No, we aren't all we're cracked up to be. We don't live to feed, or sparkle in the sun, much less get burned by it; the sun merely hurts, although the pain is excruciating. Vampires have been made into a mythical creature that can bite someone, and turn them into one of their own, or gives the blood orally from the very veins that run through them, to transform a mortal. Yes, we are immortal, and we do have enhanced senses, way beyond any animal. Super strength is true, as is speed. We each have a set of unique fangs, whether they emerge from your gums, or if the are already there. Some of us don't even have fangs, just your everyday, regular, but razor sharp teeth. The only way we can transform someone is if you will it to be so. We don't have venom, just the power of our minds. Psychic powers are not unusual, and bodily ones are common as well. We can even have more than one. No one knows if we have a soul, if we are damned, how long we will live. The only thing we are sure of is how we can die. Love is the only thing that can break us.