I have so much I want to say to you
but your going through so much pain already
I don't want to cause you anymore
but then again
maybe I don't mean enough that I could even hurt you
perhaps, I'm truly as insignificant as I feel
and no matter what I say I couldn't hurt you
perhaps you wouldn't even care that you hurt me
because I simply don't matter
maybe it was all a game you got bored with
and quit not caring about the other players
but I'm I willing to take that risk?
No, I can't risk it.
One, it would hurt more to know how little I matter
Two, if it's not true I'm causing you undo pain.
Because I could be wrong...
Maybe you do know you hurt me,
perhaps you just don't want to see the pain in my eyes
or the hurt in my voice
Maybe you thought you mattered so little to me
that you should quit before I did
perhaps you just need a little time to yourself
and you don't know what this is doing to me
And maybe, I'll never really know.