Chapter 34

I woke up to the sounds of fists beating on my front door. With a groan, I slowly escaped Aiden's arms that were circled around my waist. I pushed my hair out of my face as I sat up in bed, and let out a sigh as the pounding stopped. Just as I'd stood up, my doorbell began ringing multiple times.

Whattimeis it? My thoughts demanded grumpily as I quickly made my way to the door, successfully earning a headache in the process. I couldn't believe someone could possibly be either that eager or angry to be constantly ringing my doorbell and beating my door down in the process.

That was... until I opened up my door. Mikey. Of course it would be him. Who else would it be? Aiden and I had only promised him that we'd double date at the amusement park today. How could I have forgotten?

"Finally you're awake!" he about screamed as I let a small smile spread across my face. "I've been standing out here for ages and you only-" I decided to cut him off.

"Mikey. You've been out here for five minutes, ten at most. You were not standing outside of my door for ages," I insisted, trying my best not to be angry with him.

He looked me up and down quickly, and I felt oddly self conscious. I was in a rather short, blue lace night gown. With nothing underneath it. Oh, just my luck, I thought to myself while rolling my eyes.

Mikey shrugged. "I take it I'll have to wait ages for you and Mr. Sleeping Beauty in there to get ready, though," he grumbled, sticking out his bottom lip. He seemed to think over what he had just said. "On second thought... I did get here early..." he trailed off with a mysterious looking smile on his face.

I instantly raised an eyebrow at him. "Mikey, what the hell is going through that twisted mind of yours?" I demanded with a scowl. I really, really, didn't like it when he got that look around me.

He giggled. Yes, guys giggle, especially this twig of one. May I correct myself? Mikey isn't too much of a twig. He's actually strong enough to lift all 130 pounds of me! He brushed his black hair out of his eyes and looked at me with that same smile.

"Tsk, tsk, Jane. Seriously? My mind is the twisted one?" he asked me, feigning hurt as he grabbed my arm and pulled me with him to my bathroom. "Stay. Don't say anything, I'm making you over. Get your shower, and I'll be in with clothes. And hurry!" he cried the last part as he shoved me closer to the shower and closed the door quietly behind him once he had left.

What the hell, was all that I could think.

"Aiden! Wake up!" Mikey yelled from outside of the bathroom door.

I stood there looking in the mirror, trying to figure out where the old me was hiding at. I mean, really, we were only going to the amusement park. Why did I have to dress up so nicely?

I heard some incoherent grumbles coming from my bedroom and couldn't help but giggle. I could only picture Aiden as he climbed out of bed, his hair a complete disaster and only in his boxers. I gasped.

"Mikey! Closeth thine eyes!" I shrieked, erupting in giggles as soon as I spoke.

He poked his head back in the door and gave me a questioning look. "Jane? Why?" he asked in disbelief as he looked out the door once more to yell for Aiden to wake up. I heard him take a deep breath, preparing to yell, when he let out a small gasp.

Giggles came from the other side of the door. "Mm, this would be why, eh Jane?" he called back into me, his tone that of an approving best girl friend.

I dramatically rolled my eyes. He seriously would go there.

"Not so fast hot stuff," Mikey chided. "You can't see her until we leave. Closeth thine eyes," he told him with a laugh, using my own words against my boyfriend.

I let out a sigh as the door opened and Mikey grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into my bedroom, passing a half asleep, adorable looking Aiden in the process.

"Sorry there, it's just a surprise," he called to Aiden as he left me sitting there on my bed.

I stood looking down at myself. It was kind of chilly outside, so Lewis decided that it would be his duty to dress me accordingly. His version of accordingly was a pair of skin tight straight legged jeans that were a darker blue color, topped off with a way too low cut grey t-shirt that my chest would fall out of if we went on a roller coaster. Even though I didn't have much of a chest to begin with, this shirt had made me think that it was possible for it to come out on display for everyone once I tipped upside down.

Shaking my head, I paced back and forth in my bedroom until Mikey interrupted me once more and told me that we were ready to go get Lewis from his place.

The ride to Lewis's house went fairly quickly, with Aiden's eyes carefully averted from me the whole way. Once Mikey parked in the driveway and excused himself for a moment, I turned to face Aiden.

"You know, it's not gonna hurt to look at me. I am your girlfriend you know," I commented, nudging him slightly with a smile.

He looked down at me sheepishly. "I know," he murmured quietly, but then looked away again; his cheeks were slowly becoming very red.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Mister, what's the problem?" I asked him seriously, nudging him again.

He laughed and looked at me with a smile again. "Nothing, ma'am," he said with a southern accent, that I couldn't help but think was adorable. Okay, so he had a slight southern accent already… but when he talked like this? Ohhh yeah.

I couldn't stop the small giggle from escaping my mouth. "If you say so, sir," I whispered and kissed him on the cheek quickly before turning back to look out the window – but not of course before I took a quick glimpse at what Mikey had dressed him in. Baggy, grey straight legged jeans and a black band tee; of course he chose something simple for him.

I heard him let out a laugh, and smiled at the sound of it.

To say the amusement park was crowded was an understatement. We'd been there almost all day now, and to my amazement, my chest didn't flop out of my low cut shirt at all.

We'd been on every ride there, practically, including the roller coasters. Mikey and Lewis were currently in the haunted house, testing to see if it was actually freaky inside. I couldn't help but let out a laugh as I leaned against Aiden in the shade of a nearby stand that sold cotton candy.

I looked up at Aiden with a grin, watching as the sun made his crystal clear blue eyes glow with specks of silver in them. The sun light caught on his lip piercings, making them shine. I couldn't help but think about how perfect he really was. He was… well, the guy of my dreams.

He looked down at me with a smirk. "Are you… staring at me, Harpy?" he questioned with a laugh.

I couldn't help but smile. "Nope, just admiring your handsome looks is all," I said quietly as I looked away towards the haunted house.

"If you say so," he told me in a disbelieving tone that made me laugh slightly.

I shook my head with a grin. "I'm gonna go on a drink run; what would you like?" The thought had only just popped into my head, and I voiced it quickly. I wanted a snow cone; I hadn't had one since I was little.

Aiden just shook his head and held up a bottle of spring water. "Hurry back," he whispered as he kissed me softly.

Before I could get distracted from my snow cone, I pulled away with a smile and darted through the crowd to find a stand that sold snow cones. Yeah, I know it's childish, but they're probably my favorite thing in the entire world, and after shoving through crowds upon crowds of slow-walking people; I finally found a small stand that sold exactly what I was looking for, with a very short line.

I skipped my way to the stand and waited behind three younger people, probably around my age, that were holding and walking with little kids. I bit my tongue when thoughts came to me, successfully resisting the urge to ask the one girl if the baby was hers. The way the little girl tugged on her made it almost obvious. I smiled and looked down at my feet as I approached the counter.

"Hello, how may I help you?" a woman asked from behind the counter.

I nodded my head. "Yes, ma'am, I'll have a rainbow snow cone," I told her, grabbing a five dollar bill from my front pocket. She quickly handed me a snow cone with a stripe of every flavor, and I gave her the money. After receiving my change, I turned quickly to try to find my way back to Aiden.

I stumbled into a girl who looked to be about my age, and she looked at me with a knowing smile. "Sorry, I was just looking for my boyfriend," I mumbled lamely.

She nodded, her brown curls falling into her face and covering her blue eyes momentarily. She was about my height, and was wearing almost the exact same thing as I was. I shook off the feeling of it being weird.

"No, it's fine. I was just looking for mine, too," she told me reassuringly, her voice soft but cold. It honestly gave me the chills when she spoke to me.

I nodded. "Alright. Well, uh… I'll be… on my way," I murmured awkwardly as I slowly started to back away from her.

She let out a laugh. "My name's Andy. You look like a pretty cool person, someone who'd be an awesome friend," she said with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

I pasted a smile on my face quickly. "I'm Jane," I said softly as I looked in her eyes, and noticed them harden slightly.

She nodded slightly. "Well for one, I can tell you've got some good fashion sense there, Jane. Great minds think alike, eh?" she asked with a laugh, tilting her head to the right.

I nodded again, feeling beyond awkward at this point. "Yeah, they do, don't they," I mumbled as I pushed my black bangs out of my face. "I'd better get going. My friends are probably looking for me by now," I told her apologetically, taking a sip of my snow cone through the small straw I was given.

Her smile hardened. "How about I walk with you? It's so easy to get pushed around in crowds like these," she said as she moved in closer to me.

"Sounds good," I managed to say as she put an arm around my shoulder and began walking. I couldn't help but think about how weird this was getting as I sipped at my snow cone quietly.

"So, Jane, what's your boyfriend like?" Andy asked me suddenly.

I hesitated a moment. "He's sweet," I murmured finally, not willing enough to give a lot of information away.

She scoffed. "He's gotta be to win someone like you over. You seem like you've got a great story to tell, too. So, is he tall? What color hair does he have?" she pushed as we continued walking through the maze of people. If I was paying any attention, I would've realized that she'd been leading me towards the entrance/exit area of the amusement park.

I nodded. "He's quite tall, with black hair. And his eyes are the most magnificent shade of blue," I told her with a grin. Whenever I thought about the smile on his face, or the way his eyes sparkled when he laughed, I couldn't help but smile. I guess it was becoming a force of habit.

Andy giggled. "He sounds a lot like my guy, Ade," she commented with another girly laugh.

It didn't sound right paired with her; it was too cold and forced. It sent chills up my arms. I jumped when my phone beeped in my pocket. "Oh, sorry. I'll answer this and then we can continue," I said quietly as I quickly pulled out my phone.

Where'd you go, babe? –Aiden

I let out the breath I'd been holding, thankful that it wasn't Andromeda messaging me once again. I quickly replied to him.

I uh got lost. I met someone too. Her name is Andy. She says you're a lot like her guy Ade.

I clicked the send button as we made our way through a small crowd, and instantly got another message.

Jane… don't. I'm coming for you. She's not who you think.

By the time I finished reading his message, I realized that Andy had turned to face me with a cold glare on her face; her hand was wrapped around my wrist tightly. What the hell? My thoughts questioned. Before I could open my mouth to speak, Andy already had her mouth open.

"You were warned, Jane. Now don't say a word, you're coming with me." By the time she was finished, I'd realized my fatal error. I hadn't paid any attention to my surroundings. She'd successfully walked me to the entrance of the amusement park without me noticing. I also didn't notice the two copper haired girls trailing along in the back, or the black car sitting out front.

I have one word left to say: oops.

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