Oh how could I forget

All of those lovely messages you sent

Oh how could I go on without you near

Oh what do you want me to do

I have become so addicted to you

When I see you, I don't know

Without you, I don't know where to go

People often wonder why I love you

But they don't see what I do

Beyond the surface

Lies a person who lacks confidence

Beyond the surface he is someone who is scared

When he found love, he lies unprepared

He has his past in one hand, his future in another

He is torn between on love or another

But what he doesn't know is my past

He doesn't know what I wish would have last

Although I love you

I still love him too

A part of me always will

He hurt me, but still

You can never forget the feelings that you once had

Although my heart would be glad

I love you

But do you love me too?

If you did, then you would know

How I never would want you to go

If you loved me like you say you did

You would know that I don't care about a tiny fib

You would know that I would forgive you

Because every other thing that you said was true

I ask you if you still love me

Without you, the same I'll never be

We can forgive and forget

Or, better yet,

Move on, but for the rest of our lives wonder what he have missed

Whose lips we never kissed

That I can never do

Because I love you

The feelings are too hard to be earsed

When finding another, no one else has placed

I ask you to figure out what you feel

What is or isn't real

If you love me like you say you do

You will know what is or isn't true

You will know what I can or can't live without

If you're over me, do you doubt

What you can or can not live without

Whether I can or can not live without you, I don't know

But to who else am I going to go?