Touya looked at him with a shit-eating grin.


His grin grew wider.

"Do I have something on my face?"


"You're sexy."

Randulf blankly looked at him.



"I know."

"...I'm serious." Touya frowned.

Randulf paused.

"You expecting me to compliment you back or some such shit?"

It was cliché.

Touya blinked. "Pretty much."





"You have nice eyes." It was true, too. Big, bambi-ish green-blue ones.

Another shit-eating grin. "Thanks."



"...I suppose this is the part where we're supposed to kiss?"

So fucking cliché.

"Pretty much."

"Okay then. I have one question, though."

"What is it?"

Randulf stared. "Who's on top?"

An awkward pause.

"Who ever gets there first." Touya answered, shit-eating grin still rightfully in place.

My world is one big fucking cliché.