Once upon a time, there was a cheesy nacho factory and some hungry ninjas….

A large spurt of cheesy nacho landed on the chips awaiting the cheesy stuff, they were then dropped into a bag, sealed, stuck in a truck to go to the airport and then shipped off to Bolivia. This same process continued on fifteen different lines, factory workers would then examine the bags to make sure that they had been properly sealed. Meanwhile….A hungry group of ninjas plotted to steal the next delivery of nachos!

"Sensei, we have traced the source of the nachos to this location." The ninja in well, generic ninja gear indicated on a large screen on the wall of the room. The room wasn't very large, only about fifteen by fifteen feet.

"Good work my apprentice, gather your brothers and begin the attack on the nacho factory. One more thing before you go, look out for the factory guards, they are well trained!" The old teacher ninja said while sitting in a comfortable looking chair.

"Yes, Sensei!" said the first ninja then quickly marched from the room to gather the other ninjas.

Meanwhile back at the nacho factory…..

The purple uniformed guard walked into the security office of the nacho factory.

"Ah, good timing. Now security guard number." He examined the ID badge the security officer had before continuing. "Number sixty-seven; we have been receiving numerous reports of hungry ninjas. This can only mean one thing, ninja attacks on our factory, most likely because we only sell them in Bolivia so they can't buy them at a store. I am assigning you and your teams to protect the roof, do not fail, this factory is depending on you!"

The security officer walked out slightly confused about how they had intel on hungry ninjas, but he didn't want to loose his job, so he did as he was ordered.

Meanwhile inside the ninja drop ship…..

"Sempai, we are arriving at the designated coordinates!"

"Good, everyone ready?" The lead ninja asked to his group of 15 ninjas.

"Yes Sempai!" They all responded with great enthusiasm….probably because they were very hungry. They started to drop out of the ramp on the bottom of the drop ship; each had their own cool parachutes.

The first one landed behind one of the ten security guards posted on the roof, and whacked him on the head with a wooden training katana, the body dropped to the ground very fast so the other guards noticed and quickly rushed over. The other fourteen ninjas landed behind the security guards and quickly knocked all but security guard sixty-seven.

"Continue on with your mission, this one is mine!" He quickly attacked sixty-seven who pulled out a wood staff with a hay plastic thing on the end and defended himself.

"Ah, good so you do know how to defend yourself with a….broom?"

"Yes, well there was nothing else to use."

"true" said the ninja and quickly attacked again, sixty-seven parried his attacked and did a cool spinning attack back at the ninja with his broom. The ninja then flipped back to avoid getting hit by the broom and did a cool spin kick at sixty-seven, sixty-seven quickly grabbed the ninja's leg and attempted to flip him on his back. The ninja landed hard on his back but quickly flipped back slightly then forward and slammed sixty-seven to the ground, Then the sensei ninja teleported in from nowhere, handed the ninja a cool freezy ice gun to finish sixty-seven with. The fight ended quickly the sensei ninja quickly teleported back to wherever it was he had come from and the ninja squad leader quickly dashed into the factory. All that was left on the roof was a frozen security guard still wondering where the old dude with the freezy gun came from.

A/N: It's the result of listening to obnoxiously happy go lucky songs while drinking mountain dew voltage...second chapter should be up...before too long hopefully