she falters
onto barren earth.

i stumble off
towards bleached sunsets
and plasticine flora.
sirens, in the distance.
my heart races.

we go,
arm in arm,
towards providence.

the masquerade is over.
there is nothing left to hide.
cemented sidewalks
keep us steady
as gravity overcomes us.

i am tired.
she dozes at my side.
fire fills the sky,
and i am filled with fear.
she is in another world.

i give in.
i see new sights,
new sounds greeting our steps.
beauty, and kindness,
and warm faces.

i give in, greeted by
the shimmering sea;
a sweet summer glow;
and blues and greens all around.
and her, in smiling glory.

and no time to react—

and all we wanted
was somewhere