The truth is, I'm an addict
And it's not hard to see
I just have echoes of past
Expectations to beat

I can be anything!
But I find that when, I
Follow what feels right, I,
I am tussined-up inside...

Maybe things will not change-
Maybe I will slowly die-
...I will tell you one thing-
Though I cannot deny
That my life is a joke,
I am just as well-off
As you hypocritical folks

...But I see who I am
And I like it this way
(No matter what parents
(Or friends)
Seem to say)
I am what I will be
And I will be in love
With what follows, out, flowing,
As I do the above

Just as I wade in doubt
And engage in my pen
I will hold, steady, out,
And believe in my zen~