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Chapter 1: 3 Months Later

Tomorrow would be my last day at Amherst's public school, the end of the school year. The day after that was in fact, my seventeenth birthday. Making sure to cover my arms with a long sleeved shirt, I made my way down into the kitchen. I was to fix a supper for my "mother", my step father Larry, and my younger sister Lynzie to make up for my detentions and in school suspensions in school last week.

"It honestly wasn't my fault…" I murmured to myself, getting out the hamburger. It really wasn't completely my fault about the detentions. I couldn't help but think that I needed to get some revenge later, but I knew that I shouldn't be thinking about that right now.

My father, Alaxandar, has been gone now for over three whole months. I'd had Rhiley for a while, though. He was my boyfriend of about six months, and he had ended our relationship a couple of weeks earlier. I still wasn't quite over all of that… but I knew that I probably never would be. They say that the first cut is the deepest.

I thought about all of that as I put four hamburger patties on the frying pan and turned the stove's burner on. I got out the buns, wanting to have everything ready for when my family decided they were going to be home. I'd gotten a call earlier in the day, saying they wanted dinner ready by five.

I looked over at the clock; 4:39, I still had time to finish up cooking the dinner. The kitchen smelled of garlic, fried onions, and of course, meat.

I turned my head to the side I watched as Monique pulled in with the rest of my so called family; Monique would be my "mother". Lynzie, little miss perfect, stepped out of the car, her boyfriend following closely behind her. The hamburgers were done by now, so I threw them on a plate and stuck them in the fridge, angry that they'd had me go through all that trouble just to bring extra people home with them. Just like them to change their mind on things or not mention things.

I put everything away and went into the living room, sitting on the couch. It smelled like… I didn't even want to think about that right now. I turned the TV on and put it on Fuse, a music station I listened to and watched frequently. I wasn't sure what was on, but I quickly zoned out, listening to the low commotion coming from the doorway and the sound of the music coming from the television.

"Jane Elizibeth Harper!" Larry yelled for me, even though it sounded like growling and not yelling.

I rolled my eyes and quietly made my way into the kitchen. Suddenly, arms were wrapped around me. Rhiley.

I shoved him away from me, surprised and not wanting him near me. "What is he doing here?" I asked in my head. Samuel and Lynzie were in the corner of the kitchen playing tonsil hockey. Gross much?

"Hope you didn't go through any trouble making us anything, darling. We ordered a pizza for this evening," Monique said innocently, knowing that I did go through the trouble of making a meal for them. "Will you be staying for supper tonight, Rhiley?" she asked him with a sickeningly sweet smile. It made me want to gag.

"No thank you, Mrs. Cordelia. I was hoping I could borrow your daughter for a little while?" he asked her innocently. I was shaking my head no, even before he could get the question out all the way. Monique nodded her head, dismissing us from her presence. I stayed right where I was, not willing to go anywhere with him.

She gave me a look when she noticed I was still standing there. "Now, now, darling, it's not nice to just stand there when you're boyfriend wants to spend some time with you," she said with a grin.

I scowled at her. "He's. Not. My. Boyfriend, Mother," I growled out. "Not anymore," I added quietly. She pointed her finger towards the door, making it clear she wanted me gone. I gave up, knowing I'd get yelled at later if I didn't do what she said, like a puppet.

We walked outside – it was warm out, but I was still in a long sleeved shirt and jeans. I didn't bother with any shoes; I knew he only wanted to go a short ways. He'd never wanted to do anything else. He led us out back into the woods. It was about four minutes when he'd stopped walking, looking back to me. I slowly looked up at him, not even wanting to be here.

"What do you want from me, Rhiley?" I asked impatiently, wanting to get some distance between us. What could he possibly want from me? He'd already broken my heart…

He shrugged. "Nothing in particular, I suppose. Let me see your arms," he demanded, knowing all too well what I'd been doing. I crossed them across my chest, not wanting him to touch me. "Let me see," he said again, reaching for me.

"No, Rhiley. Don't even touch me," I jerked away from him. I didn't want to be here. My eyes were starting to sting; whenever I'm upset or mad I normally cry; something I don't like about myself. I urged the tears to stay away, blinking quickly and hoping for the best.

He grabbed my arm, pulling me towards him. I winced at the force he put into grabbing me. I pulled my arm back. "No, Rhiley. Can't you take no for an answer?!" I almost yelled at him. "You never could, could you? I don't understand you, seriously. What do you want from me?" I pleaded. He still had a hold on my arm.

"I want you. I always have, Jane. Always…" he trailed off, staring me in the eyes. All I could see in his eyes is what he wanted me for. I shook my head, some tears escaped.

He stepped in closer, pulling my arm towards him and lifting the sleeve. Rhiley's eyes got big for a moment. "I just wanted the proof. I can't believe you'd do that," he murmured, letting go.

That's all it took to distract him; I took off in a run. I didn't want him near me. I tripped over roots here and there and stepped on sharp rocks with my bare feet, trying not to completely fall. I could hear his quick foot steps behind me. "Jane, you're going to get hurt!" he'd call every now and then. I kept running.

The woods were very green at this time of year; almost everything smelled like dirt. By the time I made it too the clearing, my light blue jeans had grass and dirt stains on the knees. My palms were scraped up a little bit, my feet were dirty and sore, and my shoulder length black hair that was in a pony tail became a mess from the wind. I kept running past my house, I didn't want to go their either. I didn't want to be anywhere where anybody could find me.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, I had a new message. I stopped by a tree down the street from my house and got out my phone.