoke to everyday. Those I've made a special point to see the few times I've been home. But that's not all. This is for all the people I miss, who would never know I miss them. But I do, I'm thinking of you. All of you who touched my life. Even if we stopped speaking before I left, I do miss you still.