I'm walking somewhere were I have never been before. I'm not sure where it is that I am. I look around and it looks like a forest of some type. As I am looking around I look down and see that I am bare foot. Then I looked behind me and saw nothing out of the ordinary. So I started to walk again. I looked up and saw that the sky was a blood red color. I then looked at the trees and saw they were red looking as well.

I went to the nearest tree and looked at it more closely. I lifted my hand to touch the bark of the tree and my hand was deformed. I closed my eyes and opened them again. When I did every thing seemed to have normal color again.

I touched the bark and looked at my palm. There was nothing there. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on.

It felt as though there was some one watching my every move. I kept moving. Just watching out of the corner of my eye. When I was sure that I saw something be hind me moved. I turned around and saw no one.

So then I started to walk faster in the way I was heading.

As I walked I started to pick up my pace. At this point I was running. Then I looked behind me and saw something move. I stopped to turn and see what it was. There was a shadow figure there and then it vanished.

I turned around and ran for my life. I didn't know what it was and I was not staying around to find out what it was.

I'm slowing down. I'm running out of air. So I stopped to catch my breath. When I looked around for some shade. I found a small pond near a tree.

I went to the pond and fell to my knees. I took a hand full of the water. I drank like I had never had water before. I took another hand full and drank more. Till I felt like I had filled my thirst. I splashed some of it on my face and dipped my head to get my hair wet.

Then I opened my eyes and saw that it was all blood. I closed my eyes again. Then I opened them and the water was clear. I could see my reflection.

For the first time that I have seen myself. My eyes were a different color then they normally are. My left eye was pitch black, even the whites of my eye. My right eye was silver, with flecks of amber. My lips are little more fuller then they are normally too. But other then my eyes being different was my hair. It was dark red. Like the color of fresh blood, there were braids in my hair. They were black though.

As I was looking at myself so intently, I lost track of my surroundings. Then I heard a noise. I turned and looked at where it came from. I stood up and then looked at the pond where the water was. It had vanished.

I then began to run again. Then off in the distance a voice that sounded familiar to me.

"Levana! Time to wake up! Come on!" I heard some one yelling through my bedroom door. There was another knock and then more yelling, "Levana I am going to come in if you do get up!"

"Okay! I'm getting up! Don't come in. I'm going to take a shower and then I'll be down for breakfast." I said.

"Okay well hurry up!" my sister said.

I got out of my warm bed and went to my closest. I grabbed out one of my out fits. Then put it on my bed and grabbed my towel off the end of my bed. I walked in to my own bathroom. I turned on the shower head to let the water get hot. I don't care what anyone says. Taking a nice hot shower first thing when you wake up it the best. I walked over to my sink to brush my thick and tangled hair. Once I am at the sink I grabbed the brush and started to brush my hair. I looked in the mirror and saw something different about myself. My eyes were not the color they were suppose to be. One was all black and the other was silver with flecks of amber. My lips were a little more fuller. But my hair was still the same black color that I dyed it the other day. Then my kitten comes up and rubs against me. "Meow!" "What do you want Bastet." I said to her as I picked her up. and for those who might mix it up wit Baset don't. Bastet means Devourer, while Baset means Protector. I thought that you should know. "Ahh.. Who's a good little kitty?" I said as I was petting her. I looked back at the mirror and saw that my eyes were back to their normal color. My frosty green gray eyes. I set my kitten down and took off my night clothes and hopped in the shower. As I got in the water my kitten got in with me. For some reason she loves the water. Then I heard a knock at my bathroom door.

"What?" I yelled over the water.

"Are you almost ready Lev? Mom is waiting to talk to us. I don't know what we did this time but you'd better hurry and get your butt down stairs." my sister said.

"Okay!" I yelled back over the water, "Just have to wash my hair then I'm out!" I added to it.

"Yeah, okay I'll tell her that. Hurry up!" she said back to me. Then I heard the door close.

I hurried and washed my hair and body. I got out of the shower and toweled my hair, then dried off. My hair blower was already to go and blew dried my hair.

I went in to my bed room to put on my out fit for the day. I love corsets and semi long skirts. I put on my black long sleeve shirt and then put on the red corset. I added my knee length fluffy skirt. It was black and white. I put on my red tights, then put on my knee high boots. I went to my full body mirror in my closet and looked at myself. I kept my long hair down today. So I grabbed my backpack and my binder. Took one last look in the mirror then left my room.

As I walked through the house to the kitchen. I just could not believe that I was so fortunate. We had a big house. Our family was not the richest. We had plenty of money to live in comfort. My sister also had her own room and bathroom. The master bedroom also had it's own master bath. There were two other bedrooms and two spear bathrooms. Then there was an office kind of room for each of us. We had a large family room and a large TV. room. The kitchen was the best.

There was an island that was big enough in the middle so that every one can site around and talk at breakfast. My mother and sister were sitting when I walked in to the room.

"It's about time that you great us with your pretty face." my mother said to me.

"Wow! She lives!" my sister said while her mouth was full.

"Well good morning to you guys too!" I said and took my seat by my sister. "Where is Papa?" I asked.

"Well if you are up in time. Then you would have seen daddy before he left for work." my sister said to me, she smiled though.

"Girls, it's to early for it. Pleas just put it a side for now. Now girls, your father an I need to talk to the both of you when you get home from school. So please come home right away. It is about your 16th birthday. So please come home right away." My mother said has she held her cup of tea.

She took a drink if tea then looked at us. We both nodded.

"Yeah okay, we'll come home after school." we said in unison we looked at each other and smiled. We stood up and got our stuff together. I grabbed the last pancake and went to kiss mom on the cheek.

"Girls be have at school. Also have a good day." mom said as we started to leave.

"Love you mom!" as we said in unison again.

"Love the both of you too. Have a good day at school girls!" our mother said.

As we are on our way to school we stopped by the deli on the way to school to get some sodas. Then we met up with Adra and Gris.

Gris has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. Adra has been my sisters best friend for as long as she can remember. We are always connected to the hip. Four greatest friends that there ever could be.

"Gris! Adra! Hey guys we are over here!" we both yelled for them.

"Hey Rhea and Levana. How are you guys this morning?" Gris asked us both.

"Doing good." I said as I took a drink of my soda.

"That's great. Are you ready to catch that movie after school. That we have been talking about for the past week." Adra asked us.

"Damn it! We can't cuz we have to home right after school. Man I was looking forward to seeing that movie. Maybe we can go tomorrow." Rhea said and looked at us. She looked up set.

I looked at her then said, "I also think that there was another movie that we have to see as well. Damn. Well we are just going to have to wait. Mom said they have some something vary important to talk about. So we have to go home Rhea!"

"Shh. You think that I am going to commit murder. Don't worry I will not skip any of my classes." Rhea looked at me.

"So dose that mean that we are going to wait till tomorrow?" I asked her as we headed for the school.

There was a pause and then she said, "Yeah what ever it is that mom and dad want to talk about must be important. But we are on for tomorrow right guys?" she looked at all of and we all nodded. "Good. Well I have to get to class. I'll see you guys latter." Rhea said as she headed off to gym.

"I'm going to be late! Damn it! I'll see you guys latter!" Adra took off to her first class of the day.

"Man I am I glad that I don't have gym anymore. I took dance this year and my teacher says that I am pretty good." I said to Gris.

"Yeah that is good to head come we might be late for class too if we don't hurry up." he said laughing, stopping in front of a door. He open it for me and let me in first.

"Why thank you my kind sir." I said smiling at him. I patted him on the head and walked in to class.

"It is my pleasure miss. Same seats as always?" he asked at I went to the back of the room.

You know every one always said that you don't learn the most if sit in back. That's crap because I am an A+ student. It really depends on the teacher and if you pay action.

We were in our seats as soon as the bell ringed. We looked at each other and he got out our note book as well for the one in class. I leaned down and grabbed my note book out of my back pack for the class.

He wrote something in our note book and handed it to me.

So how did you sleep last night? I didn't really sleep because I had paper due in one of my other classes that I forgot about. But I got it finished. But other then that how are you?

I looked over at him and smiled and then looked at the note book and wrote,

I had that same dream again. It was a little different then the last one. My eyes were different colors today but when I closed them and opened my eyes again they were my old coloring. I have no clue as to what is going on. One was black and the other was silver with amber flecks in it. Gris what I am going to do? I don't know if Rhea is having the same dreams or not. Also there was blood every where, the trees and the water where all blood. But once I closed my eyes and open them every thing was back to normal.

I looked at the teacher and made sure that she could not see me pass the note book to Gris. He took it fast and read it while I was listening to teacher talk about something. As I was waiting for his reply I was doodling on my page. Then all the sudden the room went black and I was in the forest again.

I was next to the waters edge and my foot was in the water. I looked up and saw my sister sitting the same way as me. We were looking at each other. Her eyes were the same as mine. One black and one silver with the amber flecks. She was trying to say something but I could not hear her. Her hand reached up to touch my face. There was a voice.

"Levana? What is the answer to the question?" my teacher was looking at me. I shook my head at looked at the book.

"Umm… I don't know Mrs. Borma. Sorry." I looked down and saw that I had the note book again.

"That is fine Levana. Gris do you know?" she now looked at my friend.

"Yes, Romeo and Juliet were in love and they could not be together so in death they thought they were able to find one another and be together at last." Gris said as he smiled at the teacher.

"Good answer Gris. Levana keep up with the class please." she said and then went off on another topic of Romeo and Juliet.

I looked at him and mouthed thank you. And looked at the note book.

Well shit Lev. I don't know what to say about that. Rhea has not said anything to my sister so I don't know. As for seeing blood every where do you think that the world might end? Or do you think that is something else?