These are the feelings we have rendered
So dear
Illuminating hallways and paths
Ever clear

Burn out! Burn up!
Burn bright with intent!
Burn, following feelings
From something immense-!

Wander- don't fear
That you're wasting your time!
-Just keep on, brighter burning
Brighter all of the time...

...Til one day your shell
Will glow red and erupt
And put out an end
To this journey, abrupt

...Be at peace with your war-
And content with your musings-
There's no need to get caught up
In the first step- at choosing

With so many stars
And so much of earth
So grateful, we are,
For this chance land of birth!

The light beams collide
And erupt in your eye
Scattering stardust
And sentiments nigh
The shadows seem sure
Of themselves as they wave
Whether on treestumps, or bushes,
Or on our graves

That life should be here!
That chaos should bloom-
Exploding from science's
Hand-woven womb!

'Beyond all we know
All our minds can measure
Awaits, for our plucking,
The long-withheld treasure'
-That's the feeling of fate,
Of completion undone
That echoes the noise
From our earth and our gun.
...But which one we choose
Is not up to us, but,
Is left to impossible
Possibility's trust

...As snow in a globe
We collide and impact-
...As cells in our bodies
We expand and contract-
...As love bound by reason
We are slaven by fact...
...As planets in orbit
We are set, stuck on tracks...

...No use making sense
Of what will be 'before'
...No use, but it's me
Writing, smiling,
Beyond that open door

Lift your head up
What do you see?
A ceiling, a feeling,
A blue sky in placidity?

If it is not good
Then what makes you be there?
What stops the sun shimmering
So fine in your hair?

What stops you from me,
From adjoining in orbit?
Is it a fear to let go,
Or a feeling like forfeit?

What beautiful waves
We could be on the beach!
Instead, I'm a lonely tide
Crawling up, climbing,
To you, out of reach

I wash on your toes
And the foam has you tickled
But what currents I have!
And you've only felt ripples!

Could it be that the sea
Is only one sight
To you, on your journey
Out, beyond, into night?

Could it be that I'm clinging
To duty-bound hope
As a carpenter carrying a
Ladder up a rope?

But I see such real beauty
In you, so damn clear
I have but no choice
To be drawn in without fear!

Though I look up and see stars
They are so afar
They glisten, so brilliant,
From oceans apart

I know I can't reach them
But I look up in awe
Praying, yeah, hoping
One shoots down to my heart…