The Girlfriend Trap

Chapter 1

"Felicity Jone Saunders, get down here now!" my mom screamed.

I slowly walked down from my room to the living room. My mom was standing in the living room with her arms crossed holding my report card in her hand.

"Yeah mom," I answered annoyed.

"Do you know what your grades are?" my mom asked clearly upset.

"No," I lied.

"Well you're failing all of your classes. I can't believe it! In junior high you had all Bs and As. But since you started 9th grade this year your grades haven't been higher than a D. What do you have to say for yourself?" my mom asked.

"Seriously I do not get why you care. You or dad didn't go to college and neither did either of your parents. The likelihood of me getting into college is very slim. ," I said honestly.

"With that attitude you will never get into college," my mom said, "Now until you get your grades up, you are grounded. Go to your room!"

"That's where I am going!" I snapped back.

After I got to my room, I texted my boyfriend John. I complained how unfair it was that I was grounded. He agreed with me. I started going out with John about a month ago. He's a junior in high school. My mom thinks he's a sophomore, but she still does not approve of him. She thinks he's too wild.

Twenty minutes later my mom called me down for dinner. My mom, dad, and I sat down at the kitchen table to eat. We ate our pasta in silence for a little bit.

"Honey, your mom and I are not mad about your grades. We are just shocked and disappointed. Is there something or someone that's making you fail the courses?" my dad asked.

I was shocked they had figured it out. John told me passing my courses would make me a nerd. Anyways what's the point of working so hard, if he could support me? He had a guaranteed spot working at his uncle's restaurant.

"No of course not, the classes are just really hard this year," I lied knowing they wouldn't understand.

"Mom and Dad I know I'm grounded but I have a school project to work on with my friend," I quickly lied. I didn't have any friends, well besides John.

"Oh really what friend?" my mom asked excitedly.

I knew she thought I didn't have any friends. It was true but I don't get why it was any of her business. John says I don't need friends. They will just hurt me like Cathy did. Cathy is my ex-best friend. She just suddenly ditched me for this new girl at the beginning of the year. The girl's name is Stacey. Cathy wouldn't talk to me after she began to hang out with Stacey. That's when I met John. John promised he would never hurt me. He made me feel special.

"Lucy," I said answering my mother's question.

Lucy is a girl in my algebra class. She sits next to me. She's pretty nice but I don't want to get to close to anyone. John's the only one I trust.

"When are you supposed to work on it?" my dad asked me.

"Between 7-8 pm tonight," I easily lied.

"It is 7 now. After you finish dinner I'll drive you to her house. Where does she live?" my mom asked.

"Um…were meeting at Roger Library," I quickly said.

"Oh alright well I'll drop you off there. Call me so I know Lucy is there. It closes at 10 so I'll pick you up then, unless you call and tell me otherwise," my mom babbled.

"O.k., thanks mom!" I exclaimed.

"Just make sure you actually do work, "my mom said seriously.

"Alright, "I answered.

Ten minutes later my mom dropped me off at the library. I walked into the library lobby. I called my mom and told her, lying of course, that Lucy was there. My next call was to John.

"Hey John, can you pick me up?" I asked over the phone.

"Of course babe! Where you at?" John asked.

"Roger Library," I answered.

"K, I will be right there!" John answered.

Forty-Five minutes later John pulled up to the library. I quickly go into his car. I realized this was the first time I got in the car alone with John. My mom never wanted me to drive with him. But I really needed to be around someone who understood me.

"Sorry I was late babe. The car wouldn't start," John explained driving away from the library and my house.

"That's alright. Where are we going?" I asked.

"To a friend's house," John answered.

"Do I know this friend?" I asked curiously.

"No you don't know him," John answered sounding a bit annoyed.

"Oh, well I have to be back to the library by 9:45," I said nervous we wouldn't make it back in time.

"No prob babe," John answered smiling.

We drove for ten more minutes in silence. We arrived at a red and white house. It looked like a mansion. There were two big doors in the center. Windows covered the whole house but you couldn't see into the house because all the blinds were down.

"Wow! This is a nice house. What's your friend's name?" I asked John.

"Ah, Carl, now come on," John said impatiently.

"Alright," I answered.

I followed John to the door. John rang the doorbell. A most beautiful sound chimed when he hit the doorbell. A girl about my age answered the door. She had long light brown hair thrown in a loose ponytail.

"His majesty is in his bedroom," The girl said curtsying to John.

"Who's his majesty?"I asked confused. Who was his majesty and why was this girl curtsying to John. This was just plain odd.

John gave a quick glare towards the girl. They looked really scared. John pushed me inside the mansion as the girl jumped back startled. I took in my surroundings. There were five guards with guns. They did not look friendly at all. Two other girls about my age were cleaning the wood floor with sponges and soapy water. They looked over at me sadly.

"What's going on?"I asked.

John looked at me smiling it was not his usual sweet smile though. Instead it had a dark humor look to it.

"Welcome to your new home babe!" John exclaimed.

What did he mean new home? Did he mean I was going to have to live the rest of my life her? It is a nice place and all but it looked more like a prison with the guards.

"From now on you will only live in this mansion. You will provide meals for his majesty and also be assigned other chores," John continued, "As long as you listen babe; we shouldn't have any problems with each other.

I really did not like him calling me babe. It was not a cute nickname anymore. And I still was confused by many things he was saying.

"So who's his majesty? Oh and what happens if I don't listen?" I asked dreading the answer.

"Trust me you do not want to ever meet his majesty. Only a few ever speak to him and if you do speak to him it's not good. I am second in command and I give out all orders. And the answer to your second question is the first time you don't listen you get chained in the cellar for three days. The second time the same thing except you are in there for six days instead of three. If you don't listen a third time you will be talking to his majesty and he will decide what your punishment is. And trust me it won't be good babe!" John said finishing his speech.

"My name is not babe," I said angrily.

"Excuse me?" John asked, "Talking back counts as not listening. But since it is your first night here I'll let it go. So for your first chore you will do the dishes. She will show you how to do it."

John pointed towards the girl who had answered the door. Oh now I got why he called me babe. It was because he did not remember any of our names. He probably called all the girls he girlfriend napped babe.

The girl grabbed my arm and led me down the hall. We turned into the second door on the right. The room was a huge contrast compared to the main room when we had walked in. Instead of reds and oranges, the kitchen was a dull grey color. There were three sinks filled over the top with dishes. I suppose those are the dishes John was talking about. There was no dishwasher, which I have to say I was not very surprised.

"Alright, since you just got here I will wash two sinks and you can just wash one," the girl said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, I've been doing this a long time. I can wash these dishes faster than the lunch ladies," she said smiling.

"Okay, thanks!"I exclaimed

We began to wash the dishes. By the time I was halfway through with my pile of dishes, the girl had already washed a full sink.

"Wow you are fast!" I said breaking the silence, "What is your name by the way?"

"Well to John it is babe," she answered jokily.

"I figured that out. But what's your real name?" I asked already liking her.

"Jennifer, but I go by Jenny," the girl aka Jenny said, "yours?"

"Felicity," I answered.

"Oh that is a really pretty name," Jenny said smiling.

"Thanks," I said returning the smile, "So, um if you don't mind me asking, how long have you been here?"

"About eleven months. I got here last October," Jenny answered me.

"Really have you had to see his majesty yet?" I asked feeling stupid saying his majesty.

"No not yet, but one more strike and I will have to," Jenny explained.

"Oh what did u do?" I asked.

"The first time I was a bit sarcastic. John said 'babe clean up the spill' so I asked him which babe," Jenny said grinning.

"Well, I find it a very valid question," I said smiling too, "So how 'bout the second time?"

"The second time I tried to warn Kaylee, one of the girls cleaning the floor, not to come in the house. Let's just say that John took that as not listening or rather being disrespectful to him," Jenny said with a sad smile.

"So how did you get involved with John?"I asked her.

"I had been dating a guy named Rob for two years. One night I found out Rob had been cheating on me with my so called best friend. A week later I met John. I was so desperate for a boyfriend I did not even question any of John's lies," Jenny finished.

"You had a better reason than me. My friend Cathy go really close with a girl named Stacey when we started high school. She ended up not talking to me anymore. John came along and I felt like someone wanted me," I said starting to cry.

Jenny quickly finished her dishes. I still had three left. She brought me over to a chair and sat me down. She then went and did my dishes while I just sat there like a helpless child and cried.

"I am so sorry Jenny. You …must think…I'm …a baby," I said between sobs.

"No not at all! When I first got here, I cried constantly. Trust me eventually it will not be so bad. It will be hard, but you'll get used to it," Jenny said patting me on the shoulder.

"Oh, well isn't this a touching moment?" a sneering voice said.

I have to say, I was not at all surprised that it was John. He had entered the door behind us. He was wearing baggy jeans and big black t-shirt. I can't believe at one time I thought he was sweet. At least now I knew the truth, even if it was too late.

"So did you girls have fun with the dishes?" John asked.

"No," I answered honestly.

Jenny whispered to me that it was a rhetorical question. Duh I should have known that.

"That's alright babe. You answered honestly, but next time be more careful about what you say to me," John said, "I'm glad that my two prettiest babes have become friends."

Jenny was very beautiful. Her skin had a tan tinge to it that matched perfectly with her light brown wavy hair. She had the most amazing eyes that reminded me of the ocean. I on the other hand had dark brown hair that was flat. My eyes were also blue but they looked more like a dirty lake.

John was hansom too; too bad he was jerk though. He was muscular, but not over muscular like he did steroids. He had brown hair somewhere between Jenny and my color that was very short. He was about six feet tall and had the most beautiful hazel eyes.

"Well thank you," Jenny said smiling, "I am so glad that you think I'm pretty!"

"Is that sarcasm? I guess you will have to be visiting his majesty. It is so sad because we might lose such a beautiful girl," John said with that new evil smile of his.

"Wait don't John!" I blurted out. I did not know what I was doing but I couldn't lose Jenny.

"What?" John asked impatiently.

"Um…I know you like deals," I began nervously.

"And what's the deal you want to propose?" John asked skeptically.

"How about I use my first strike instead of Jenny taking her third," I answered.

"Very well, but you get four days instead of three," John said smiling.

"Deal," I answered feeling not nearly as confident as I hope I sounded.

"Wait a minute, I don't agree with this. I should be punished not Felicity," Jenny interrupted.

"You do not get a say in this. I'm the one in charge here. And if you don't keep your mouth shut, you will get your third strike along with her getting her first strike. And everything she did for you will be for nothing," John exclaimed.

Something John just said just did not seem right. But I could not put my finger on what it was. Aw well I have other things to worry about. Jenny did not say anything back. She looked defeated. I was really scared. Especially because I'm afraid of the dark and I'm pretty sure the dungeon will be dark.

"Alright, babe with the light hair you will go help the other girls finish cleaning the main room. As for you babe with the dark hair, follow me!" John said.

John began to walk and I started to follow. Jenny stopped me at the door.

"Thank you Felicity I owe you big time. Be careful," Jenny warned.

"I will and you would do the same thing for me," I answered.

Jenny and I quickly hugged. I ran to catch up to John. John not surprisingly brought me to the basement to what I like to call the mansion. He led me pass a row of one bar door cellars and brought me to the one farthest down the gloomy hall. This one specific one had one door but not bars on it. Instead there was a sliding window that opened from the outside. John chained me on the medal pipe inside wall of the cell, which sat near the door. He then walked over and shut the door. He opened the sliding window, which had an unbearable creaking sound.

"Have a good four days. You'll have two meals a day, one at lunch and the other at dinner time. Unfortunately I will not be personally bringing the meals; instead of one of the other guards will be bringing your meals. As long as you behave he will be able to bring it in the cellar instead of throwing it through the window. Any questions?" John said finishing his monologue.

What was I supposed to ask? Maybe this was one of those rhetorical questions but since John was still here my guess is it was not. I just wish I had listened to my parents about John. But they didn't even expect him to be a crazy maniac girlfriend napper.

"Ah, no I think I got it," I answered just wishing he would leave already.

"K, see you in four days babe," John said slamming the sliding window shut.

I should have been upset when the window shut, but I wasn't. I did not have to see my former boyfriend for four days. I realized this actually made the situation not that bad. I also realized that I never wanted to hear the word babe again. But as long as John was around I probably was not going to get my wish.

There were no sounds as I sat in the cellar. It wasn't like the movies when there are ticking sounds, walking, or mice running around. There was only complete silence. I almost wished there would be a sound, but I was glad there were no mice in here.

I must have eventually fallen asleep in the silence because when I woke up someone was coming into the cell. I scooted as far away from the door as my chain would let me. A guard entered the door. He looked nothing like the guards I had seen yesterday.

He looked to be about my age or maybe a little older. He had short blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. He looked like a stick compared to the other muscular guards I had seen. The only similar thing between him and the other guards was the gun he wore on his belt.

"Hello miss, I brought your lunch," he said in a sweet voice.

I stayed where I was. I was starving, but if I moved too fast he might take out his gun and shoot me. He looked sweet, but so did John at one time.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you. The gun is not even loaded. Actually I am going to eat lunch with you. I know I get lonely being down here guarding this cell all day, so I can't even imagine what it would be like spending the whole night and the whole day down here," the boy said smiling.

I moved slowly towards the brown bag he was holding out for me. I almost felt like a tiger sneaking up on her prey. When I got close enough, I quickly grabbed the bag and returned to my spot. The guy sat down next to me with his own brown bag in his hand.

This was really confusing to me why would a guard want to eat in the cell with a prisoner. Seriously, isn't he suppose to hate me just like everyone else in my life. Though Jenny seems to like me but she could change any day just like Cathy and John did.

I opened up the brown bag the boy had gave me. It consisted of a turkey sandwich, potato chips, and a water bottle. Not so bad! I was suspecting a piece of bread and water. Surprisely the guard had the same exact lunch as me.

"What's your name?" he asked, " John said babe, but I am pretty sure that's not it."

"My name is Felicity," I answered shyly, "What's yours?"

I still wasn't sure about this guard. Was he trying to be nice? Or was he trying to trick me into saying something that would get me in trouble with John?

"Luke," he answered disrupting my thoughts," So if you don't mind me asking, how did you end up in the cell? You seem pretty reserved. I wouldn't expect you to upset John."

I am actually not that reserved, but I figured it would be best if he believed I was. Then he wouldn't expect me to cause any trouble. I wasn't at all sure if I should tell him the reason I am down here, but I figured I would. Really what was I going to lose for telling him? I told Luke what Jenny did and how I made a deal with John to keep Jenny out of trouble.

"I told her to stop talking back to John. Seriously you would think she wanted to be in trouble," Luke said angrily.

I was shocked by his outburst. Did I just get Jenny in trouble? Or was Luke Jenny's boyfriend who was worried about her? He must have read something on my face, because he explained his outburst.

"oh, I'm sorry Felicity. It is just Jenny is really important to me."

So Jenny was his girlfriend. But why would he be a guard then? Maybe she was his ex girlfriend or something that he still really cared about.

"You see she is my twin sister. I keep telling her she has to stop getting in trouble," Luke explained clearly upset.

Wow, I wasn't expecting that! Now I am really confused why Luke became a guard. Did he choose to be a guard or was he somehow forced to be a guard?

"Why are you here?" I asked aloud.

"Ah technically I am not suppose to tell you the story. But if you promise not to tell John I told you I will tell you what happened," Luke said.

"I promise," I answered.

"Alright so I'll start the story right after Jenny disappeared. As soon as she disappeared, I knew John was responsible or at least I had a gut feeling that he was. So one day when I saw John at school, I followed him. He led to this house. I thought he did not realize I was here but I was wrong. As soon as he went into the house, three guards ran out and dragged me in this house. They were going to kill me but Jenny saved me. She told John to let me be a cell guard. None of the other guards wanted to do it anyways. John agreed. I think the real reason John agreed is because he didn't want to clean up the mess after I was killed. And that is how I became the cell guard," Luke said finishing his story.

"I'm sorry. Do you and Jenny get to talk much?" I asked.

"Not really. We see eachother at meals. And the only time we get to talk is when she gets in trouble and is sent to the cell. I would ask how you ended up at the house, but John loves to brag about his "captures". So I already heard about his new babe," Luke said with a smile.

I shyly returned the smile. We both finished eating about the same time. He got up to leave. I think I am going to like Luke.

"I have to go now or John will say I am neglecting my guard duties. But I will see you at dinner Felicity," Luke said.

He left the cell. He opened up the sliding window for me. Now that Luke had left I was worried that the silence would return, but it didn't. Someone turned on a radio. Classical music echoed off the walls. I was curious who it was. I got my answered a minute later.

"What kind of music do you like?" Luke's voice yelled over the radio.

"Ah, pop, hip hop," I answered.

A minute later I heard the station being changed. The song "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry filled the basement. I hoped John didn't get mad or worst his majesty. Though I realized I was more scared of John than his majesty. His majesty really did not seem to make any decisions. I didn't think about that long though, because a few minutes later Luke was singing loudly and off tune to the song. I couldn't help but laugh.

A few hours later the radio was abruptly turned off. My cell door opened. I was worried it was John, but thank goodness it wasn't. Luke walked in with two chicken finger TV dinners which were already warmed.

"Thank you," I said to Luke realizing that I hadn't thanked him for lucnch.

"No problem, remember it's my job," Luke said with a small laugh.

"I'm pretty sure John did not tell you to entertain me," I answered.

"No, but he knows I talk to the prisoners. He not very happy about it but no one else wants to hve the boring job of guarding the cels so he's kind of stuck with me!" Luke joked.

We both laughed. I'm not really sure what was so funny but it felt really good to laugh. It was one of those moments you never want to end.

"So, Felicity what are your family and friends like?" Luke asked.

"Um…ah," I hesitated.

"Oh, I'm sorry was that question too personal?" Luke asked clearly worried he made me upset.

"No, it's fine. I am an only child. My mom and dad are your typical parents. I thought they didn't understand my relationship with John, but now I realize they were trying to keep me from getting hurt. I'm so stupid!" I said with a single tear falling down my cheek.

You're not stupid Felicity. You trusted someone you shouldn't have. Jenny, Kaylee, and Carletta did the same thing. I was so stupid I voluntarily came to the mansion," Luke said laughing but I could see the sadness in his eyes.

"So, what about your family?" I asked Luke.

"Well, there's Jenny and then I have an older brother named Will. My mom is a single parent because our dad ran out on us when Jenny and I were about three years old," Luke explained.

"That must have been real hard for you," I said.

"Not really, we were so young when it happened. But you can tell mom gets upset sometimes. Last year though she met a guy named Todd. They were dating the last time I checked. I hope they marry so mom can be happy," Luke said lost in his thoughts.

We silently ate both now lost in our sad thoughts. I thought my life was hard but after listening to Luke's story I realized I was being selfish. I'm lucky. I have two parents who love me and would do anything for me. Though I do wish I had siblings so I could have friends that I could always count on.

"Luke?" I asked.

"yes," he answered returning to his cheerful self.

"Once, we are done in here we probably won't ever see each other again or atleast hopefully not in these circumstances. I think I'm going to visit you still, with Jenny of course…" I began.

"No, you both will get in trouble," Luke said raising his voice.

"Well, I will then. At least until I get my second strike. Anyways I don't really care if I get my second strike. I enjoy spending time with you, " I said honestly.

"I can tell it would be a waste of time to argue with you because you're going to do whatever you want. Just promise me you will be careful. I don't want you getting hurt," Luke said.

" I will do my best not to be physically hurt," I answered knowing it was too late to promise that my heart would not be hurt.

The next couple of days went by quickly. At Luke and my last meal together, he warned me be careful for the fiftieth time in the last few days. I promised I would. At five p.m on the last day of my punishment John entered the cell.

"How did you like the cell?" John asked.

"Not very much," I lied.

I wasn't stupid enough to say I enjoyed spending time with Luke. I would be in trouble and so would Luke. I swear though it almost looked like John knew I was lying. He walked over with a smirk and unlocked my chain. I quietly and slowly stood up; not very gracefully might I add. I felt a little light headed from not standing up in awhile.

"Are you forgetting something?" John asked.

What could I possibly be forgetting? I did not have anything with me. John took my cell phone and purse on the first night. John roughly pushed on my shoulders. Oh now I get it! I am supposed to curtsy to him like Jenny did my first night here. Well I guess I should do it, otherwise I would be in a lot of trouble.

For some reason though I just couldn't bring myself to curtsy to him. I felt if I curtsied to him I would be giving away what little power I had left. John would have complete control over me.

"I'm pretty sure you are not stupid babe. I want you to curtsy," John said calmly but at the same time I felt chills down my back, "Well?"

"I am not curtsying," I said in what I hoped was a confident voice.

I felt like I was going to throw up. I never had a problem showing how I felt. But with my parents and classmates I wasn't risking my life. With John on the other hand I was risking my life.

"Are you refusing a order?"John asked angrily.

"Yes sir," I answered.

I was not going to use sir at first but I was hoping since I used it John wouldn't have me killed or I guess I should be more worried about his majesty killing me. But I actually felt more scared of John. Maybe if I am lucky I will only be severely punished.

"Do you know the consequences for your actions?" John asked.

"Ah, not really," I answered truthfully.

"You will skip over your second punishment and got right ahead to your third one. You will be meeting with his majesty. As I explained before once you see his majesty you are never allowed to leave his room again," John answered smiling.

Now why would that be? Unless I have already met his majesty and he doesn't want me to know that he's the one in charge. Duh how didn't I figure it out before?

"Have I already met his majesty?" I asked John.

" No of course not," John said. I could tell he was lying.

"Fine, then I will see his majesty," I answered.

"Fine, you will talk to him tomorrow at 5 a.m," John said incredulously.

"Alright see you then," I said casually.

"Excuse me?" John asked.

"Well you're his majesty, right? I have already met "his majesty" because you clearly lied when you said I have not met him yet. And I am pretty sure "his majesty" isn't Jenny or Luke," I explained, "Also the first night I got here you told Jenny you were in charge and she should be careful what she says. You make all the decisions. I never once saw or heard you say that you needed to consult his majesty about the decisions. You always just make your decision on the spot." Gosh I hope I am right. Otherwise I just made a fool of myself.

"There is no use in denying it because tomorrow you would have found out anyways. I am his majesty. This just makes it so you have one less day of freedom," John answered.

"Ah…what do you mean one last day of freedom?" I asked not liking the sound of what he just said.

I knew I was doomed to spend the rest of my life in his room, but what was going to happen to me? Was I just going to sit there? Would I have to give him massages? Or would he just kill me? Maybe that would be the best option.

"I would just leave you chained in the closet for days, maybe weeks, or maybe even years. Then one day I will just kill you," John said casually.

I gulped. This was not looking so good. The whole situation he just described wasn't just scary it was also creepy. But on the positive side he said would not will. That means there is another possibility, but it could be just as bad or maybe even worse than my first option.

"But I don't want to get rid of you just yet," John continued, " You could be of some use to me. You are smart and eventually I may need you to make future plans on how to make emotionally stable girls trust me."

Ok, that did not make me feel any better. He just decided to use me as a pon and pretty much labeled me as emotionally unstable. But I really did not want to die anytime soon, so I would go along his idea for now.

"So, if I do this I am not going to be punished for not curtsying to you?" I asked hopefully.

"No way, you don't get off that easily. You still will be getting up at five in the morning. Until everyone else gets up at 8 you will have thing you are assigned to do. For tomorrow morning, since I don't have time to be creative, you will be cleaning the second floor dining hall with a tooth brush," John told me.

Oh, well that is just great. I hate cleaning and getting up that early is not going to help my mood. But I guess I should look at the positive side of all this. I get to live, at least for now.

"So where is this second floor dining hall? In the east or west wing?" I asked.

"That's part of punishment, finding the room. Just make sure to be there by 5 A.M because if you are not you will be severely punished. Now go make dinner with the other gals in the kitchen!" John said dismissing me.