My name is Andrew Hennersy and this is the story of a teenage boy.

I'm seventeen, sexy, in school and the lead singer in my band. My band mates are Jack Carlson (Guitar), Steve Williams (Bass) and Gray (Graham) Kings(Drums.)

Two weeks ago, I met the love of my life. His name is Jayden Fisher. He's a insanely awesome pretty boy who is also slightly insane. Today I've asked him to sit with me at lunch. He's bringing a friend.

Jay finally walks over to the band's table, ten whole minutes into lunch, it's more like he's brought a clone than a friend. I hadn't realised he had a brother. But that's the only explanation for his companion. If it weren't for the fact that 'not-Jay' is blond I'd probably not be able to tell which is which.

"Hey," says Jayden and I swoon, "Erm… this is Nate."

Not-Jay, or Nate as I probably ought to call him, nods awkwardly. We don't know him and we didn't invite him. He's pretty calm though as he flops into a seat next to Jack. This is an achievement because Jack is kind of scary. He's currently trying to inhale his carrots. But we love him anyway.

By sitting next to Jack he's conveniently leaving the seat next to me free for Jay so I like him for that. I also doubt his sanity because as well as putting him next to Jack, his current seating places him directly opposite to Gray. And Gray is scary in a whole different way to Jack. Gray is 'I'll break your next and then blend your body and drink it for lunch' scary. I've been his friend for years but seriously, Nate should be at least intimidated.

But it's not him I'm in love with so as long as he doesn't make Gray kill him I don't really care. I ignore him and fall into a surprisingly comfortable conversation with Jay. Well it's not surprising, seeing as he is my soul mate.

I've neglected to mention Steve so far. Steve is sitting opposite Jack. He's also completely wrapped up in a very large book. Steve is the smart one of the band. He reads books and does all his homework at a time that isn't the last minute. He also wears glasses which makes him nicely stereotypical.

By the end of the hour I know that Jay is going to eat lunch with us every day. And he does.

So a month passes and I'm getting closer to him and his adorable neon hoodies and quirky personality. Steve is still reading thick complicated books and Jack is still a little insane and Gray still glares and Nate is still bored. That's when it happens.

I walk in on Jay making out with somebody else.

I walk in on him and Nate.

That's how I find out they aren't siblings. Despite looking freakily similar and dressing the same and the fact I swear Jay was flirting with me just the other day, they're a couple. Not twins or brothers or cousins. Boyfriends.

But I move on. Because that's what teens do. And a month passes and we stay friends because I like Jay anyway and Nate is still just a shadow when we all hang out as a group and I kept thinking stalker boyfriend until I found out they were friends first and Nate's always been quiet and apparently he really does like us.

And then Jack is furious. Because, what the hell and oh my god – no way Steve is dating Gray. And that isn't fair according to Jack because dammit doesn't Steve watch movies? Everybody knows that if two people in a band hook up it's the outgoing one and the nerdy one not the nerdy one and the anti-social one. For a while it looks like than band is going to break up because even though Steve is trying not to make things awkward and Jack won't admit that he always expected Steve to be 'pining after him!' things just aren't working. But eventually things smooth over and Jack still avoids Steve discretely and glares at Gray but we keep going. Jay tells me one day that our music is crap and I don't take offence expect privately because it's only since he came that we got like this. We used to be brilliant but now we're all in relationships and fancying people and we don't click like we used to and I'm not blaming anybody but it still isn't fair!

But Jay is right and the others can see it and six weeks later we decided we don't want to be a band anymore but we'll stay friends. And three months later Gray stops hanging out with me because I'm always with Jack and Jack is turning into a dickhead and Steve is still dating Gray but really he doesn't talk to anybody because he has to study and nobody really knows what for.

That's when Nate is suddenly talking to be and apparently he and Jay are all about the narcissism and they were only ever friends because they were so damn similar and then they'd hit fifteen and realised how hot it would be to make out with somebody who looked just like them and they'd stuck together ever since. But Nate was over that. He wanted something more than a more confident mirror of himself but Jay was so fixated on having a partner who was the same and he lusted even more over Nate because he was quieter and therefore more real. Except that Nate was nearly eighteen now and he wanted to be real in his own right but he didn't know how to cope without Jay.

One year later we're all over. Jack has new friends and they do crazy things together and one day they're going to get themselves killed. Steve just studies, all the time, and he's getting smarted but it's not good enough and he'll just keep working harder and harder until it kills him. Without friends whatever was making Gray dark is getting worse and worse and now even I'm scared of him and it's not right but it's true. Nate is still with Jay and now you never ever see them apart not even occasionally like you did before and they're still semi-identical except the hair and the personalities except that Nate is slightly taller but Jay just wears thick soled shoes and nobody can tell unless they're looking.

But I'm looking. Because even then I wanted my friends back and I wanted things like they were and I never saw anything that happened coming.

Now five years have passed and something new is happening and we're all involved and I didn't see this coming either and maybe if things were like they had been before we could have been okay but they aren't and we aren't and I'm scared.

Because I'm twenty three and an adult and I could be sexy if I weren't so wrecked and I can sing and I hate my job and if I can't get my old friends back to how I want them to be the world might well end.