Two girls were walking away from the food court with a box of French fries between them. The brunette was waiting for her dare to be dished out.

Who are the two girls? Well, there's Alyssa Lockhart. Average height. Strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes.

Then we have Zanna Melbourne. A little taller than average. Dark brown hair and greenish-blue eyes.

Alyssa was wearing her favorite pair of bright blue sneakers, shorts, a t-shirt with the park scene, a matching blue plaid Fox baseball cap, and a boring black hoodie. Very normal looking.

Zanna was wearing her favorite Fox shirt, a comfortable pair of black jeans, a checkered beanie, grey and black sneakers, and the guitar necklace that seemed to be permanently attached to her neck.

Zanna plays with her little guitar nervously, waiting for Alyssa to say something.

She is hoping that she gets an easy one. She takes a waffle fry and munches quietly.

If something takes Alyssa this long, it meant that she was doomed.

"I got it." Alyssa announces, pulling Zanna out of her mental misery.

Aly stops and beckons the taller girl closer. She whispers what she wants in brunette's ear.

Zanna's eyes widen as Aly tells her the dare. Zanna pulls back and throws the 'you are insane' look they've both perfected.

"No, I am not." She huffs. "I gave you the dare. Now go." She shoves Zanna in the direction of a group of Goth boys heading in their general direction.

The boys are moving closer. Closer.She throws one last look at Alyssa and mouths 'I hate you.' Aly waves her little fingers and smiles.

Zanna takes a deep breath.

She jumps in front of the boys. Her hands are in the rock and roll sign. She shouts, "Bondage!" It makes sense because she was yelling at a boy wearing bondage pants.

She actually glances at the boy she's yelling at. He's kinda cute. She steals a quick glance at what his shirt says: I love Death Metal. I'm going to have to watch out for that shirt.

The inspection takes all of three seconds. Zanna turns around and sprints back to Alyssa. Zanna grabs her best friend's arm and drags her along. Aly's got a mischievous smile plastered on her face.

The girls can hear the shouts, feet slapping against the marble floor, and chains hitting each other as the Goth boys run after the girls.

Zanna gives Aly the death glare.

I thought we would have some fun messing around with the security guards and Aly would flirt with the geeky boy behind the Chic-fil-a counter so we could get a free fry. Maybe we could even do some shopping.

I didn't want a group of Goths chasing us through the mall.

"Are they on a track team? Good God!" Zanna pants after taking a quick look behind her.

They were gaining on the girls. Aly looks back too. She takes a quick glance at their French fries (yes, she still had them) before throwing them behind her. They speed up and hope that the fries had done some damage. It only made the boys angrier.

The girls speed up and take a right turn. They dash into the second store on the right. They run behind a wall and hope to God that Goth Group wouldn't find them. Zanna looks up from the floor.

Bras and thongs everywhere. They were hiding in a Victoria's Secret. Praise the Lord! I highly doubt any boy would want to step foot in here. This place was torture even Aly, who loves to shop.

An old lady gives the girls an evil glare before looking back down at the thongs.

Aly and Zanna turn towards each other. They both have horrified looks on their faces. Zanna closes her eyes and strains to hear the pounding of heavy footsteps and clanging chains.

There were only a few shouts before they moved on. Aly sighs, relieved. Zanna tugs on Aly's hoodie. They had to make this quick.

Aly takes off to find a shirt to change into.

Zanna peeks out from behind the wall. The Goth Group were walking back the way everyone came from. The girls were in the clear. She picks herself up and looks around to find Aly. She apparently found a shirt. Zanna impatiently taps her foot while Aly pays.

Zanna takes her best friend's hand and drags her to the store across from Victoria's Secret.

"We need to change. We aren't blending in today." She states while pilfering through a stack of cheap t-shirts. She grabs a purple shirt and tries to find the rest of her new outfit.

Their shopping takes all of seven minutes. You would have to look hard to figure out who they were. They walk out like normal teenage girls, not the wary daredevils they truly are.

The next hour or so goes well. No run-ins with the rent-a-cops or Goth Group.

Then Zanna spots them, the Goth Group. She quickly averts her eyes, hoping that Ally hasn't noticed them.

She has.

"Your turn, sweetie." She coos. Evil, conniving, nefarious, little- "I dare you to pants the boy you 'bondaged'."

"I hate you," Zanna snaps viciously.

"Love you too. Now get going before you lose them."

She pushes her best friend in the Goth Group's direction again. Zanna tries to dig her heels into the floor, but deems it impossible. Marble flooring is not a friend.

She gulps, hoping that it will dislodge the lump stuck in her throat. It doesn't. A big breathe and she sneaks her way behind the Goth Group. She work her way behind Mr. I Love Death Metal. She counts to three in her head and pulls. His pants go down to the end of his rubber ducky boxers. She sprints past them, not bothering to wonder if Ally is running too.

No looking back. Looking back takes away precious seconds. Seconds that cannot be spared.

She ducks into the Barnes and Noble. She skids on the carpet and fast walks to the self-help books. The section is tucked into a dark corner that nobody seems to ever be in.

She waits for three minutes. No one comes near her hiding spot.

She breathes a sigh of relief. Suddenly, her phones blares this obnoxious ring tone that her little (evil) brother put on.

"Where the hell are you?" Not even a hello.

"You could say hello like a normal person," Zanna suggests.

"Well, I'm not normal and neither are you. Now, tell. Me. Where. You. Are."

"So pushy," She mutters under her breath. "I'm in Barnes and Noble in the self-help section."

Not a minute later, Aly and her sporty clothes show up. She taps her foot impatiently and her arms are crossed. She looks cross until you look at her smile. She has a grin so big that it may just split her face in two.

"That was amazing. You should have seen his-all their faces. One of your more priceless pranks if I do say so myself.

"So wanna flirt our way to a free pretzel?" She twirls her hair in a seemingly innocent manner. Zanna knows better. She wants something.

"No. I dare you to go drowned yourself in the dolphin fountain." Zanna snaps.

Aly shakes her head.

"No can do. Remember Rule Number 5. You are not allowed to Dare someone to commit suicide." She gives her best friend a sympathetic smile.

The other girl pouts.

"I'm staying here while you go get me a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie."

"Okay, but when I come back you better have your dare ready."

How I love my best friend.

Thirty minutes later, the two girls sit on a bench, people watching.

"God damn! Do they have to show up at the worst time don't they?" Zanna hisses.

"No, sweetie, they show up at the best times. I haven't been able to come up with anything good that doesn't revolve around them-well him. He's a cutie too. If you can get past the eyeliner and bondage pants and the ugly dyed black hair and-" She says in such a rush that she might die due to lose of breath.

"We get it, Al. You won't be dating him without changing him into a prep."

Zanna stops her best friend for fear of her dropping dead and listing everything about Mr. I Love Death Metal. He was surprisingly handsome without changing anything. Although, the pink eye shadow was a bit much.

Ally hmphs and sticks her nose in the air. She quickly abandons her ice queen act. She turns to Zanna with an evil glint in her eye. Then loses it. It makes her best friend a bit scared.

"What?" Zanna questions.

"Well, I can't dare you because it's your turn." She sounds dejected. Zanna perks up immediately. "So what's going to be?"

Zanna thinks quickly. They've unconsciously been following (discreetly, mind you) the Goth Group.

"You see that fedora Mr. I Love Death Metal- what?" Aly gives her 'what the hell' look. "It's what his t-shirt says, okay? Anyways…I want you to steal it. I'm sorry. I dare you to steal his fedora." The evil glint has come to rest in Zanna's eyes.

Paybacks a bitch. Isn't it?

"Sure. Can you do your dare right after mine?" She seems scared and that's just fine with Zanna.

"Sure, what am I doing?" She's too wrapped up in my evil plots to wonder why Aly wants to do her dare now.

"I dare you to stand behind him when I grab his hat."

The glint returns to its rightful owner.

Payback is a bitch.

"I hate you so, so much."

She has no choice because it doesn't go against any rules they've set up. Zanna sets herself up to stand right behind Alyssa. She looks behind her and gives a small smirk before plucking the boy's hat and sprinting away so fast no one sees her leave.

He spins around. They both come to a screeching halt. His eyes widen in half shock and half fury.

"You!" He accuses.

Zanna squeaks (an actual squeak) of fear. She waves weakly.

"I am really, really so-"

He's clenching fists and looks ready to maul her average frame. So, she high tails it out of his reach as fast as her sneakers will take her. Which is to the ground.

I got tackled. TACKLED! In a mall!

She is flipped over onto her back. Mr. Death Metal is her tackler and looks ready to kill.

"You have been a pain in my ass all frickin' day! You are the most irritating thing I have met. You-"

He's really pretty. I wonder what his lips taste like.

She cuts of Mr. I Love Death Metal with a kiss. It quickly turns into a mini makeout session on the floor of a mall.

Suddenly, it is gone. She opens her eyes and finds him being hauled away by his friends while she gets dragged by her friend.

Neither looks back. When Alyssa Lockhart pulls you away in a mall, there's a very good reason. It was not the last time she saw Mr. I Love Death Metal.

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