The Sickening

Dedicated to Hayley a.k.a Crescendo Amor for inspiring me to write. You are the best person. I love you :)

Chapter One

It was supposed to be a day to be thankful for. But it wasn't. Not for Jessica Salome. Nothing ever seemed to go right for her, and she was sick of it. It made her angry she couldn't stand it. Why couldn't things go her way for once?

Jess wasn't usually self-centered but enough was enough!

Thanksgiving was supposed to be a happy holiday, and it wasn't. At least not for her.

I wish I was normal. I wish I wasn't sick. I wish I could skip past this phase in my life. I want everything to be right again.

As soon as she got up that morning she knew something was wrong.

"Jessie?" her dad called. "You have to get up now or we'll be late."

Jess sighed and rolled over. She didn't realize it but she had fallen back asleep again. It happened to her a lot lately. She would open her eyes, think about moving around, and then open her eyes again to find that it was 4:00 in the afternoon. How did that happen?! It was too weird.

Maybe it's some kind of freak accident?

As predicted, her dad came into her room again. "Jess, we have to go now."

"Okay," Jess sighed.

I never get a break anymore.

She quickly curled her hair, brushed her teeth, and got ready. She wasn't exactly excited about spending the whole day with her relatives. Something about them gave her the creeps.

"Now remember," Jess's father announced. "Be prim and proper when you are over there."

Jess rolled her eyes. "So I can't be myself?"


How lame...

The minute they walked through the door Jess knew she wasn't going to have a good time. It wasn't the house, or the atmosphere of perfection. It was the people. Jess couldn't stand the people.

"Hi Jess," her aunt hugged her tightly.

The entire family hugged her. And Jess was happy to see them. She just wished they would be more real.

You can't hide what's inside.

Throughout the meal Jess became increasingly sicker. She ate the food, enjoyed the taste, but hated what it did to her body. It was almost as if she were ingesting a poison.

This is why starvation diets are so popular.

She had to leave to sit down for a while. Her family stared at her as she left the table.

What, you haven't seen a sick person before?

She opened her phone and groaned when she saw some of the text messages that came in.

Katie was mad at her again. It seemed like Katie was always mad at someone, and now it seemed that Jess was getting her fair share.

"you need to admit you are wrong to be rude and insult me then deny and u need to stop being in hs and act like ur in college then maybe ill think about it".

Jess closed the phone and sighed. Wow...she didn't miss days like this. Just reasoning with that girl is like wrestling with an angry child. She felt bad for the girl's parents.

A couple hours later she got another lovely reply for the young girl.

"ur a liar b/c i was rude b/c u were and denied it so dont twist it around and leave me the fuck alone stop ur lil act grow up st op acting like a high school child and fuck off."

Jess sighed and shook her head.

I didn't do anything wrong. I was never rude to her. I was in a lot of physical pain that day. I even told her not to take it personally because I was in a lot of pain. No one should be rude because someone else is. Twisting it around? How can I twist something around that's already been twisted around. Leave you the fuck alone...? I will gladly do that. Act...what act? Do you think this limping around is acting? Yeah...sure. High school child...? Yeah...uh...huh. Fuck off...sure...I can do that.

"Jess!" her uncle called. "What are you doing sitting by yourself? Come on, you're visiting, you need to socialize!"

You mean well, but you can't see my soul.

Jess had a problem with her uncle. He was too happy. There's nothing wrong with happiness. But his was too excessive. He was hiding something, Jess only wish she knew what it was.

I don't know what it is, but this illness makes me want to run far away from here, and no longer exist.