It was another boring day of Math Class in the elementary school when a bright light startled the students. The room began to vibrate, and the walls began to crumble down as a giant brown (or black, no one could tell) bear started towards Ginny. "Hey, I know who that is!" Ginny exclaimed. "It's Brown!"

This made Selena angry. "No, it's not!" she yelled angrily. "It's BLACK!"




"SHUT UP!" the bear yelled. "I don't care about what you called me, because my name is NOT Black OR Brown nor Blown or Brack. It's Beige!"

A shocked silence filled the room. A couple of people began whispering and laughing. "Why are you here?" Malina asked Beige.

Beige stepped forward and did not answer Malina. Instead, he began to tear up people's backpacks and belongings. He continued this action until he found a much smaller replica of himself.

"Hey, that's my teddy bear!" Selena said, frowning.

Beige, paying no attention to Selena, picked the teddy bear up and began to walk out the giant hole in the wall.

"I lost Brown," Beige explained. "And I came to look for him." In a moment, Beige disappeared in a flash, leaving everything the way it was.

Seconds later, Ginny approached Selena. "Told you he was Brown," she said.