First chapter written by Champagne.

It's Snowing Tomorrow

Chapter 1

The weather forecast hadn't predicted that it would snow that October afternoon, but somehow, it did, bringing along some sort of childlike wonder into the minds of the ninth graders at Miyakofuu Yobika Academy. Of those ninth graders were Kurisu Wiru and Mato Narumon. Mato and Kurisu had been at Miyakofuu Yobika Academy ever since grade 8, and they were friends- the very best, and they just so happened to be in the cafeteria at the time when the snowflakes fell.

Kurisu looked out the window, and disbelieved, said "OH MY GOD Mato! It's SNOWING! HEY LOOK MATO NARUMON IT'S ACTUALLY SNOWING!"

Mato's eyes widened, and eventually came, wondering how it could be possible- the weather forecast had-


"Alright. BUT SERIOUSLY?!"

Kurisu dragged Mato outside the cafeteria doors and into the cold bitter outside, where petite snowflakes fell, hitting the ground and forming a layer of white on the ground. Snowflakes fell on Mato and Kurisu's brown, curly hair. At once, Mato started to make a snowball with his hands. The snow was cold, but there wasn't nearly enough to make a snowball. He frowned, and then he saw Kurisu shivering in his T-shirt.

He immediately pulled out a sweater from his backpack and handed it to Kurisu, who took it and eagerly started complimenting it.

"WOW! Mato -San's sweater! It's so cool that it's cooler than snow!"

Kurisu then looked for something to wear in his bag- then he found it. An ugly Christmas sweater that his aunt had given him- he'd always wondered what Mato would have looked like in it. And now was his chance.

"HERE YOU GO MATO! I know that it isn't even half as cool as Mato -San, but here you go!"

"What is this, Ugly Sweater Day? Do you have anything else?"

"Nope. Except for this one scarf."

Mato reluctantly put on the sweater. At least it was warm. But he also realized that the sweater did not reach his neck, and left it vulnerable to the bitter cold.

"Can I get the scarf too?"

"Well, Mato, I'm going to use this scarf to protect me from communist snow vampires."

"Well, I need protection too."

"Hey, how about we both wear it? I THINK THIS SCARF IS COOL ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US"

And so Mato leaned in as Kurisu tied the scarf around them. At first, the distance between them had been a meter or so, but as the scarf wrapped around both their necks, the distance between had become merely centimeters apart. They were in each others' personal space, and it was a bit awkward. They turned to each other, and unknowingly, and accidentally, kissed. Mato looked into Kurisu's brown eyes, and Kurisu into Matt's blueish grey eyes.

They tried to pull away, but the scarf held them back.

Thoughts went through Mato's mind, questioning the reality of that kiss. He put his hands on his lips, and then smiled. Kurisu Wiru tasted like spearmint gum and Dr Pepper.

"I...I... have to go now," Kurisu said abruptly, unraveling the scarf and taking off Mato's sweater and giving it to him.

"But your sweater, Kurisu..."

"Keep it."

At that exact moment though, the thoughts running through Kurisu' mind were not all that different from Mato's.

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