Shot by a Gun

Summary- Life taken away, be it naturally, or by a gun. Either way, the pain is the same. This is a small poem written by Sunny, who lost a friend a few months ago.. Read on..

Two shots of hate, from a mouth as loud as a gun,

like an assassin, who's doing it for fun,

Two deafening blows, in a war that has just begun,

life gone away, before the setting of the sun,

Gerbera Daisies, sitting on my coffin,

Lifeless things, as blue as a dolphin,

Presence life the world,

the bullet towards me, hurled.

The pain was in me,

Like the cut of a CD.

Author's Note- Hey guys, Sunny here. This was basically about a close friend of mine who died not a very long time ago.. Thanks for reading it. Review please. =]

Written by Sunny, Edited by Moony