"My goodness, Danger," I said to my best friend as we were walking home down the concrete path in the early autumn air. "When will you ever live…to love?"

Danger let out an exasperated sigh as she threw her hands up in the air. "I do live to love," she insisted, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. "But I just don't see how you could love some dirty fur ball that chases its own tail."

I shook my head disappointedly. "I don't see what all your fuss is," I said. "Cats are NOT dirty fur balls. And, did you see that cute little tabby chase its tail around in the animal shelter?" I clasped my hands together, letting out an excited squeal. "He was sooooooo cute. I love cats."

"Yeah, you love them as much as I hate them, Phantom," Danger grumbled. I shot her a treacherous look. "I mean-Fanny," Danger quickly corrected herself.

Once again, I shook my head as we approached Danger's house. "We're visiting the animal shelter again next week," I reminded her. "That leaves us plenty of time to work on your cattitude."

"You are so weird," Danger called after me as I strutted happily down the sidewalk.

Danger and I may have been good friends, but we were as different as night and day. I was usually bright and cheerful in my mood, and she had a dark and dreary mood. She loved most things I despised, and I was keen on things she could not stand.

It has only been a few months since our friendship was planted, and that memory still lies fresh in my brain.

"Fanny," Mrs. Mingleton had said in her high-pitched voice. "Why don't you show Danger around, since today is her first day?" She motioned for a dark haired girl to come to her side. "You two seem to go wonderfully well together," Mrs. Mingleton continued. "Not just side by side, but also name wise."

Before I could have my say in anything, Mrs. Mingleton pivoted around and pranced to the front of the classroom to begin her lesson, leaving me with Danger. Quietly, we both crept outside the classroom, stopping at the door. Danger's arms were crossed across her chest; a look of hate painted on her face.

"So, uh…" I began awkwardly. "Where shall we go to first?"

Danger said nothing. She did not even appear to hear me. Her dark eyes narrowed, and her arms were wrapping even tighter around her chest. No answer, not even a sound peeped out from her. Guess I was going to have to take the lead here now, I thought as I led her outside to the school's front entrance.

"This is our school's entrance, the wonderful doorway that leads to many inviting classrooms of learning," I began our tour, suddenly feeling as though many years of school play leads may have paid off too much. My voice toned down a bit as I lead her inside again. "Here is the middle staircase, where one way leads upstairs and the other way leads downstairs. The upstairs contains the upstairs classrooms…" My voice abruptly stopped as the dark haired girl whipped out a crumpled piece of paper and uncrinkled it.

"If you're going to be as much help as this map is, I don't need a tour," came the voice from Danger's lips. "I've got it covered."

I stepped back a little, not quite expecting such a quiet girl to even speak in such rude syllables. "Umm, okay, then," I said slowly. "So you don't really need to know anything else about this school."

Danger's dagger eyes widened a bit. "Tell me," she said slyly. "Mrs. Mingleton mentioned that we go 'so wonderfully well together name wise'. What is your name, anyway?"

"Fanny," I replied.

Danger frowned again. "Fanny and Danger," she muttered to herself. "I suppose that sort of has a ring to it."

"Actually, for your information, my real name's Phantom. I was actually named that at birth. My preferred name, though, is Fanny."

Danger nodded slowly. "I was named Danger at birth," she admitted to me. "I always thought it was a pretty name, but because of it…well, I don't know…" Her voice trailed off and she looked away nervously. I tried to intercept.

"Perhaps we should go back to class now," I said. "You've probably seen enough of the school already."

"You've got that right, Phantom," Danger called as she started up the stairs, leaving me to frown to myself.

"It's Fanny," I muttered unhappily.

If it wasn't for us being street neighbours, our many days of friendship may have been so-called forgotten. It turned out, we lived three houses down to each other on the same street. Eventually, I had the guts to call Danger and ask her to walk with me to school. (It was also because of Mom's nagging and "doing something nice for our new neighbours".) No matter how much we talked, it seemed there was nothing between us that was the same.

"Danger," I asked her the day Hallowe'en had rolled around. "Are you going trick or treating this year?"

"Trick-or-treating?" Danger answered cluelessly. "What's that?"

"You know, the night when everyone dresses up and goes knocking on people's doors-"

"And stealing candy, you mean?" Danger interrupted. "No, thank you."

"What?" I gasped. "And miss out on holiday spirit?"

"Hallowe'en isn't even a holiday! It's just some ridiculous celebration that wastes our time!"

That time, the gasp went even louder. "Hallowe'en is SO a holiday!" I retorted. "Everyone says so. Even the Internet does!"

"Except for the dictionary," Danger shot back, turning around and walking away. "This argument is a waste of my time."

I also found it miraculous that no matter how many disagreements and arguments we had with one another, we also could still be friends. I always felt sorry for Danger, since she always seemed to keep to herself and everyone else eventually drifted away from her. It was also when we went to the animal shelter today that I found out her father worked in one of those drug laboratories, testing on animals. Her mother, a fashion designer, once used [real] fur to design clothing. It did not surprise me that she had not shown much interest in animal care. She was never told about how awesome animals could be.

As I walked up the front steps of my house, a streak of black and white caught my eye. Curious, I turned to face the figure, and it was none other than a cat walking three houses down, wandering into my friend's yard.