Too young, a girl with a weak

Heart. A boy with a determined

Mind set on the prize. Once

Upon a time, he swept me off my

Feet. Sweet murmurs whispered in

My ear, warmth and love drawing a

Facade across my naïve heart. I was

Lost inside his every word, an awe-like

Trust I gave him. He cared with his

Entire being. He loved with his

Soul. I was his life, his forever.

Love, he proclaimed to me. Love

I sent in return. Yet fear and reality

Gnawed the strings that kept us

Bound. I released myself from

His grasp, which strangled me

Until the love had been driven

From my heat, and soul as well.

Yet that is not the worst of it.

Once upon a time, two

Young people fell in love.

Once upon a time a prince

Became the villain, and a

Princess the Antigone of Thebes.

And the awful truth Is that,

Despite all intentions and the

adoration I hold for him to this day,

I lied.