""Fool," said my Muse to me, "look in thy heart and write.""

And with a sigh I gently place

These words, my feet, on firmer ground

I can't help by smile at the sound

Of the world turning pages

It becomes too easy to see

The realness of poetry

The beauty that breathes outside of me

The lingering of happiness

But words aren't actions, can't touch

These virtues that dream into vines

Creeping up the solace of my spine

I cannot live these ink stains

What then, if this verse isn't truth

Settings colors start dimming grey

High hopes offer themselves down to prey

The world I want won't exist

How is it so that the clocks tick

On, that these seconds have meaning

While the best forever fleeting

Has to end when my eyes do?

No, I'm not giving up these rhymes,

These adjectives that soothe my soul

If minutes can take my life so whole

Then words will fill my canvas

These simple words are my seconds

Myths and legends are but midnight

Sunrise stories soon wake and hold tight

Live wherever your pen goes.