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Brandi - 8-1-13


March 3rd - Amherst, Virginia

Everything went from good to bad, so quickly… it all happened within a blink of an eye, and it was all so unreal… except the pain.

The pain was searing and hot, and traveled quickly through her body. Everything moved in slow motion, everything but the pain, that is.

They were driving down the highway, on their way back to their home in Amherst, Virginia. Her father had taken her to see her mom during spring break, even though she'd protested all the way there that she didn't want to go, that it would've been a waste of time.

They were following all of the speed limits, but the impact was enough to cause damage to both of the passengers. If you would have looked at the aftermath of the crash, you would have thought either speeding or foul play had been involved.

She was laying on the ground, barely able to pull air into her lungs she pulled out her cell phone and slowly managed to dial 911. She couldn't stop thinking about her father, and what could had happened to him…

"There's been an accident…" she managed to say into her cell phone after the operator picked up.

She had to keep her mouth moving, or she would fall asleep. The gloom inside her mind seemed very inviting suddenly, and she could imagine her father next to her, urging her to keep her eyes open and to talk into the phone.

"We've got you're location... twenty miles south of Amherst, am I correct?" the woman had asked in a matter of fact tone. There was a short pause as she waited for an answer, and the girl couldn't make one come out of her mouth, not even to save her father's life. "Who all has been injured?" the 911 operator asked patiently, a hint of worry in her voice. .

"Alaxandar… and Jane Harper, I'm his daughter. He's forty-four, and hurt the worst, please hurry, please," she mumbled and closed her phone with one hand, hoping they would get there soon.

They had to get there soon, they just had to.

It smelled of dirt and gasoline, and her nose was on fire. She'd remembered hurling herself out of the passenger side of her dad's pickup truck before it had hit the bridge, nothing else. She'd rolled down the grassy yet rocky hill. Everything on her hurt.

Her dad didn't have enough time to get out of the truck; his seat belt was stuck.

"Jump, Jane. Jump, please," he pleaded with her quickly as the realization of the situation sunk in, when the buckle wouldn't come undone. She'd looked at him in absolute horror, and it was all she could do to hurl herself out of his truck.

They'd lost control and were headed towards a river. The truck; she seen it from where she was laying, curled up in a ball; it was dangling at the bridge. She could tell something was wrong… her vision started to fade…