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Prologue: Fight and Conquer


How come I end up where I started,

How come I end up where I went wrong.

- 15 Step, Radiohead



"What are you ARSEs doing in here?" A brunette spat at the group of uniform-clad students.

Two groups of people are crowding in the third floor History room hallway, one group is in perfectly ironed maroon uniforms, the other group is consisted of people with normal clothes in all different colours but no maroon.

"I should ask what you are doing here, Loony." A blonde came up to the front and retorted, snapping two fingers in front of the brunette's face.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing to my girlfriend?" An impossibly-muscled guy stepped out of the shadow of the brunette, cracking his fingers.

"And what do you think you are doing to my girlfriend?" The uniform-clad guy standing next to the blonde growled, putting his arm protectively around the blonde's shoulders. "Are you picking up a fight?" He bellowed while cracking his fingers, towering the muscled-guy.

Muscled guy raised his eyebrows. The two groups of people started to inch towards each other and people started to throw curses and profanities.

"What the hell?" A guy called out.

"You stupid little uniform-clad slut!" Followed by two girls screaming.

"You just stepped on my new Christian Louboutin pumps, bitch!" A girl hissed.

This is just another year, another day, another war between DeLuna High and Addison-Raleigh School for the Excellence.

Not like other towns, DeLuna happened to be a small town which everyone practically knows everyone. In normal circumstances, one high school is enough for the population in DeLuna.

But DeLuna just happened to be not like any other towns. It's a town for the rich and geniuses. But that doesn't mean it's another Upper East Side, because it's not. DeLuna is for millionaires who want to take a break from champagne glasses and for geniuses who want a place to expand their already infinitive gigabytes brain to multi-gigabytes.

That's why almost a third of the population in DeLuna wears khakis. No stereotyping intended.

And that's also why in this small town, it happened to have two high schools. One day, the bored riches who had nothing to do but to spend their time in golf seemed to find building one more school in this town is a good idea to spend their a-little-too-much-fortune. And that's how Addison-Rayleigh School established. Since DeLuna is a little bit too small for two high schools, 'for the Excellent' is added later on, to specify it is only for the 'gifted' kids, meaning- money and brains.

Before you had these clich├ęd imagination in your head- like a the-girl-next-door type girl in D High fell in love with a rich spoiled guy from Addison and after all the obstacles they had encountered, they lived happily ever after; or vice versa. You should know more about these two schools.

FYI, D High and Addison-Raleigh happened to be side to side. When the riches propose to establish a new school in town, the DeLuna town council had rejected, as they had said, "DeLuna High is more than enough". Months later, the riches propose again (since they are used to people giving in their way), but this time, with a little bit of change.

D High and Addison-Raleigh will have a common building, making the campuses of D High and Addison joining together. And in this seven-floored common building, the riches ensured only the highest of the highest educational technology will be there and the rooms in it will be the most functional and technological-advanced throughout the nation. This building will benefit both D High and Addison students, as the riches said.

And not-surprisingly, the town council agreed.

So basically, D high and Addison-Raleigh is practically like the two houses of a school, but each of them got different teachers and principals, but that doesn't mean they are buddy-buddy. Just like Slytherin and Gryffindor, they hate each others' guts.

Two pairs of footsteps are heard in the hallway, despite how noisy and crazy the situation was. Heads turned to look; the screaming and screeches turned into mumblings, the crowd parted and two boys came into view. One of them in maroon uniform and the other in a simple t-shirt and jeans, both of them seemed to be chatting something funny since they were having these tiny smiles on their lips. They seemed to be completely oblivious to the situation in front of them and stopped right in front of the History room door.

Girls from both groups sighed. They sighed at how pleasant those two boys looked. It's just another day, another time, Travis Banes and his best friend Benjamin Blank walked together.

They are probably more than six feet tall, leaning against the wall, still chatting. But Travis Banes is the one talking animatedly and Benjamin Blank is the one who nodded and sometimes give a stretch of his lips, showing a tiny smirk, or a poor excuse of a smile. Girls fall for Travis Banes' amiable features while Benjamin Blank mesmerizing girls with his gloomy eyes. All in all, Travis Banes is the cheerful one every school has and Benjamin Blank is the mysterious dark one which girls in every school fall for.

Travis Banes seemed to finally notice how silent the hallway was, and glanced around. Girls threw them sultry looks and boys sent them glares and admiring glances. Travis Banes stopped talking abruptly and nudged Benjamin Blank with his elbow. Benjamin looked up and glanced around. As if nothing had happened, he said something to Travis Banes who laughed and shoved his hands into his jeans pockets. With that, Benjamin Blank crossed his arms and looked down at his maroon coloured sweater.

"Tap-tap, tap-tap, tap-tap." The familiar sound came to the students, which helped filling the dead silence in the hallway. People moved around, anticipating the source of the sound. After all these years, they couldn't not know what to expect.

A girl with a long white cane came into view. She was smiling slightly to herself, probably thinking of something funny. She was totally oblivious to how people moved to let her through, or how a girl pulled away the boy next to her because he was in her way. Of course, she didn't even know how Benjamin Blank stopped observing his neater than neat sweater and set his eyes on her. If people didn't know him well enough, they would probably think it was shock that showed in his gloomy blue eyes.