Chapter one

Rain poured from the sky as a figure wearing a dark cloak dashed quickly through the alley, He tripped on a broken crate, He jumped up and ran on. Four figures in uniforms ran after him quickly, they jumped over the crate that their target had tripped on. A bullet whizzed past his head, he dropped an item on the ground and then another. The first of the four uniformed figures ran into it and was shocked with a high voltage charge until he collapsed the second pursuer aimed and shot the object. It made a small explosion leaving scorch marks on the soaked alleyway. He reached a four way split in the alley one of the paths branched off to a street and the others into the labyrinth of alleys. He started running down one of the alleys, a bullet hit his leg and he went skidding through a puddle on his back. He stared up at the sky as rain fell on his face, the uniformed men approached they stood over him with their weapons aimed at his head. A quick figure jumped out and slit one of their throats with a long knife, he jumped away quickly disappearing into the shadows. The remaining two quickly withdrew, one went down with a shot to the chest, the next started running and was shot in the leg. The figure who seemed to be his rescuer approached the remaining uniformed man; he stood over the last one. A dark smile grew on his face.

"D-don't hurt me."

The only response was a laugh as the figure drew a one meter long blade and jabbed it into the uniformed mans chest. He cleaned it on the uniform and walked over to the almost unconscious figure. The man walked over to the first figure with a stiff face. He looked up at the man with the blade as his vision slowly faded.

A low hum of an engine that sounded like a smaller vehicle was the first thing he noticed and what sounded like rain hitting the roof of it. Wet, his cloak felt wet and his leg hurt so badly. He opened his eyes slowly, to his surprise it was still night, the rain was still pouring outside of the vehicle. He looked at the front seat, in it sat the same man that had saved him. When he tried to sit he felt a burning pain in his leg, the man in the front seat handed him a syringe with a yellow-ish liquid inside.

"Use it, it has pain killer and an antibiotic."

"Thanks" He mumbled as he took the plastic cover off of the needle (Note wasn't sure what the needle's thing actual name was, or if it was just called a needle) and jabbed it in his lag very close to his injury.

"That doesn't feel so great" He said in great pain.

"You shouldn't be able to feel anything before too long. By the way, you have a name or shall I just call you Person-with-exploded-hair-who-got-shot-in-the-leg-by-the police?"

"Oh, my name is." He thought about it for a few seconds. "Rob Miller."

"Paul Jones, unless you'd rather not call me that of course. Now any reason why you were being chased from the police?"

"I stole something of value from them, it's worth quite a bit too." He said while pulling out three one half meter long sections of something, each was about 5 centimeters wide, he then pulled out a scope then a few more components and a stock for it.