Chapter 1: The Dream

Not too far away from that once-cold, now flaming hot planet lived a planet not too close to it, either. This planet was known to us as Earth. Living in that planet was a young adolescent named Max. Max was known as a clumsy guy who could not even walk straight to his next class without tripping on SOMETHING…

"OOOF!" Max cried as he stumbled into his science classroom, late for class. "Watch it, doofus!" a kid cried, moving away from him.

"Sorry," Max mumbled as he picked up his textbooks and slid into his seat. He could hardly even pay attention to what his science teacher, Mr. Bio, was saying. After the first few words that Mr. Bio spoke about handing in assignments and what today's lesson would be about, Max felt his head begin to droop. Before he knew it, he was sound asleep, dreaming about another world.

Max was floating high above the sky with his little pet flea that kept him company, his one and only friend named Flee. They were flying high above the sky, looking over all the buildings when suddenly he noticed something strange. Buildings were coming into flames, and people were screaming and running as hot coals flew onto the face of the earth. The earth was almost close to explosion, Max was thinking as he flew on toward a waterfall. The waterfall should have been pouring water, but instead, it was pouring hot orange lava. Max gasped at the sight of what was happening to his planet. At that same time he gasped out loud in front of the entire class.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Bio said, stopping his lecture that he was in the middle of. Max blushed a bright colour of red as everyone in the class took a moment to look at him.

"Nothing," he said shyly and pretended to be really interested in the global warming lecture. But inside, he felt really scared. His sudden dream in a different world couldn't be real, could it?

"No, no," Flee was saying as Max told him the about the dream he had in science class. "You must have been playing too many video games!"

Max thought for a moment. "That could be true," he admitted. "But it's so strange, because it seemed like we were talking all about this topic in science today."

Before the two could say anymore, Max's mom knocked on the door. "Max," she said happily. "Dinner's ready."

"Fine," Max said as he jumped off of his bed and towards the door.

"Hey, what about me?" Flee cried. He crossed his little legs as Max walked downstairs and shook his head.