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-Chapter 2-

-Being Found-

I woke up later as the sky was just barely beginning to lighten to the sound of crunching gravel. I didn't know what time it was or what had happened. All I did know was that my whole body hurt and somebody was getting closer. There was no way my body was going to allow me to fight or flee. I did the next best thing, I curled in on myself the best I could and got as close to whatever was behind me, attempting to hide in plain sight.

"God, I've been looking for you everywhere, Kenzie. I thought I told you not to drink the punch?"

Even in my disoriented state, I knew that voice. I had lived through the ordeal. I would get to see Josh again and apologize for being so rude earlier when he was just being a best friend. "Josh," I croaked. It didn't sound like me; my voice was too raspy.

As he got closer, he became more aware that something else was wrong, that I wasn't just drunk. He picked up his pace and knelt beside me. "Shit, Mackenzie. What happened to you?" I wanted to throw my arms around him, but again my body wouldn't allow it. Soon enough, I was in his arms anyway. Josh had gently cradled me in his lap.

"Josh, I'm cold." Saying this made me realize I was half naked. My pants were unbuttoned, my sweater was missing, and my tank top was ripped. Josh realized this the same time I did. I cried silently as everything came into perspective. Josh rocked me back and forth, attempting to sooth me.

"Shh, Kenzie. You're alright, okay? I'm here, just calm down, babe. Please?" I could feel light kisses in my hair. I was still crying softly but his words had worked. He spoke again after a moment. "I'm going to put you in the car, okay?" Everything was a question. "It's probably going to hurt but there's a blanket in there. You won't be cold anymore." I nodded. My face must have betrayed the pain. I didn't want to tell him that it hurt when I moved. I needed him. He didn't need to know that I was in physical pain. At least not how much anyway. "Okay. Ready? One… two… three."

I gasped and closed my eyes as tight as I could. I made it worst when I flailed. My arms went around his neck in a death grip and I buried my face in Josh's shoulder. A few minutes later I was still again. My breath was coming in pants as I slowly opened my eyes again. Josh looked so agonized. Like he was the one in pain; exactly the reason why I didn't want him to know in the first place. He carefully settled the blanket over me and lightly tucked it around me.

"Kenzie, I have to find your brother."

"No! Josh, don't leave me!" I panicked and reached out to him, but he was too far away. I couldn't grab him and make him stay with me.

Startled by my outburst, he just nodded and pulled out his phone. He quickly dialed a number and waited. I waited too. I wanted Austin, but I didn't want to be left alone again, not here where it all had happened. Josh cursed under his breath and dialed again. This person must have answered. Josh walked a little ways away from the car, but I could still hear parts of the conversation. "I need you to find Austin… my car… Mackenzie." So he wasn't on the phone with Austin. I didn't have much time to wonder who was on the other end before Josh was back in front of me closing the door by my feet. He got in the driver's side before I had time to panic again and turned on the car, blasting the heat. Then, he opened the door by my head and crawled in. He gingerly placed my head in his lap and began stoking my hair. I never realized how much room Josh's backseat had. But, then again, I had never had a reason to be in the backseat of his SUV, let alone in this position, to admire it before.

"Josh?" My body was basically numb from the pain… if I didn't try to move too much.


"I'm sorry for being such a bitch earlier." He was quiet so I continued. "Do you forgive me? Please?"

"Of course, I forgive you. I didn't know I had something to forgive you for. That's just how you always act, Kenzie." I returned his smile.

"I know, I was just so scared that that was the last conversation I was going to have with you. I love you, Josh."

"I know. Love you too, Kenz."

"I didn't drink tonight."

"I know. Now, would you please relax?" I was trying to do that to relieve some of his stress when the door by my feet flew open. I dug my nails into Josh's leg and bit back a scream.

"Fuck, what happened?" Austin asked. Tyler was wide-eyed standing next to him. Really, did I look that bad? I could feel it, but I didn't necessarily have to look as bad as I felt.

"I don't know." They both moved quickly. Tyler went to drive and Austin turned to look at Josh from the front passenger's seat. I closed my eyes and got back to relaxing. I only partially listened to what Josh told them. "She seems to have been drugged, beaten… and possibly raped. She hasn't said anything, but she's in pain and scared. I think she's still a little out of it."

I didn't remember anything after the stranger approached me and knocked me out. I didn't even know what the time frame was. How could I have let this happen? I hadn't realized I was crying again until I felt Josh's finger tips brush the tears away. I was frustrated with myself for getting into the situation and then not being able to remember anything. "We'll take her to Dad. He was working last night, so he should still be there. I don't know if we should let her sleep."

Josh shook my shoulder slightly. Sleep, ha! Not with the pain coming back with a vengeance. "Kenzie? Stay awake, okay? Your dad'll help." The fifteen minute drive seemed to last forever.


I was soon transferred from the back of the car to Austin's arms. I was going to protest, but I was still so sore. Instead, I just wrapped my arms around my brother's neck and rested my head on his shoulder. We entered the hospital with Tyler and Josh on either side of us.

I spotted my dad instantly. He was directly in front of us at the front desk talking to a nurse. He was in green scrubs with a patient's chart in his hands. He looked up immediately when Austin called to him. After the initial shock of his son being in the emergency room wore off, worry filled his brown eyes.

His hands fluttered over me when we reached him. "What happened to her, Austin?" I definitely think that was the question of the night. Or morning? I wasn't sure.

"I don't know. Josh found her." In all my life I had never seen Austin look so helpless. Actually I had never seen any of these three boys look so scared and worried. Scared and worried for me, I realized. My dad had looked this way one other time in his life that I can recall. When my mother died in a car accident. He had been at the hospital when she came in too. That had been three years ago.

My dad turned and looked expectantly at Josh. "I think she was drugged. She's still a little out of it. I don't know exactly what happened. I found her curled up on the ground by my car… half naked. I – I didn't know what to do." Josh's voice broke. A few stray tears streamed silently down his cheeks.

I wanted to reassure him, tell them all I was fine, but it was getting harder and harder to keep my eyes open. I was so tired. I didn't even know I was no longer in Austin's arms and that instead I was lying flat on a table, until my clothes started to be discarded. I found my voice then as the violation continued. Why were they letting this happen again?

"NO!" I flailed my arms and started kicking, my eyes shut tight as I recalled bits of what had happened.

I was lying with my face crushed into the rough gravel. There was a heavy weight keeping me there. I couldn't struggle when he pulled me up to my knees, facing away from him. I tried to scream when his arm snaked around my waist and his fingers played with the clasp of my jeans. I tried again when he tore my sweater from my body.

The hand that wasn't under my tank top clamped over my mouth. He spoke directly into my ear, "It won't work, so don't even try.

Nobody would hear you anyway." I tried to bite, kick, hit, just make some sort of painful physical contact. He gave up on my jeans for the time being and fisted his hand in my hair, yanking until my head was against him. I was turned just enough that I caught a glimpse of deep navy blue eyes. They were so dark they were almost completely black. I was so focused on his eyes, it didn't occur to me to look anywhere else.

"Stop," he growled fiercely. I stilled in my attempts. My head fell forward when he let go of my hair to resume his earlier efforts.

When he accomplished getting my jeans undone, he let go and pushed me back to the ground. The left side of my face collided with the ground first. The pain shot down through my body. He yanked my jeans down to my ankles. I wanted to scream and yell for help and tell him to stop when his hand slipped between my thighs, but he was right. It wouldn't work. I couldn't scream no matter how hard I tried. Nothing would come out of my mouth. All I could manage was a mumbled 'no' that only he could hear. I could still hear the music anyway.

He laughed at my inadequate attempts. "What's wrong, Mackenzie? Where are those boys of yours when you need them? You're there whenever they want, but now, when you need their help, they're off getting drunk." There was obvious distaste in his voice. He kissed my neck then and I closed my eyes, willing it all to just go away.

"Mackenzie, please stop," my father pleaded from beside my head as my foot connected with something. Suddenly there was something or someone restraining me.

My eyes flew open and found my father as I thrashed harder. "Daddy, make him stop!" Logic told me I was at the hospital and he wasn't here, but the problem was I didn't know who he was and he obviously knew who I was. He could be anybody.

My eyes found Josh's soaked face as he was forcefully ushered out of the room along with Austin and Tyler. A bright light was suddenly in my eyes before I felt a slight sting in my left arm.

I looked at my dad, confused. "It's okay, baby. You're just going to sleep for awhile. Daddy'll be here when you wake up." His lips lightly touched my forehead and I stopped resisting and let my eyes fall shut. Before I was out completely, I heard a very distinct thumping coming from the hall.

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