Written by Champagne.

Sunday Mornings

Mato's eyes opened with a start, and peered into the darkness. It was dead-silent all around the house, except for the bubbling of Mato's fish tank. The fish were awake-they always were. Half of his comforter was on the floor, and half was on him. No wonder he was so cold.

'It's Sunday morning' Mato thought as he got up. He rubbed his eyes, and checked the time on his wristwatch. 6:30AM.

'Dammit, I hope Jun's not awake... no wait, he isn't...'Mato paused. Jun hadn't waken him up today. Usually, it was always Jun who had woken him up at early hours in the morning. Mato smiled. It was revenge time.

He turned opened the door to his room slowly, making sure that it didn't creak. Then, he walked across the carpeted hallway and stopped at a door to his left. Jun's bedroom.

He lingered at the doorway before opening the door. As soon as he did, Kemuri, their cat, jumped up at him, bounced off his face and ran out the door. Obviously Jun had locked Kemuri in his room the night before, and the cat was cranky.

Mato crept closer to Jun's bunk bed. There he was, snuggled and wrapped tightly in his blanket. Mato grinned. It was time.

"JUN! JUN! JUN! WAKE UP!" Mato yelled, shaking Jun violently.

Jun got up in a flurry, and hit his head on the top bunk.

"Ow~! MATO! What is it…" Jun said, sleepily.

"Nuthin'," Mato responded. He was grinning from ear to ear. "Just payback for you always waking me up in the mornings!"

"Aughhh, Mato, rawwrrr~" Jun said, hugging Mato's knees. Jun tugged, and Mato fell to the matoress.

'Ahhh, so warm,' thought Mato, before he could realize that Jun had just dragged him into bed with him.

Jun wrapped the comforter over the both of them, and turned another side.

"Jun~! Get me out of here!" Mato yelled, but it was no use. Jun was already asleep. It wasn't long before Mato was lulled into sleep too- the warmth was irresistible.

At 10:00, Mato and Jun's mom, came into Mato's bedroom. She had made pancakes for them. It was a rare occasion that she even saw her own sons, because she was so busy with work that there was just no time. Mato wasn't there. She closed the door, and went over to Jun's bedroom.

She opened the door, and saw Mato and Jun snuggled together in the bottom bunk's mattress. They were sleeping, or appeared to be, so she just left them their plates on Jun's desk. She closed the door, and couldn't help but think 'awwwhhh, they've finally settled their differences~'

It was hours before Mato woke up. He jolted up, and noticed that Jun was beside him, and they were both sharing a comforter. He pushed Jun off the mattress, and then stood up. Jun was awakened with a start, and saw that Mato was lingering over him, standing.

"Hmmm, looks like it's 12:00 already. I'm hungry~" Mato said.

"Hey-! Look, pancakes, Mato!" Jun said, pointing at his desk.

Mato turned around, and grabbed one of the two plates on the desk. He opened the door, and walked out, but not before saying "Don't you ever mention what happened this morning to anyone, if you know what's good for you."

He slammed the door as he walked out.