Mysticats, Jewel and Nancy always hung out together. They always ate lunch by the middle staircase. They loved to do crazy things. One day, as Mysticats, Jewel and Nancy were eating lunch together at their same usual spot, a boy who was nicknamed Dagnabit who loved cool gadget things barged into their lunch spot.

"Um, excuse me, but you're in our way," Mysticats said, trying to phrase the words properly.

"Oh, why don't YOU get out of my way?" Dagnabit yelled, pressing a button on his cool gadget. Mysticats, Jewel, and Nancy were being surrounded by magical smoke.

"Hey, cool gadget!" Nancy yelled, reaching out to press some of the buttons. "What does these do?" The magical smoke soon began to surround Dagnabit.

"What did you…hey, don't do that!" Dagnabit yelled back. But it was already too late. Magic had already happened, and everything had changed. Question was, what?