Chapter 12

Holding hands, as they fell out of the taxi, Ryan and Brielle scrambled up the steps of the church.

They shared a sweet kiss just before flinging open the front door.

Not realizing how loud they were, Brielle and Ryan froze as the entire wedding came to an abrupt stop and everyone turned their attention toward the door.

Ryan started blushing and then smiled a goofy smile.

"Hi." he said waving to the wedding guests.

"Bri-Bri!" exclaimed Abby from the alter. She turned toward the priest, "hold that though, Father. My sister and her boyfriend have to join us."

Abby motioned for Ryan and Brielle to head down the aisle.

Exchanging nervous glances, Ryan held out his arm and smiled.

Brielle smiled back, and linked her arm with Ryan's.

Embarrassedly, the two headed down the aisle as wedding guests from both families stared at them smiling and shaking their heads.

"I'd like to do this again sometime." whispered Ryan into Brielle's ear.

Brielle nearly tripped over her own feet, as her jaw dropped by what Ryan had just said.

"Seriously?" she whispered back. Ryan said nothing and just smiled.

"Bri-Bri, I'm so happy!" exclaimed Abby to her little sister at the reception.

"I'm happy too!" exclaimed Brielle. She glanced over at Nikos and Ryan sharing a laugh not too far from the bar.

"Maybe we have another wedding to plan soon." teased Mary-Anne. Brielle blushed.

"When Ryan was walking me down the aisle, he said that he'd like to do it again sometime, do you think he meant he wants to marry me?" she asked excitedly.

Mary-Anne and Abby exchanged smiles.

"Who knows…" said Mary-Anne.

Before Brielle could say anything else, Ryan came over and took her hand.

"Mind if I steal this beautiful woman from you?" he asked in a charming voice to Abby and Mary-Anne. They both nodded their heads smiling.

Still holding onto Brielle's hand, Ryan lead her out onto the dance floor and took her in his arms.

"You look beautiful. I never got a chance to tell you that." he cooed in her ear. Brielle blushed.

"Thank you." she said smiling. She bit her lower lip and thought about what she had asked her sisters.

"Ryan," she began, "what did you mean when you said I'd like to do this again sometime?"

A half smile curved Ryan's face.

"I meant that I want to get married." he answered.

"Oh." said Brielle. Ryan sensed her disappointment.

"…to you. If you'll have me." he added.

Brielle's jaw dropped. She stared at Ryan blankly.

"What?!" she exclaimed.

Ryan laughed.

"Someday, I want to marry you. You make me the happiest I've ever been." he said joyfully.

Brielle brought her hands to her face and squealed with delight.

Laughing, Ryan wrapped his arms around Brielle's waist and swung her around the floor. Setting her back down on the ground, he kissed her once more.

Brielle began to laugh as Ryan twirled her around in tune to the lively reception music, turning her every which way, swaying with her, and holding her and as they danced the night away in each other's loving arms.