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A Black Rose
By: Aisaki Sumi

Chapter One

A Dark Desire

Pervasive sadness in knowing nothing can be changed because their lives are discrete entities: one of dazzling people and soft words to elicit the perfect smile and touching the hearts of many; and another of harsh coolness and a master at the game of human psychology and knows exactly what he wants.

Conflict in Eden was their albatross—not enough, never enough, time.

He wanted her. It was a simple, yet it was a dark desire, forbidden in the eyes of many. It was sinful, beyond just sinful. The desire was the turmoil of his heart, tormenting his dark soul day and night; a burden that he must carry alone until the end of time. Such a strong desire, lust, want-it was beyond his mind's comprehension. It was too much even for him to handle.

Perhaps he was going insane, or was already insane.

His actions were driven by this dark passion. He succumbed to the power of alcohol and sex, often using others to distract himself. Dating other women, having countless numbers of one-night stands, had become his daily routine when he thought he needed an escape.

He wanted to get away from memories of her, but no matter how hard he tried to erase her beautiful, innocent face from his mind, he just couldn't. He even tried to find someone who looked like her to fill up the hole in his heart. But it didn't work. He could never replace her in his heart. Never. Because she was simply irreplaceable.

Shadowed amber eyes gazed icily into the vacant space before him, as if looking without actually seeing. His office was dark, encompassed by threatening blackness whose company he thoroughly enjoyed.

The dark, velvet curtains shielded away the invasive lights that were trying to pierce through the thick material. It gave away the impression of an artificial night, where he could be embraced by the presence of a soul-calming darkness that he appreciated so much.

Darkness was his only companion. It understood him, knew his secrets-his darkest secrets- the most sinful ones. It knew what his heart longed for and the ugly soul that was hidden behind his handsome mask.

Li Syaoran was a powerful man, one of the most successful businessmen in Asia. He had everything most could only dream of having: money, a high status, and the multi-billion dollar Li Corporation under his command.

But there was one thing he wanted the most, and couldn't have, and that was a girl named Sakura. She was the only thing he ever wanted, ever wanted to possess, ever wanted to hold. Yet he couldn't.

It was forbidden. It was wrong. It was aberrant. It was errant. It was perceived as deeds of the devil.

His mind was plagued by these thoughts day and night, irking him to no end. He felt frustrated — irritated by the simple fact that he couldn't have her. It made him feel like a failure, like nothing.

This obsession was slowly eating away his threadbare sanity. It was devouring him, luring him into the realms of insanity, of madness. He was being irrational, out of character, losing his usual calm and collectiveness.

She was his only weakness, his only flaw. Yet it was a flaw that he never wanted to amend, never wanted to let go of.

Sometimes he wondered if his eyes revealed too much when he watched her silently from afar. After all, the eyes are the windows to one's soul. No matter how hard one wanted to conceal away the emotions, their eyes would display it all.

And he was quite certain that their vision had collided more than just once. He couldn't keep the longing look in his eyes hidden; he just couldn't.

His mother knew about this secret of his, the one that he struggled to keep hidden in the darkness. It was the only reason why she divorced his father and took away the only precious person in his life.

They were forbidden to see each other, and even if they did, he wasn't permitted to approach her, or be near her within a radius of fifteen meters. His mother wanted to keep her innocent little girl away from the claws of the devil; a mother's overly protective intuitions he presumed.

He still remembered the day when his mother found of about his secret love for Sakura, the one exceed what society norms defined as a simple brotherly love. Yelan was fuming, beyond furious.

Like an offended tiger protecting her children, she growled at him, bellowed at him, screamed at him and called him the devil. She threatened to take Sakura away from him, to a place where he could never reach.

The words echoed still in his mind even up to this day.

I knew you were an evil child! I knew you were going to bring trouble to us and plague this family the day you were born! You're not my son, you're the devil! You're not Syaoran! Those hysterical cries, composed of hurtful words, were spat out from the mouth of his supposedly loving mother.

Ever since he was a child, he knew she treated her differently from Sakura. He had caught those icy, hateful glances, full of resentment and disdain directed his way when she thought he wasn't looking.

Because she said, he was born on the day when the lightening struck the earth, ripping the fabrics of the night sky. The storm lasted the entire night. The elders who could foresee the future informed Yelan that Syaoran was Satan's reincarnation.

Before Sakura came along, Yelan was always emotionally unstable. She was always bitter, deriding the world. Everyone thought she was mad, until the birth of Sakura that is.

She had always been more affectionate toward Sakura, his younger sister, than to him, and attempted to keep her away from him as much as she could.

Syaoran didn't mind it back then, he thought she was just being her old, overprotective self and that was all. But he was wrong. He was proved wrong on his fourteenth birthday when she found him holding onto Sakura in a way perceived by her as inappropriate and forbidden.

How could you Syaoran?! She is your sister for god's sake! Just how low and how disgusting can you get?! I've been watching you for the past several years, trying to convince myself that you will not do this to me, to this family. I thought you would eventually change and lose the devil's shadow in you from my strict way of raising you. But I was wrong! How could I have ever thought that the devil can actually change?

On the same day, she filed a divorce and moved out of the Li mansion, leaving his stunned, speechless father and a bewildered son behind.

It was on that fateful, inevitable day that she walked out of his life, stealing away the person he regarded as the most precious one in his life.

She took away Sakura, his younger sister — the one he loved ever since he was a child and the one he still loved up to this day even as a twenty-two-year old businessman.

He only saw her once a year, sometimes once three years. Their meetings were sporadically planned. Their destinies were like the golden threads weaved by the constantly spinning wheel of fate. Neither could predict what the future had installed for them, but Syaoran was quite positive that it wouldn't be great.

A sigh heavy of aggravation escaped his parted lips as he sank deeper into his black leather chair. His eyes aligned with the shadowed ceiling, as he was lost in deep contemplation once again.

The ghastly silence that filled the room was the one that could be broken with the simple drop of a needle. It rang in his ears, almost mockingly, silently whispering the sins he had committed, taunting him with a different blackmail-worthy secret.

It was then the phone suddenly decided to ring. Narrowing his amber eyes annoyingly at the offensive, unnerving ringing, he called his secretary. Or rather, yelled at her. "Sayuri! Get the goddamned phone!" The order came out as harsh as he had intended.

"Yes sir!" He heard a loud and clear answer through the thick, well-polished dark red door, followed by a loud clatter of what sounded like the falling of a stack of important documents and some other personal belongings.

Furrowing his eyebrows into a discontent frown, Syaoran messaged his temples, feeling a heavy migraine coming.

She was so going to get fired. He made a mental note to himself.

Suddenly, the door was shoved open with a force too great to be applied to such expensive surface. A young woman in her early twenties scampered into the room with a flushing face. Her business suit had a dark, brown stain of what seemed like spilled coffee on it.

She pushed aside the strands of dark hazel locks that were threatening to get in her way before picking up the phone for Syaoran.

"Hello, Li Corporation, Li Syaoran's office. May I inquire who is calling?" She greeted the caller with a formal and polite tone, despite the fact that she had just caused a huge mess and rushed into her boss's office covered in spilled coffee. Her breathing was uneven and rapid, yet she concealed it all from the caller.

After a few moments of nodding and paled expressions, Sayuri covered the speaker part of the phone and turned to Syaoran with a white face. "It's Takahashi Satomi-san!" She whispered in a panicky tone, horrid eyes boring into the deep pools of amber, scouting for help and instruction.

Crossing his arms, Syaoran stared at her nonchalantly. "Tell her I no longer wish to see her." He said coolly with little hesitation, as if breaking a heart was just a part of his everyday routine. This earned him a look that was torn between disappointment and exasperation.

Sayuri turned away and inhaled deeply. "I am sorry Takahashi-san. I am afraid Li-san won't be able to take your call right now. He has some very important business to take care of at this moment, and he will probably be very occupied by work for the next few months and he wishes you the best of luck in finding someone else. He says he is sure that the person will be a much better lover than him, and will be able to offer you more of what you're looking for."

Sayuri sighed softly as she listened to the woman on the other line sob helplessly. She didn't know why her boss was such a player, or a certified heartbreaker to be more exact.

And worse, she was always the one doing his dirty break-up-work for him. Sometimes she wondered if she could sue him for using her like this, after all, it wasn't part of the job description and when she signed the contract. But she quickly tossed the idea aside as she felt his piecing eyes on her.

Paralyzed under such an intensive gaze, Sayuri felt her face growing warmer by the passing second, and her heart beating an excited, highly unnatural rhythm.

Right, she almost forgot that he was the most gorgeous man in Japan, a natural heart-robber and charmer. No woman was ever able to turned down his offers. They could only throw themselves at his feet and beg him to take them with little dignity, if any at all.

Hearing a soft, quiet rustling of fabrics and a light squeak from the leather chair, she titled her head to the direction of the sound but only to find him staring directly into her eyes with a charming, seductive and devious smirk playing on his lips.

His face was only inches away from hers, and she could feel his warm, moistened breathe beating against her skin, causing a tingling sensation in the area of contact. And this realization made her heartbeat escalate.

"You're doing a wonderful job, Sayuri." He complimented her huskily; scented breath weakening her defense system. He could see the dark scarlet tinge on her cheeks, and this mere fact amused him.

No woman could ever resist him. They became his prey and property the moment he set his pair of irresistible and predatory eyes on them. The fact that they all would willingly submit themselves to him made him feel like a real winner.

"Th-thank you sir." She stammered, becoming incoherent as her mind blanked out. She wanted to move away from him, yet found herself mesmerized by his enticing amber eyes.

The air she had inhaled a moment ago was caught in her throat. All she could do right now was to pray for some sort of distraction that would break this intensive eye contact between them.

"Baka onii-chan! (Stupid brother)" The loud brawl echoed through the heavy air as the once closed door was kicked open again. Syaoran pulled away and gawked at the door with widened eyes.

It was none other than the auburn haired girl he had longed for silently for as long as he could remember. She was no longer the girl he used to know, but still not old enough to be a woman.

Fuming, she stomped her way into the dark office, a hand resting on her hip as she glared at him in exasperation. Her face was flushing a brilliant scarlet color as she breathed harshly.

She actually ran her way across town.

"Why didn't you show up?!" She demanded angrily, hands tightening into taut firsts, ready to throw a punch at anyone who dared to offend her at that moment.

"I was busy." Syaoran cleared his throat, veiling his emotions once again as he looked down at her. There was one thing he loved about her, and that was her hot temper-the almost childish accusing glower in her large emerald green eyes.

Straightening out his shirt, he ambled over to where she stood and raised a hand into the air to ruffle her short auburn hair.

"Aren't you supposed to be a good girl and stay with okaa-san?" He asked in a soft tone, a caring glint glimmering in his usual cold amber eyes.

A quite humph was all he received from her. Chuckling humorlessly to himself, his hand slid down to her cheek. His thumb traced over the contour of her visage, taking the time to caress the silky, creamy white skin.

Several shades of red pervaded her cheeks but she didn't move away from the gentle touch. This made Syaoran smile. His eyes trailed over the shape of her crescent shaped eyebrows, the pouty lips begging to be kissed, and eyes that smoldered a challenge.

"Baka onii-chan, you promised me we'd have dinner together." She grumbled sulkily, thick, light lashes fluttering alluringly, tugging at Syaoran's heart relentlessly.

"But mother said-"

"I don't care about what she says!" She declared angrily.

They stared at each other for a moment, deep ambers bearing the slightest surprise and sparkling emeralds glistening fierce with determination.

"I know mother treats us differently. She shows me so much love yet treats you with open hostility." She trailed off, words light and soft, fading into a bare whisper. "But that doesn't mean we can't see each other anymore!"

Syaoran gazed at her for a moment, the look in his eyes was tender and yet infinitely sad. Tearing his eyes off her before they decide to betray more of his thoughts, he turned away, starting to stroll toward the door and leaving a puzzled Sakura behind.

"Onii-chan?" She inquired timidly, inquisitive emerald eyes following him.

Halting into a stop before stepping out of hise office, Syaoran turned around, a smirk curved on his lips. "Stay here if you want while I go get myself something to eat." With that being said, he twisted around and began to walk away.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Sakura cried out, hurrying out of the dimly lit office as she chased after her brother.

'Siblings' was the word that defined their relationship. It was the invisible chain that incarcerated him from moving toward her. It was the mountain that separated them; the brick wall that divided their worlds.

He could never have her.

He could never display his affections to her openly.

Because she was his sister.

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