Thirty-fourth chapter written by Batteries.

It's Snowing Tomorrow

Chapter 34

For the past week, Kurisu knew Mato had been avoiding him. If Mato wanted to stay angry, Kurisu wouldn't make an attempt to stop him. He was leaving in a month or so anyways. He cracked open his business notebook and started studying for his final exams.

But as the minutes ticked by and piled into hours, Kurisu was pushed through his school schedule and so was his mind. For the entirity of the day he found his mindset on Mato changing for the...worse? Or better? His notebooks were filled with scribbly doodles of Mato, and scrawled down letters that led back to Mato's name. It was only today that Kurisu had actually realized it, but throughout the entire time Kurisu and Mato were acquainted, Kurisu had been obsessed with him. Even when Mato had been dating Eji and when Kurisu had been slightly infatuated with 'that communist girl' for some time. Kurisu checked the dates of his notes. There wasn't one day Kurisu did not have his mind completely on Mato. Today was not an exception.

Despite wanting to forget about Mato, focusing on his future in Florida and all the great times he'd have there with his new friends and possibly new lover, he knew he couldn't forget about Mato. He couldn't ever stop loving Mato. Even when he was angry at Mato, he knew he was still so in love with Mato it angered him how he couldn't stop loving Mato for just a moment so he could unleash his emotions.

Even if Mato was angry at him, Kurisu couldn't stay angry at Mato. Perhaps Mato didn't love Kurisu anymore, but Kurisu still loved him. Perhaps Mato didn't think about Kurisu at all and didn't want anything to do with him now, but Mato took up most of Kurisu's thought train, if not all of it.

Even if Mato didn't want to talk to Kurisu, Kurisu still wanted to talk to him. Mato could avoid Kurisu all he wanted, but Kurisu just had to go back to him, like a dog. Even if Mato didn't give a fuck if Kurisu was going to step out of his life, Kurisu still needed to notify him. Kurisu needed to show Mato he still cared about him, even if the feelings were not mutual.

The ding was quiet and Kurisu couldn't quite hear it clearly engrossed in his thoughts, but he had heard it. It was lunchtime. He shook himself of excess thoughts and knew he had one thing he had to do. And he had to do it right now.

He stumbled out of his seat before The teacher was done explaining what was their homework for the weekend. Kurisu could hear something loud behind him as he strolled out of the classroom, maybe the teacher yelling at him, but it was daftly quiet compared to the raging voices in his head.

Kurisu waltzed into the media arts room where most of the students had already left. Mato was arranging his notes together and signing off his computer; so busy that he hadn't noticed Kurisu come in. So busy that he hadn't noticed Kurisu was present until Kurisu grabbed his frail arm and pulled him from his computer and binder.

From the way Kurisu was walking fiercely down the hall with Mato trying to catch up behind him, you would think Kurisu was angry. But if you even so much as looked at Kurisu's face, you'd realize he was anything but. Perhaps even calm.

Kurisu could hear Mato complaining of his arm hurting and taunting him about why he wasn't with Sonia as he dragged him down the hall, but he didn't try to make it out. Pushing open the door of the boys' washroom, he checked if the stalls were empty and threw Mato in. Mato made a noise of discomfort and rubbed his reddening arm, scowling. Kurisu knew Mato was about to make a rude remark about the absence of Sonia in Kurisu's arms, but Kurisu slapped his hand onto Mato's shoulder which stunned him enough to keep him quiet for a matter of seconds.

"Mato", Kurisu said in a gently firm voice, his eyes noticeably clouding over. Just with the tone of voice and the change in his eyes Mato realized something was wrong. Mato's eyes softened and he succumbed to Kurisu, blinking a few times, staying quiet, indicating he would temporarily not be angry and listen to whatever Kurisu had to say.

Kurisu gave a small smile, "Sorry I'm taking up your lunchtime, this might not be worth it". Mato blinked and didn't try to bud in a mean comment, as he noticed Kurisu's eyes hadn't cleared.

"I'm going to Florida".

A reasonable amount of surprise could be seen in Mato's expression, but it quickly faded. "Oh, 'sat so?", Mato asked, and smiled a bit.

Kurisu nodded slowly and his eyes began to clear as he realized it was over with, "Mom's got a promotion".

Mato chuckled lightheartedly, "That's a surprise and a half. When're you going?".

Kurisu looked like he was thinking for a bit, then looked back at Mato, "Right after exams".

Mato let out a "heh" and blinked, "Well that's good news. If that's all you have to say, I'll be going. The truck's probably already here", he said casually and pushed past Kurisu to get to the door.

Kurisu sighed after Mato had disappeared out the door and it shut with a wooden sound. Yes, it was over. As he'd predicted, Mato really didn't give a fuck about him anymore. Kurisu let a sad smile show on his face to nobody and quickly shook it off. He'd have a fresh start in Florida.

Mato calmly walked down the hall and opened the door to the back of the school. Gush of strong wind flew against him and he raised a skinny arm to block as much as he could. He went the opposite direction of the truck and went behind the portable. Leaning against the wall, he took a deep breath of chilled air and let it out in steam.

He slid down and let himself sit down, hugging his knees against him. He sniffled a bit and told himself he was definitely going to catch a cold out here. Then he felt a wetness rolling down his cheeks and told himself that that was a symptom of his cold as well. After a few fleeting moments of unconvincing lies he covered his eyes with his arms and let himself cry.

"Don't go...".