Morbid thoughts continue to bud,

Drowning my soul in a lake of blood.

And into the red murk I cannot see,

So what not but death can there be?

The pain and the lies shant go away,

So why not longer should I stay?

Fighting up and out now I see around,

Wading through the memories without a sound.

I take a deep breath and plunge back under,

What is the best way back I wonder.

The sorrow and grief form a wall,

And try to make me give way and fall.

I try not to succumb to the ease,

For I will be dead and not to my please.

My open wounds are still seeping my life,

Salt in my blood hurts and opens my strife.

The lake of blood will not give up,

And I seem to have been lost and corrupt.

My death can help those around me,

For I have been lost to the sea.