This is the story I wrote for my English GCSE. I only have it to post now because I appealed the result. Tell me what grade you think I should have got. This is the unedited version, typed up straight from the paper. After a few days I'll post the revised version, which is a lot better. As always, I'd appreciate any comments you can give me.

As they looked in the mirror they were amazed to find two completely different people smiling back at them. They had changed so much over the six month period since they'd met. They could see it their own and each other's eyes. When before there had been naivety and fear, now there was knowledge and peace of mind. How love can change us.

They had bet at a dinner; one of them a wary and slightly frightened twenty-nine year old with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes that could only belong to someone from the man's home country: Russia. The other, at a mere sixteen, still projected the naivety and sexual tension that is always present in one so young.

The younger man sported brown hair that stuck slightly on end and had a serious look on his face that he couldn't quite manage to make go away.

The twenty-nine year old was using the name he always used when he visited England: Samuel, as he had quickly gotton tired of mispronunciation. The boy's name was Michael and it was his father that was hosting the dinner.

Samuel had been invited as a business associate of Michael's father's business partner's lawyer, as it always was these days. You were nobody if you don't know a string of important people and Samuel could pride himself on the fact that he knew everyone in the room.

Which is why Michael stood out. Samuel didn't know him and he couldn't tell you now what made him meet the eyes of the young man. Maybe because he didn't know him, maybe because, in a t-shirt and jeans, he seemed odd amongst a sea of suits and evening dresses, maybe because of the strained stare the kid had been giving him for sometime. Samuel could only tell you it was electrifying and he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away.

It wasn't possible to make out what colour the boy's eyes were nor even that Michael had a playful smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, just that the look was captivating.

Samuel finally had to look away as someone was introduced to him and a handshake thrown his way. He noted that the man he was now shaking hands with was an American, Cal Green, head of a law company in Texas. It was the first time they had met and probably the first time Green had even heard of him. Samuel, however, had studied each man's and woman's record thoroughly. He made it his business to know everything and everyone around him. . He was usually an extremely careful man.

With Mr. Green's face fading into one among many, Samuel turned his head back to the point where the boy had been. He was gone, however. The seat he had been lounging in was empty and Samuel was trying his best to ignore the presence of the boy at his side.

He turned away from the teen, silently cursing at how he could not have looked away from the boy earlier. He could feel annoyance radiating off the teenager like waves and was prepared for an interruption in his thoughts.

It came, sure enough, when he felt the elbow of his suit jacket being tugged. He cautiously turned and met the second hand shoved in his face of the evening.


Samuel thought about making a joke as he automatically reached out and shook the teenager's hand. Looking at the serious expression of the boy's face made him think again. It didn't look like humour would settle too well.

As Samuel's hand returned to his side the child was still standing before him, looking expectant.

Finally, after several seconds, he spoke. "So? What's your name?"

"Samuel," Samuel answered dryly, all the while trying to avoid eye contact.

The kid smiled at him. "So which of my father's lackeys is pulling your leash?"

It was typical teenage speak and Samuel was slightly embarrassed that he hadn't a clue what the kid had just said, apart from the fact that he'd just been insulted.

"I know Roger." Samuel indicated his lawyer friend, who smiled and waved back

The boy nodded again. Samuel could feel another awkward silence coming on and before it could descend. "Who are you?"

"Oh, that's my dad." The teen jabbed a finger over his shoulder in the direction of the man Samuel knew as Marcus, owner of one of the largest billion dollar companies in the world. Samuel just felt his mind start to back away slowly.

Michael had automatically glanced round when he'd pointed out his dad to Samuel and he was somewhat surprised to find, when he turned back, Samuel several metres away talking to someone else. Michael felt the indignation rise in him and, as Samuel left this man and headed across the room, Michael set an intercept course. The man, who really did have eyes you could look into and only come back to yourself hours later, saw him and quickly changed direction, almost knocking a slender woman and her decidedly older husband over, before heading towards the men's toilets.

Like that's going to stop me, thought Michael. He followed Samuel through the door and had to check his memory to make sure Samuel actually came in here. The room was empty, including the cubicles, and Michael was about to give up and crawl away with his tail between his legs in disappointment before he felt someone connect sharply with his back, sending him spinning to the floor.

His instincts told him to roll over onto his back and, as he did that, a solid shape came down on him. He recognised Samuel and had a second to think how the hell he could have missed him, before his arms were pinned to his sides and another's mouth was crushed to his own.

He had at least thirty seconds of not knowing what was up, what was down and whether the earth was actually orbiting the sun any longer before the man pulled back, gasping loudly. Samuel was straddling Michael's waist, pinning both arms to his sides.

Michaels had just enough breath with which to say, "Why-", before being cut sharply off by the sound of the bathroom door opening. Both their heads whipped round and with only a few centimetres between their mouths it didn't take a genius to figure out what they'd been doing.

Unfortunately, however, Michael's father was a genius and, as Samuel sprang off of Michael like red coals were burning his flesh, Michael's father simply screamed at Samuel, "Out!"

Samuel was in a daze as he hurried across the room towards the exit. Everyone had heard the screamed order but, thankfully, nobody had any idea of why, so, even though he got a few disapproving looks as he left the building they were because of the noise, not the reason behind it.

That, both Samuel and Michael realised, had been six months ago. They weren't sure when to term that their relationship had started; whether it be that night, a month later when they met again and managed to exchange phone numbers before Michaels was forcibly removed from the room by his mother, or whether it had been a week after that when they'd met of their own accord for the first time, when the world as Michael knew it really had come crashing down around his ears, or two months ago when Michael had begun spending the night at Samuel's.

The term 'boyfriends' never really applied to them. For one there was the age difference. Samuel had turned thirty a week after Michael had started spending the night and had been teased mercilessly by Michael. They had to keep the secret for a long time but on Michael's eighteenth birthday the truth came out when Samuel turned up on Michael's doorstep, presents and all, and the door was answered by Michael's mother.

When Samuel had put some ice on his black eye and the police had been satisfied that he wasn't a stalker and/or a serial killer Michael finally managed to tell his parents what they must have known all along, but were trying to deny.

So, after they finally knew they were meant for each other; which could have been when they looked in the mirror at the that six month mark and saw new men looking out from behind their eyes, or when they finally told parents, or when they went out in public for the first time. Maybe even when they stood at an alter and swore their love, it just goes to show. Something that's different, isn't always wrong.